4 Reasons You Should Be Using Evernote Food

What is Evernote Food?

Think of it as another brain just for your stomach.  You can find and save great new recipes and places to eat, and collect visual reminders of your favorite meals.  It’s available for iOS and Android and if you want, you can sync all the data you gather straight to your Evernote account.

home screen

Why Should You Use It?

Because with it, you can…

1. Easily find dishes you’ve saved to your Evernote recipe notebooks, as well as browse recipes from trusted cooking experts and add them to your Evernote Account. 

Tap on “Explore Recipes” and you can browse through delicious dishes from Cookie and Kate, Chow, Martha Stewart and more.  You can also do a search amongst thousands of recipes.  See something you like?  One quick tap lets you clip it straight to your Evernote account.

explore recipes

add recipe to notebook

Want to see what you’ve clipped?  From the home screen of the app, tap on “My Cookbook.”

my cookbook


2. Find and keep track of restaurants you’ve tried, you want to try, or that fit your dietary habits.

For instance, traveling to a new place?  Wouldn’t it be great to make a list of restaurants you want to try out when you get there?  Or maybe you’re embarking on a new, healthier lifestyle and you want to make a keep a handy list of restaurants that offer certain menu options, like vegetarian or gluten free.

Open Evernote Food and tap “Restaurants.”


 You can search for recipes by name or location.  To save a restaurant to your list, tap on the  restaurant name and then tap on the scissors icon.  Then you can browse all of your clipped places in the Saved tab.


saved recipe


You can also use Evernote Food to collect memories of your favorite restaurant experiences, creating a handy food travelogue.  Check out the instructions at the bottom of this post for how to add a meal to Evernote Food.


3. Build a library about your favorite passions–new cheeses, craft beers, new produce, etc.

My husband and I both do this actually.  I have a deep-seated love for cheese.  I love to try new cheeses all the time an learn about how they’re made.  I order cheese plates at restaurants, I pick up the little odds and ends from the basket at Whole Foods, I sample things made locally and sold at my farmer’s markets.   But after the fourth goat cheese sample of the week, they all sort of blur together.  So I use Evernote Food to capture each cheese and add notes about its name, origin, type of milk used, what I thought about the taste, etc.

My husband collects craft beer, similar to how others buy and store wine.  He’s begun to use Evernote Food to keep an “inventory” of his collection, snapping pics of the label, adding in the location of the brewery it came from, and various notes and tags about the kind of beer it is, flavors, if he’s tasted it before and if so, what it tastes like, etc.


4. Keep a visual daily food diary.

Tracking your daily food intake can be helpful in a number of ways.  It might help you spot instances where you over eat, or don’t eat enough.  It can help you identify food allergies, or develop better grocery lists and budgets.  It can help you stick to nutritional goals or even just give you a chance to clearly focus on what you put into your body each day.  Generally food diaries are textual.  You write or type what you ate into a notebook or an app.  But we often under or overestimate what we’ve consumed, or perhaps it’s easier to show rather than tell.

That’s where Evernote Food comes in handy.  It provides an easy way to track what you eat with both text and images, as well as geographical data and timestamps.  And, of course, it handily saves all of this information into an Evernote notebook that you can access on any device and even share with someone else, like your doctor or personal trainer (like Chad!).

 what i ate


How to get started using Evernote Food:

  • Download Evernote Food to your mobile device.  You can get it from: http://evernote.com/food/
  • Open the app and log in with your Evernote account.
  • Tap the + icon to create a new meal.
  • Give your meal a name–what was the dish or experience?
  • Were you eating out?  You can type in a restaurant name or local address and attach the location to your meal.
  • You can add tags, which makes finding these individual meals in your Evernote account super easy.  Applicable keyword tags might be meal type, cuisine, ingredients, even how you felt about the meal–good, bad, delicious, healthy, etc.
  • Add a description for the meal–what was in it, maybe even where/how you ate it, and with who.
  • Finally, add photos.  Tap the camera icon and take pictures of your dish, or pull in pictures you’ve already taken.  You can take multiple photos in a row, or add several photos all at once.

adding a meal


Now you’ve got a complete record of each meal you capture with Evernote Food.

Give it a shot.  It might become your new favorite app!   🙂

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