Your Training Won’t Be Ruined By One Bad Run

So you had a bad day on the roads… or maybe you skipped the roads all together.

It’s one bad run.

It’s Ok.

This isn’t the end of the road.

I’ve heard this so much in the past few weeks it seems crazy, “I missed my run today and now my training plan is ruined” or “I had to cut my long run short, I’m never going to be ready for race day”.

It’s all over social media, but it’s imperative to throw these negatives out of your mind.

Sure a missed run or a long run cut short isn’t an ideal situation, but one bad run doesn’t define you or you’re training plan!


One Bad Run Won't Ruin Your Training Plan

As the saying goes, “one run does not a champion make” – Be confident in the work you’ve done.

Talk to any long time runner and we’ve all been there. It’s tough when you’re inexperienced with training and it’s still tough when you’ve been running all of your life!

Here’s what you need to take home from this post:

However you learn to deal with it, the strength of any runner is being able to bounce back the next day – and mentally be ready to go knowing that the bad run is behind you!

Are you having trouble? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me (on Instagram or Twitter) for a pep talk!

– Justin

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