You’re exhausted, of course you can’t workout

Not having enough time is one of the best excuses to not workout.

Not having enough energy follows closely behind.

I get it. You’re busy.

You work all day, you have other things to do, you need to take care of the kids, etc, etc, etc. By the time you get home all you want to do is collapse on the couch. Who can even think about a workout!

Sound familiar?

Your energy is used up on the rest of your life, so there’s none left for a workout.


What if that’s a lie?

What if the opposite is actually true?

You say you can’t workout because you have no energy? What if it’s that you have no energy because you don’t workout.

If you’ve been consistent with exercise before you know what I’m talking about. When you get into a routine of exercise you find that it helps you to HAVE more energy throughout your day instead of using up some finite amount that will never change.

So next time you’re thinking you have no energy to workout, consider that working out might give you energy.

Now, I’m never gonna lie here so I’m not saying it won’t be easy. I’m not saying you won’t be tired. Heck, the first week or two will likely feel like shit.

But once you’ve built up a routine, the above will be true. Once you’re consistent you’ll feel worse on days you don’t work out.

Don’t believe me? Think you are the exception and it’s not an excuse?

Then prove me wrong. DO IT FIRST, then tell me I’m wrong. Workout consistently for at least 2 weeks and then decide. Because if it’s just words in your head, if you haven’t actually tested it, it’s just an excuse.

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