Personal Training – Why it doesn’t last

In the last decade I’ve worked with clients in bootcamps, sport specific training camps, personal training, CrossFit, small and large group classes and remote coaching. With this experience, I now look at personal training in a new light, and better understand why it doesn’t last.

To me, personal training is a dependancy relationship between the client and trainer. Most people hire a trainer because they feel like they can’t work out on their own otherwise.  They need a trainer to push them or they won’t do anything.

Sound familiar? 

Now for some, this can be great. If you have the time and money to put towards a trainer long-term, you can experience some amazing benefits and gains in your fitness.

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Unfortunately in my experience, most people don’t get those results. They don’t have the resources to commit long-term, whether it’s because of finding a match of schedules or the high cost long term. And due to the nature of the dependency relationship, clients don’t continue on their own when working with a trainer stops.

The reason being: The motivation is in the trainer, not in the client.

It’s the trainer that’s motivated to push you, not you. You never build that all important skill, so when the motivation (trainer is taken away), the training stops.

There are plenty of benefits to having a trainer work with you, but the challenge is in creating independence in the client so they can continue a healthy lifestyle even when the trainer isn’t around. Personal Training is a great kick-start to get your butt in gear, but you need to build self motivation to continue on your own afterwards.

Have you had this experience? Have you worked with a trainer but then stopped all together when the relationship stopped?

If so, contact us to learn how online coaching helps you build the self motivation needed so you never need a trainer again.

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