The services we offer at AnthroPhysique are as follows:

Personalized Program Design

Monthly Training Programs with or without Coach checks-ins

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

We offer these three because they are the most personalized and allow us to offer the best support and accountability for each type of person listed below.

Truth is, your success with one of these options depends less on your specific goals and more on what type of person you are.

To help, we’ve made a list of types of people and what options will work best for each. It mainly comes down to your level of self motivation and experience with exercise.

Types of People: (which best describes you?)

Very self motivated with a lot of experience with nutrition and exercise

You’re already working out, you’re just looking for new options of what to do and switching things up. Personalized Program Design is your best option as it gives you the most flexibility to do what you want.

Very self motivated with little experience with nutrition and exercise

You WANT to be working out, you’re just not exactly sure what to do. You’ve likely take some time to research and figure out some things to do, but it’s confusing. If you knew what to do you’d do it. Your self motivation allows you to take the time for trial and error and figure things out. Personalized Program Design or Monthly Training Programs are your best options.

Moderately self motivated, regardless of experience

You’ve likely tried a lot of health and fitness options like classes, working with a trainer and maybe a few things on your own. You start strong but then struggle to stick to things longer term. Your pattern is on and off. You need something with a bit more interaction and support for the times when your motivation fades. Monthly Training Programs is your best option. 

Lacking self motivation but have a lot of experience with nutrition and exercise

You know what to do, and you’ve likely “done it all”. Having a program is nice but what you really need is the accountability to stick to it. Monthly Training Programs is your best option. 

Lacking self motivation with little experience with nutrition and exercise

You’re lost with what to do and how to do it. You’ve tried a couple of things but worry you aren’t doing exercises correctly. You want guidance and support on all levels from what to do, how to do it and accountability to making sure you’re sticking too it. Monthly Training Programs with frequent coach check ins or Virtual Personal Training are your best options.

By now you should know the type of person you are and which option(s) are best for you so here’s a little more detail about each one:

Personalized Program Design

A custom program designed specifically for you, your fitness level, your access to equipment (or not) and your goals. The programs are created 12 weeks at a time to progressively move you towards your goals. Your coach is available for program related questions but there is no on-going support or accountability to stick to it. 

Monthly Training Programs with or without Coach checks-ins

A personalized workout/nutrition routine created each month based on your fitness level, your access to equipment (or not) and your goals. Routines are created monthly based on changes in progress, motivation or plateaus. Your coach is available for on-going support and questions. Coach check-ins can be added monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly for more support and questions

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

One-on-one personal training sessions conducted through a video conferencing program like Facetime or Skype. Your coach is with you during every session to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly as well as pushing you throughout the workout. This obviously gives the most accountability and support. 


There are other options out there like watching videos on YouTube, grabbing a workout off a blog, downloading a PDF program or getting an app on your phone. Typically getting a very general programs and usually don’t offer much support. Even if it has goal-specific workouts like “Fat Burning” or “Muscle Building” workouts, they are still general for that goal.

With each of our options you are working directly with a coach (aka human) to make sure that your program, plan and/or nutritional focus is designed for you, your body, your needs, and your goals.

If you’re ready to get started or perhaps still not sure what’s best for you, your best next step is to chat with someone to help you out. Click the messenger button  in the bottom right corner of this page and we’ll get back to you right away!

We promise, we will help you find the BEST option for YOU, even if it’s not one of our services. Our foundational belief is that everything works for somebody, but nothing works for everybody so we understand if we aren’t the right fit. Let us help!