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We are a team of online coaches that focus on helping people get long term success in fitness and nutrition.



Our lives today are busier than ever! For a lot of people, fitting into a group class or personal trainers schedule can prove to be incredibly difficult. An option that fits YOUR schedule or allows you to workout at home is much more appealing.

This is where an online option is valuable. However, there are a million options for online programs these days so here is how we are different:

Online coaching is quite simple:

You get a customized fitness and/or nutrition program and on-going accountability/support with someone who knows what they are doing.

See. Simple!

To be a bit more specific: you get a custom program that evolves with your progress each month, weekly coaching sessions via Skype or phone to answer questions and provide support, daily emails or texts as needed and near constant contact with your coach.

Because it’s online, instead of only seeing your coach when you’re with them, we use technology to be accessible and responsive at all times.

Our team of coaches is vetted for their higher levels of education, collective teamwork and experience as well as their supportive personalities. We work together to make sure each client is getting the support they need.

Getting from where you are today to having your ideal body and health is going to be a process. There will be struggles and there will be road blocks. Our speciality is in creating a program that challenges YOUR current fitness level and not just focusing on the end goal. As well, we are the accountability when you can’t do it on your own.

Behind this webpage is a team of humans, very nice ones actually, that are ready to help you. We aren’t just selling cookie cutter programs or app based ‘reminders’ for accountability. Beyond what you’ve just read, it’s going to come down to having your questions answered and trusting that you’ve found the right place!

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