Running with Anxiety

Running with Anxiety has been a monster I’ve had to deal with my whole life… While sometimes I was unaware of what to call this monster it has always affected my running and, more importantly, my life in a huge way.

It has affected me for the better recently but as I have talked about in the past I didn’t always know how to ask for help, and I didn’t always understand what was happening to me.

As a coach, I have seen some of these warning signs in my runners and when I coached collegiately it was something we were highly cognizant of – because high stress does not always lead to fantastic mental health.

Mental Health Awareness

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness, I’ve decided to dedicate a segment on this week’s ‘Running Through It’ podcast to a specific instance where a former coach of mine showed he had no idea how to mentally nourish a runner with race anxiety.

“Quit Being A P**** And Run Hard”

Maybe he thought that all I needed was a kick in the ass during a hard workout… maybe he was tired of me “phoning in” workouts and races… but to be fair I hadn’t realized what was going on with me yet either.

However; with the help of some awesome coaches in the following seasons, and some forcible pushes to go seek out professional help I was able to somewhat find success. Today workouts and races don’t scare me as much, I’ve been able to easily fight back against the voice in my head that used to take all of my energy to fight.

That doesn’t mean every day is easy – it just means that there are more good days than bad days at this point.

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Until then, Happy running.


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