Online Coaching – Will this work?

Probably the most common question I get about online coaching is “will this work”.

Most people have tried so many programs, worked with trainers and even worked with online coaches and still nothing has worked. That’s why they are still looking!

So how is this any different right?!?

Here’s how:

We are focused purely on your work. And more specifically, sustainable work.

We have a underlying belief that nothing happens overnight and nothing happens with out consistent effort.

Look at anyone successful today. Whether it’s in business, profession or athletics; every successful person has put in a lot of work over a long period of time.

Most options I see online and otherwise that you may considered to be my ‘competition’ are generally focused on the program itself and what you are doing. They are built around a high level of intensity to maximize results as quickly as possible.

So in that sense yes it targets work and making you work hard.

However, it’s at a level beyond your sustainable capacity. You can do that for a short while, but eventually it becomes too hard and you can’t keep it up.

This is simply because it’s built at a level beyond what you can sustain long term.

It’s built to fit within your current motivation.

With us, we build a plan that adapts to your personal capacity and what you can sustain. We match what you can handle and push the limits from there.

The reason it works is because you will actually stick to long term. Because you can sustain it you will be able to put in consistent work over a long period of time.

In my 15+ years of experience, it’s the only equation that works; reps over time.

will this work

Yes our systems works because we are looking at that bigger picture and longer period of time. We are not setting you up for failure by burning you out short term and giving you something you can’t stick with.

So in short, Yes, it works!

~ Chad

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