Life vs Goals – the struggle is real

If you’ve ever had a goal, you’ve probably realized that it’s pretty damn hard to achieve.

You get started, you’re good for a week or two then BAM, life smacks you on your ass and you’re struggling to get back on track.

This is the thing with life and goals, they’re kinda like enemies.

Your goal is the thing you WANT to do.

Life is all the things you HAVE to do.

Your goal is the thing you AREN’T doing.

Life is what you ARE doing.

They are constantly fighting for your time. You try and make time for your goal but life just gets in the way.

This is the struggle of “Lifestyle”. The ideal situation is that the goal becomes part of your life. It fits within your normal schedule and life and it stops interfering.

However, building a lifestyle takes time. It takes the fight and it takes the struggle. Your goal will stay a goal and the thing you’re struggling to do for a long time. But that’s okay.

If you can accept that they are different, that they aren’t friends, that at times they are even enemies, then you can stay patient and let the process take place.

It’s your goal, it’s what you want, so it’s worth the fight.

The good news is that the fight isn’t forever. It’s gonna be longer than you expect or want, but if you keep working it will end. You will succeed.

Your efforts will win. Life will win. Eventually it will no longer be a goal and something you aren’t doing.

Eventually it will just be life.

~ Chad

The Struggle is Real!

Ever seen an Instagram post or Tweet talking about “the struggle is real”?

It often seems like it’s a way to say “oh, look at how hard this is for me”. Or maybe it’s just an excuse as to why they aren’t succeeding.

Either way it seems like it’s a bad thing that there is a struggle.

And to be honest, that used to be me. I hated the struggle.

However, over the past year or two, I’ve taken a new perspective on the struggle: Continue reading “The Struggle is Real!”

Fitness Tip: Get Real!

If you have kids you may have realized this a few weeks ago, but if you don’t, you may be like me and just realized this week:


September is a busy time of year for fitness because a lot of people start to “get back on track” after a summer of vacationing and indulgences. Have no fear though, we’re here to help!

My fitness tip this week is: Get Real!!

What I mean by this is to be realistic with your time. People tend to get excited when getting back into a routine and want to workout for 5+ hours a week. If you’ve taken the summer off, this is highly unrealistic.

Take a minute to look at your schedule, find the pockets of time you can actually commit to and work on making that happen. I’ll bet that even that will be a challenge.

Good luck!

Motivation – Where do you get it?

Motivation is defined simply as: the reason to act.

Seems pretty basic right? If I have motivation, I have a reason to act. If I’m lacking motivation, I don’t have a reason to act and therefore I don’t.

So how does that play out in real life and the world of fitness?

I’ve been spending more time on Twitter lately and it’s been a very interesting experience. I like doing searches to see what kind of things people are saying about fitness, health, nutrition and motivation.

If you do a search for “need motivation” for example, you’ll see people posting every 10 minutes or less on average. Now, this isn’t fitness only, but it still relates.

If you start doing searches about needing a personal trainer, it seems one of the top reasons anyone wants a personal trainer is because they’re lacking their own motivation and need someone to motivate them.

Some examples:

Motivation 1 Motivation 2 Motivation 3 Motivation 4 Motivation 5

What these are essentially saying is: I don’t have my own reason to act so I want you to give me one.

I see a major problem with this kind of thinking: The motivation is NOT IN YOUR HANDS. In this scenario, the motivation would be in the personal trainers hands. THEY would hold the stick, not you.

If they’re the ones holding the stick and pushing your forward, how are you ever going to build your own motivation? For the rare person, they do build their own motivation, but for most they don’t.

Now this doesn’t mean personal training is bad, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to express is that if you feel you need motivation, getting someone else to push you isn’t going to work in the long run.

What you need instead is to develop your own motivation.

Yes, it’s that simple!

… In theory.

Ever heard someone say: “that’s easier said than done”? Ya, it fits here too.

Building your own motivation can be hard and can take a while. Some days it will be high, others it will be low. Some weeks will be awesome, some will suck. It’s the nature of learning anything, there’s ups and downs.

So the big question should be: How do I build my own motivation?

