Results not typical – overcoming slow progress

What if slow progress was actually normal?

I had an interesting conversation with my client the other day. She emailed me her progress for the week and talked about how failing to plan her week lead to failure in the week.

She felt her progress was slow and wasn’t as good as she wanted for the week. However, she did see the positive and said “slow progress is still progress”.

At first I thought: Very true!

I thought it was a great positive mindset about the week. It turned a negative into a positive. This is good right?!

But then I thought a little further. 

Why was it a negative in the first place? Why was it “slow progress”? Why did her progress have to be considered slow at all?

I realized that THIS was the issue.

It wasn’t turning a negative into a positive, it turned a positive into a negative.

Stick with me here.

Her progress is HER progress. She has a goal, she’s setting up tasks that move her towards that goal and it’s happening at a certain pace.

It’s happening at HER PACE.

Is it slow? Is it fast?

Who the fuck cares!?!

It’s her pace and if it’s in the direction of the goal, that’s the only thing that matters. Heck, even if it’s not, it’s still progress when she learns from it and corrects course.

To me the issue wasn’t that it was slow progress. The issue was that she called it slow because she’s comparing it to other people’s progress.

She felt the progress of others was “normal” and her’s was slow. Her speed is her speed and for her that is the real “normal”.

To go further, we rarely see the full picture of other people’s progress. Nothing happens overnight and nothing comes easy. If you see progress in anyone, it’s happened over a long period of time with a lot of effort and a lot of struggle!

Progress is progress period.

Judging it’s speed is just a strategy to prevent you from reaching your goal. It’s self-sabotage.

Whatever your speed, it doesn’t matter. It’s what’s normal for YOU.

What matters is that it’s progress.

~ Chad

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