Allie Parris – Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach

When people ask how and why I got into personal training, I always start with this:

“Hi! My name is Allie, and I’m a former crash dieter!”

I’ve basically done every crash diet out there. The combination of restricted calories, processed diet products and excessive cardio left me with a sloth-like metabolism, a terrible body image and disordered eating patterns. No matter what I ate or how much I worked out, I could not take off the weight.

With a damaged metabolism, I was at a point where cardio wasn’t enough and I had to build muscle. I began to look into weight lifting and, eventually, I fell in love with it . And, because muscle building requires a certain amount of fuel, my diet and my mindset towards food changed as well. I ditched the calorie counting and began to feed my strength.

As I fell more and more in love with weight lifting and fitness nutrition, I decided that I wanted to make it my career. I got certified with NASM as personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and weight loss specialist and now I LOVE my job!

My approach to training is extremely personal and individualized. I don’t just want to help you lose weight or get in shape. I want to help you understand why the tools I’m giving you work. I think a client should not just receive a program, they should understand why that program is tailor made for them. I want my clients to understand their bodies AND understand how to achieve results rather than just blindly follow a plan!

Just remember–we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce. You deserve to be your best self and I want to help you be the best you that you can be!

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The services I offer as as follows:

Personalized Program Design – $250 USD (12 weeks)

A custom program designed specifically for you, your fitness level, your access to equipment (or not) and your goals. The programs are created 12 weeks at a time to progressively move you towards your goals. I am always available for program related questions via email but there is no on-going support or accountability. 

Monthly Training Programs – $100 – $250 USD/month

A personalized workout/nutrition routine created each month based on your fitness level, your access to equipment (or not) and your goals. Routines are created monthly based on changes in progress, motivation or plateaus. I am available for on-going support and questions via email and text. Coaching sessions can be added monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly for more support and accountability. 

Monthly Fitness OR Nutrition Program – $100
Monthly Fitness AND Nutrition Combo – $150
Coaching Sessions – $25/session (1-4 sessions/month)

To get started, click the blue messenger button in the bottom right corner.

Some of my achievements are:

– NASM certified personal trainer
– NASM Weight Loss Specialist
– NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
– Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University
– Dance teacher/dancer for 16 years
– Diva for 28 years

What my clients are saying:


I’ve been consistently impressed with Allie over the 8 months we’ve been working together toward my fitness and nutrition goals. She is responsive, highly knowledgeable and a source of positive reinforcement and motivation that has helped push me through more than a few periods of self doubt. Most important, the nutrition programs she has put together for me have helped me see real progress. I have already recommended her to several people looking to make improvements in their health and fitness and I will continue to recommend her to others that want to step up their game and see legitimate results.

Darrin F.

I can’t praise Allie’s training regimens enough! I have had a goal to put on mass for a while, but had been at a plateau until Allie helped change up my routine. What I like the most about her planning is her vast knowledge of exercises and suggestions of alternative ways to always keep my workouts fresh. Allie’s been a motivating trainer and has also helped me to overcome a knee injury. I was worried I’d overwork it, but Allie’s modifications and suggestions were always helpful. This attentiveness is unmatched in other trainers. She’s always a phone call or email away!

Rachel L.

I came to Allie after working abroad for 6 months and my body type had changed completely. I felt self-conscious and unsure how to even begin this journey of getting my body back in shape. Allie made me feel comfortable discussing my body issues. She was the perfect balance of tough love yet tenderly motivating. She highlighted the positive aspects of my body while tackling the parts I really knew I needed work on. She was so positive and supportive that I was putting in the work and taught me to be confident with the balance of seeing results and also acknowledging that it’ll just take time. She also emphasized the importance of continuing the work outside the gym. She was always available if I had questions regarding a workout (on our off days) or meal related questions. She made my form better both IN and OUT of the gym. As I got stronger and the stronger, the workouts developed and changed based on what my body needed whether it was weight increase, or variations to make the exercises harder. 

Gabi D.

Anyone would be lucky to have Allie Parris as their trainer. Allie really knows how to make you feel comfortable during this personal journey while still motivating you to work harder and accomplish your goals. She was always there to email or even text for questions or advice. Allie had amazing tips that I could implement every day and I finally feel happy with my eating habits. Work out-wise, Allie always emphasized technique which not only made me feel like I was protecting my body, but also helped me understand the mechanics of each exercise. Overall I feel so much more confident now and I have even been getting compliments from friends on my progress! I would recommend Allie to anyone who is looking for a trainer that can be a confidant who helps push you to your fullest potential.