I know for sure that there isn’t some magical equation that will work for everyone (sorry), but I think there is a guideline we can follow.

Here are 5 steps to building your own motivation:

  1. Vision – create a strong vision of your goal and where you want to end up. Make a vision board, change your screen saver or post pictures around the house. Having a clear vision of your goal will help inspire you on low motivation days.
  2. Belief – build the belief that you can. Start slow and start small. Small wins over a few weeks does wonders for self confidence and believing you can succeed.
  3. Consistency – following through on your goal is huge. Now this is normally where people feel they need the motivation to do this step, but this step can be how you build motivation. Even on the days you don’t want to, follow through with your plan. (this is where it’s very important to start small)
  4. Reminders – review your vision and goals daily. You’ll need constant reminders to stay focused and not lose sight of what you’re trying to build.
  5. Expect setbacks – failures, road blocks, set backs and struggle are all part of growth. It’s literally impossible to have growth without them. So stop pretending you’ll be perfect and be okay with the fact that you will have setbacks on your journey.

The final thing I’ll say about building motivation is that it’s often best to reach out to others for support. Even the best of us can use a hand here and there.

Support in my mind is someone who will keep you accountable to your own goals. Someone who can support you to build your own motivation, not be the motivation for you.

I hope this gives some insight into motivation, how we perceive it and where I personally think it should come from. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.


Introducing the #APLifestyle Challenge

We announced recently that on Monday February 10th we will be starting the #APLifestyle challenge.

The “challenge” part of it is that every day we will post fun things you can do to build a healthy lifestyle in 2014. These won’t be complex workouts or meal plans, they will be simple task and activities that you can do to build a healthier lifestyle.

There will be a wide variety of  things you will do including activity, nutrition, yoga and even mental health.

We believe that to build a true AnthroPhysique Lifestyle (#APLifestyle), you need to incorporate all aspects of your life: work, relationships, activity, nutrition, play, spirit, etc. The end results is creating the body you were born to have.

We want to show how small daily practices can go a long way to building the ideal healthy you.

There is however 1 caveat to the “daily” part of the challenge. We won’t be posting anything on Sunday’s. As part of our lifestyle, we believe that you should take 1 day to disconnect from work and the technological world and use it to reconnect with you and nature. So, Sunday’s won’t get a tweet from us but the standing challenge will be to disconnect and get outside.

Participation in the challenge is very simple. Just follow the hashtag #APLifestyle on Twitter. Each day we will post a simple activity, tip or challenge that you can do throughout the day. When you’re done the task simply tweet: I successfully completed the @AnthroPhysique #APLifestyle challenge today!

To let us know you’re going to join us and to help spread the word, please get started with: I’m starting the @AnthroPhysique #APLifestyle daily challenge next week. Join me to make 2014 a very healthy year!

Our goal this year is to help as many people as possible have a healthier lifestyle. Please help us with this fun daily challenge!

Is blogging like fitness?

Okay, so waaayyyyy back in October, exactly 3 months ago, I wrote my last blog post.

It was a post about Why it’s SO EASY to fall OFF the fitness wagon. I went on about how most fitness programs focus only on what you should be doing and not how to build habits first.

The great thing about what happened next was that I, Chad Williams, fell off the blog wagon. Big time. For 3 months!

“But it was christmas, and new years, and holidays right?!?!”


Why I think my failure is a great thing is because it actually highlights the value of that post. The value of building habits.

It was written about building FITNESS habits, but for me, I already have habits in that area. Where I don’t have habits is in blogging.

Whenever I went to blog last year, I wanted it to be the BEST BLOG POST EVER!!! I thought that I could go from a person who rarely writes anything to a Nobel prize winning blogger over night.

They give Nobel prizes to bloggers right?

Anyway, it’s like my clients who want to go from zero workouts per week to 5 times per week! It’s not going to happen. I basically set myself up to fail.

So how do I change? How do I get better? How do I build a habit?


Enter the Challenge!!!

I like building habits. I like learning how to do something I’m not good at. It’s why I help coach others to do the same thing in fitness.

