Why Your Goals Overwhelm You

Take a second to think about everything you have to do today.

Seriously. Take a second. I’ll wait…

Got it all?

Did you add the basic things like showering, eating, commuting, cooking? I want everything!

If you really put down everything it’s probably created a little bit of stress. You know you need to do a lot, but putting it all on paper makes it seem like even more!

Now the last thing to check is if your goals made it on that list. Did you write food log, meal prep, gym or workout?

If you’re like most people those things probably didn’t make your list. Usually it’s because they aren’t considered things you HAVE to do.

This is why goals overwhelm people. Maybe not in the first few days or weeks because at that point they are part of our todo’s. But at some point just our every day tasks add up and stress us out. There’s a million things we need to do and THEN there’s our goal. It’s just one more thing on our plate and how the heck are we going to fit it in?

The answer is simple, in theory.

The thing we need to do is fit it in. Somehow, some way, no matter how small, we need to fit it in.

Often the issue is the complexity of the task. It’s hard to fit in a hour of meal prep, miles on the road or reps in the gym. And that’s true. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

But there will be SOME AMOUNT of time you CAN fit in. There will be some SMALL step you CAN take.

The key is to make your goal fit your life, not make your life fit your goal.

Progress is progress (want new article for this), no matter how small. When you’re overwhelmed with finding time for your goal, look at just taking one small step not a giant leap.

Trust me, it’s worth it and it will pay off in the end. It’s YOUR goal after all. It’s worth finding some time to work towards it.

~ Chad

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  1. Well said Chad. If astronaut John Glen took one small step for man kind, why can’t we take a small step towards our goals? Thanks for sharing! G

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