Justin Horneker – Online Running Coach

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Hi everybody,

My name is Justin Horneker and I want to be your personal running coach! Key word here is personal; not just because I will be coaching you 1 on 1 but because your training plan will be custom tailored to YOUR schedule, YOUR body, and YOUR goals. There are plenty of training plans out there, but if you want to be invested in your training then those plans aren’t for you. My goal, as your running coach, is to teach you The Lifestyle which means teaching you how to hold yourself accountable to your: training, lifestyle, and goals!

Invest in your future success and you won’t be sorry, after all you will be on my Anthrophysique team and while you are on my team…

You Will Never Run Alone.

What to expect on my team:

Running Form/Gait analysis – To help establish a baseline and find any inconsistencies
Training Probe- What has worked best for you in the past, what have you liked about past training methods
Weekly Checklists – Training and lifestyle tasks to hold you accountable
Weekly video chats – To establish how you feel after the past week of training
Goal setting workshop – Seasonal video conference about proper goal setting and motivation
24/7 pep talks
Discussion Forum with your peers
Judgment free analysis – If you don’t run well I will ask myself, What can I do better? And when you succeed I will be your loudest cheerleader!


  • Founder Of The Carondelet Park Running Clinic
  • Founder Of Team New Balance St. Louis
  • USATF Level 1 certified Coach since 2013
  • 3 years of coaching at the high school level
  • Coached runners to School Records and Countless Prs
  • Former Distance Coach at Fontbonne University
  • Bachelors Degree in Biology w/ concentration in Kinesiology
  • 2 year captain of my college XC and Track teams
  • 3x All-Conference at the D3 level
  • School record holder in the 1500m, Mile and 3000m

Join my team! Fill out the form below and you’ll be hearing from me shortly!

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Live #Thelifestyle

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