The challenge I’m putting out there is for myself. The challenge is that I’m going to commit to at least 1 blog post every single Wednesday for this entire year.

1 blog post per week minimum. That’s it.

Should be easy right…

My guess is that it won’t be. My guess is that it’ll be hard at times, but that’s the point. You don’t grow if it’s not hard.

The key is that I’m starting small. 1 per week minimum.

Also, I’m getting in touch with reality around my writing skills. I’m not a world class writer and it’s not reasonable to think I will write the BEST BLOG POST EVER every time I touch the keyboard.

Some of my posts will (of course) be great, but others won’t be my best work. However, that’s not the point.

The key will be being consistent. In 6 months from now I’ll be a better blogger because of it.

It will for sure beat 6 more months of doing nothing! (can you relate?)


The extended challenge!!!

Because I’m a coach, I cannot help myself to challenge others. That said, I’m extending you to join me in this challenge.

Pick an area in your life you want to improve. Comment below to let me know what that is and what you can commit to weekly with me.

Each week we can check in together and build some new habits this year!

See you next Wednesday!

Weekly Challenge – Fitness

Squat hold

Happy Monday!

It’s been a few weeks since we did a Fitness Challenge so let’s get right into it!

This week’s challenge is a Squat hold. A squat hold is simply that: holding a squat position for as long as possible.

Squat hold

Any time you can, stop and hold a squat. Try it in the elevator, at your desk or in line at the grocery store if you’re daring enough.

Start Now! Get up from your desk and try holding a squat right now as long as you can. How long did you get?


*image source

Weekly Challenge – Fitness – Testing Week

Happy Monday!

Our Weekly Activity Challenge is changing slightly. It will now be called the Weekly Challenge and will include fitness, nutrition and other activities like yoga.

The key focus of the fitness challenges is that each week you get a new activity to focus on to build your health and fitness. At Anthrophysique, we’re big on measurement and like to make sure all of our clients are getting results.

Approximately every 3 months we will be testing our benchmarks workouts. These were established a few months ago, and I’ve added links to the benchmark workouts below.

The focus this week is to go through each one of the benchmark workouts to re-assess your fitness. Find your old score and compare that to what you achieve this week. If you didn’t do the benchmark workouts last time, this will be your first chance to get a baseline. In 3 months you’ll be able to test it again!

Here are links to all the benchmarks:

Benchmark #1
Benchmark #2
Benchmark #3
Benchmark #4
Benchmark #5

Throughout the week, test each one of the benchmark workouts. Please post your results in the comments and let us know if you’ve improved or not!

Weekly Health Challenge – Go Ahead, Try Something New

Happy Monday!
If you didn’t already know, we’ve added two new services lately. Nutrition coaching and Yoga coaching. With that, we’re adapting the Weekly Activity Challenge to become a Weekly Health Challenge. We’ll switch it up each week between, activity, nutrition and even yoga challenges.
This week, Jennifer is giving us a nutrition challenge! Take it away Jennifer:
Continuing with Chad’s theme this week of getting out there and trying a new sport, I thought I’d bring that into today’s post.
Photo 2013-07-19 9 54 13 AM
When life gets hectic we tend to reach for those quick and easy (usually processed) options. Too often I hear “Cooking just isn’t exciting to me anymore” or “I’m lacking inspiration or motivation in the kitchen”.
I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely been at that point myself. You’re staring at the pantry in the kitchen or the produce section of the grocery store and wondering what the heck to make. What I find really helps, is simply telling myself to try something new each week. This doesn’t need to be drastic, just think about how you can substitute something in to a meal that you’ve never tried before. Or, pick one recipe from your favourite food blog or cookbook and just try it out. With a whiteboard pen, I’ve been writing a “Recipe of the Week” on the mirror in my kitchen!
Some examples – do you have oats in the morning? Why not try millet, quinoa, or simply adding in soaked chia seeds or some hemp seeds? Do you have a salad for most of your lunches? Why not think up a new dressing that you can prepare and keep refrigerated for the rest of the week. How about for dinner? Head to the local market, have a conversation with the fisherman, and try a new type of fish that you’ve never tried before. You may be surprised, and even inspired to keep it going next week.
This week, I tried out a new juice recipe and it’s now becoming one of my all-time favourites.
So go ahead, try something new.  What new grain, juice, dressing, veggie, or healthy dessert will you try this week? Post it in the comments!

