The Struggle is Real!

Ever seen an Instagram post or Tweet talking about “the struggle is real”?

It often seems like it’s a way to say “oh, look at how hard this is for me”. Or maybe it’s just an excuse as to why they aren’t succeeding.

Either way it seems like it’s a bad thing that there is a struggle.

And to be honest, that used to be me. I hated the struggle.

However, over the past year or two, I’ve taken a new perspective on the struggle:

Ya, there’s struggle. So what?


the struggle is real


Yes, the struggle is real. There is no avoiding it. If you’re doing anything in your life to move you forward and build something, you’re going to have struggle and hard times.

So what?

If you want to lose weight, you’re going to struggle to make healthy choices.

If you want to get strong, you’re going to struggle to lift weights in the gym.

If you want a change in your life, you’re going to struggle against the norm.

Struggle is a sign that you are pushing for something you want. You’re not just going with the flow, you’re not just accepting what you’ve been dealt and you’re not just sitting still.

You’re reaching for your goals!

So embrace the struggle. Enjoy the struggle. Love the struggle!

It’s the cost of chasing dreams and it’ll only make you stronger.

~ Chad

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One Reply to “The Struggle is Real!”

  1. Thanks Chad!

    I am living the struggle dream every day. Always great to be reminded that when we are struggling, we are not alone.

    Taking a different perspective regarding the struggle is energizing!

    I am grateful to have an opportunity to change my lot in life, that – – – I have choices, I can reach for dreams, I can choose to work through whatever struggles I am confronted with, in my quest to manifest these dreams.

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