Summer Running: Where The Pace Doesn’t Matter And The Effort Is King

Summer Running

Summer Running can be tough, it can be harsh and it will be unforgiving.

Growing up in St. Louis, and now living in Kansas City, you learn to cope with the ridiculous humidity that comes from living in a midwest river town. Running was always done in the morning and if you slept in, you were better off waiting until sundown to fit your miles in – we’re talking over 80% humidity in St. Louis most days.

Summer Running

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Hydration in the summer: are you doing it right?

Hi Friends,

The summer is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere, and chances are you are feeling the heat affecting your training, making it harder to physically exert yourself and forcing your body to sweat more than usual.

Did You Know That Even Slight Dehydration Can Affect Your Athletic Performance By As Much As 2%?

Sure 2% doesn’t seem like a big deal but slight dehydration is before your thirst mechanism kicks in and it has an impact on your current performance as well as on your recovery from that performance. Going further, a 5% loss can impact your performance by as much as 30%! – You can read more in depth about that here and here

running hydration

So How Do You Know If You Are Hydrating Enough?

The official recommendation is that you drink 7 – 10 oz. of fluid for every 10 – 20 minutes of exercise – which isn’t a great guideline because everyone’s metabolism is a little different and everyone sweats a different amount. However, it is a good starting point!

That being said staying hydrated is not hard and you don’t just have to drink water! All of the liquid you consume – think tea and coffee – counts towards your overall liquid intake for the day. Keep in mind, Caffeine may make you jittery or try to mess with your stomach so may not be the best pre workout… unless you are used to it! (more on the positives of pre workout caffeine in a later post)

Hydration is a double edged sword however, as it is possible to over hydrate! This is why the old school 8 glasses of water a day rule combined with the 7 – 10 oz. per 20 minutes of exercise rule is probably too much. You just need to be smart with your consumption and make sure you are in the ideal range, luckily your body has a great mechanism already in place that will relay this message – urine. The color and frequency of your pee is the best way to determine your hydration levels, the paler the better!

Hopefully by now you have realized there is no clear cut rule and the best way to find the right method for you is to experiment, experiment throughout the day and see what works best for you pre and post workout. Remember, Workouts are fuelled by proper hydration and recovery is faster when your body is well lubricated.

Coach Justin’s Hydration Routine

Wake Up

Drink a big glass of water


Drink a big glass water within 30 minutes

Have a cup of coffee… ok 2 cups of coffee

Drink more water with lunch

Drink more water mid day

Drink a big glass of water with dinner

Drink a little water before bed

It may seem like a lot of water intake but it really doesn’t seem like that much to me and it is what allows me to function at my peak capacity.

How many glasses of water have you had so far today?

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Happy Running,