It Depends – The Answer you Should be Looking for

As a coach I get questions on a daily basis. The fun part is my answer is almost always the same.

My answer is: It depends.

Here are some of the most common questions:

Should I have protein after my workout?
Whats better, morning or afternoon workouts
How many calories should I be eating each day
How much weight should I use in _____ exercise
Is it better to go heavier and do less reps or go lighter and do more
Should I be taking a pre-workout supplement
Should I be taking a post-workout supplement
My friend told me HIIT is the only way to see results, should I be doing more of that
My friend got great results doing X, should I be doing that too
I need to do more cardio if I want to lose weight right?

Well, that last one often gets a “no”, but otherwise the answer is still always the same.

It depends.

For me there is no one size fits all approach to anything. Consider your own area of expertise for example. When it comes to getting specific about something I’m sure your answer will always be dependent on other variables.

In fitness and health it’s the same. It always depends on at least 2 things:

1. Your starting point and/or current fitness level

2. Your goal or what you’re trying to achieve

In simple terms, origin and destination. Like navigation directions in your car, there are often many paths to get you somewhere, but at minimum those paths will depend on where you’re starting from and where that somewhere is. They will also depend on any obstructions that come up in between.

In fitness and health it’s the same process. A good coach is going to take into account your current fitness level, your goal, and consider the path you’ll take and any obstacles along the way. Otherwise, you’ll just be getting a very general and broad approach usually based solely on your goal.

In fact, this is what you typically get when you’re clicking on or buying those “Shred fat now” “6 weeks to 6-pack abs” “Instant fat loss” programs. They create a plan focused solely on a goal. But there’s no consideration of your starting point, your fitness level, your motivation, your accountability, your knowledge or experience. There’s no consideration to anything else your success will depend on.

So next time you’re clicking that ad, reading that article or asking your coach for a specific recommendation, understand that to truly get an accurate answer it is going to depend on a few factors. If you don’t get “It depends” as your first response, I suggest you keep looking.

What’s something you want to know? Put it in the comments below and I’ll help you figure it out!


Weekly Activity Challenge – Sit Ups

Sit ups

Happy Monday!

Did you have a good weekend? Was it full of sweets, treats and wine???

Well, mine was… HA!!

Good news, this week’s challenge can help counter the negative effects. Today we’re going back to basics with the well known, well practiced, and potentially most loved exercise of all: sit ups! 

Sit ups are a great exercise for strengthening the core and helping reduce lower back pain. Of course it’s also good for building up those 6-pack abs for beach season! Here is a quick video for proper technique.

The challenge this week is to see how many sit ups you can do in 2 minutes. Start slow, pace yourself and see how you do. Each day, do 2 minutes of sit ups and see if you can improve your score over the week!

If you find that your back gets sore from doing sit ups, that’s a fairly normal response. It’s often due to the ab muscles being weak. It doesn’t necessarily mean that sit ups are bad for you.

If you run into this, my suggestion is to take a break and reduce your sets. It should improve over time as your core gets stronger.