Your first results are not because of the program

Have you ever started a new program and seen great results within the first couple of weeks?

But then after a while, maybe a month or two, those results start to fade?

Here’s the deal:

The results you get when you first start a new program are not because of the program.

I say this because I get a lot of notices, updates, recommendations, etc. about people raving about the results of their new program. In fact, this article is triggered by a new gym in my area that just opened up.

The concept of the gym is that you make a commitment to 60 days of exercise to “change your life”.

This type of thing blows my mind.

My immediate thought is: of course you’re going to get results and change your body! But what happens after the 60 days? Life is longer than 60 days.

Okay, rant over, back to my point.

You don’t get results in the first 30-60 days BECAUSE of the program.

You get results because it’s new and you’re consistent.

Anytime you hit the body with a new stimulus (new workout program) you’re bound to see a result.

However, seeing bigger changes, losing weight, gaining weight, changing your life; all of that comes from being consistent.

When are we most consistent?

When we start something new! When we’re still motivated. When it’s still exciting!

My whole point here, and I’ve written about it a little before, is that it’s not actually the program (at first) that’s getting you the results.

It’s that you’re being consistent with doing something new that stimulates your body to change.

The key thing I hope you can take from this is that it’s not about finding the perfect program, it’s about finding a program that you can be consistent with.

Tip: Find something that fits your lifestyle.

Once you have the consistency, once you’ve been doing something for a few months, and once you hit a plateau, THEN it’s about the program.

~ Chad

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