Weekly Activity Challenge – Sports


Happy Monday!

In my part of the world, Vancouver BC, it’s the middle of the summer and the weather has been great lately. I’d like to try and encourage you to get outside for this challenge, but it’s not mandatory. Indoor activities can be just as great.

The challenge for this week is to try new sports or games. Each day, get outside and play something. Frisbee, paddle board, throw a ball, ride a bike, soccer, etc. The key is to try something new that you’ve never experienced before.





Sports are one of the best ways to apply your fitness abilities.

What’s your favourite sport?


*image from Google image search

Weekly Activity Challenge – Planking


Happy Monday!

Planking has become an internet phenomenon where people take a photo of themselves doing a plank in random places. A quick google search had me find this photo of a world  record of the most people planking simultaneously.


However, when I speak about planking for exercise, this isn’t exactly what I’m talking about.

The exercise of planking involves you keeping your entire body OFF the floor by supporting yourself on your elbows and toes. It’s the focus of our Benchmark #2, and you can find the video here.

For this week, the goal is to do 3 sets of planking each day. Hold a plank for as long as you can, rest for a minute or two and then repeat for 3 sets. This will help you build up  your stamina for the next Benchmark assessment.

Please share your results, and even a photo, in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

Weekly Activity Challenge – Sit Ups

Sit ups

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good weekend? Was it full of sweets, treats and wine???

Well, mine was… HA!!

Good news, this week’s challenge can help counter the negative effects. Today we’re going back to basics with the well known, well practiced, and potentially most loved exercise of all: sit ups! 

Sit ups are a great exercise for strengthening the core and helping reduce lower back pain. Of course it’s also good for building up those 6-pack abs for beach season! Here is a quick video for proper technique.

The challenge this week is to see how many sit ups you can do in 2 minutes. Start slow, pace yourself and see how you do. Each day, do 2 minutes of sit ups and see if you can improve your score over the week!

If you find that your back gets sore from doing sit ups, that’s a fairly normal response. It’s often due to the ab muscles being weak. It doesn’t necessarily mean that sit ups are bad for you.

If you run into this, my suggestion is to take a break and reduce your sets. It should improve over time as your core gets stronger.

Weekly Activity Challenge – Balance


Happy Monday everyone!!

It’s another new week which means it time for another new Weekly Activity Challenge. This week we’re going to focus on Balance.

Believe it or not, balance is a key element of staying fit. As we get older, the ability to keep your balance is more and more important. When in your senior years, loss of balance is often linked to many injuries that occur. It’s important to build and maintain your balance as much as possible to prevent this in future years.

The challenge this week is to balance on one foot as often as possible. Like some of the other challenges, the key is to find as many places as you can to practice. Some ideas are: brushing your teeth, washing dishes, waiting in lines, waiting to cross the street and even while working at a stand up desk if you have one. Or, you can challenge yourself to see how long you can stand on one foot for.

Good luck!

How long can you stand on one foot? Is it different between each leg?

Weekly Activity Challenge – Testing Week

Happy Monday!

The key focus to the weekly activity challenge is that each week you get a new activity to focus on to build your health and fitness. At Anthrophysique, we’re big on measurement and like to make sure all of our clients are getting results.

As I mentioned in the very first challenge, we’ll be testing our benchmarks workouts every 10 weeks. Believe it or not, it’s been 10 weeks!

benchmark workouts

The focus this week is to go through each one of the benchmark workouts to re-assess your fitness. FInd your old score and compare that to what you achieve this week. If you didn’t do the benchmark workouts last time, this will be your first chance to get a baseline. In 10 weeks you’ll be able to test it again!

Here are links to all the benchmarks:

Benchmark #1
Benchmark #2
Benchmark #3
Benchmark #4
Benchmark #5

Throughout the week, test each one of the benchmark workouts. Please post your results in the comments and let us know if you’ve improved or not!