Trust the process – seeing the big picture

After launching our new Lifestyle Coaching service in late October last year, I’ve seen some great progress in the clients that have already signed up.

The service is completely built around seeing “the big picture” and of course developing a lifestyle of healthy habits. Right from day one we are thinking long term and not just short term.

The benefits have been better than I expected!

In my 6+ years of online coaching what I’ve seen is that typically there is a 3-6 month goal people start out with. They attack that goal aggressively for 1-2 months and then quit. They narrow their focus to a specific fitness routine or nutrition plan, go at it 100% for a bit, then stop. Completely.

Usually this is because they burn out, the goal was unrealistic or they don’t see results quick enough.

This short term focus sets them up for failure.

However, by looking at the long term from the start, we take a more gradual and progressive approach to the goals. We take the first 1-4 weeks to get comfortable with some new ideas and settled into some new routines. If we don’t see major goal-based results within 4 weeks it’s not an issue.

There is trust and confidence in knowing that we are setting up a foundation to build our success over the long haul. The success is in setting ourselves up, not just results towards the goal.

We focus on the process, not the results.

When you prepare yourself for the journey, the ups and downs are expected. You are better able to handle the downs and less likely to give up.

In my experience, it takes most people at least 6-12 months to truly see results for their goal. Unfortunately, this is 3-5 months longer than most people last!

As I’ve stated in other articles, it’s not the program that gets you the results, it’s the reps over time. With a mindset focused on the big picture, we can spend more time focused on the process. The goal becomes an effect of the work you do, not the sole focus.

Set yourself up for success and take a look at your big picture. It’ll help keep you on course and overcome the struggles of the short term.

~ Chad

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