Not sure it will work?

Have you ever hesitated to sign up at the gym, download the app, purchase the equipment, or hire the trainer because you’re just not sure it will work?

not sure it will work

You’ve already tried so many things, is this just going to be one more thing that ends up in the same place? Failure.

Truth is, everything works. Every workout program, every diet, everything.


If YOU are consistent and you apply the principles of the program for a long enough time, it WILL work.

We’re all out there trying to blame the program, but it’s not the program, it’s you. If you put in the work then it’s only a matter of time until you see the results.

Sorry, truth hurts sometimes.

Of course some options will be better than others and some you will enjoy more, but they all work. The key is knowing yourself and your tendencies. Do you need more support or less? Do you need more variety or more routine? Do you need to be at home or out of the house? All of these things will help you find the thing you can be consistent at.

So next time you’re not sure it will work, don’t look at the program, look at yourself and if this thing is something you can be consistent with.

Check out our services page to see where you fit into our “types of people”. We’ve spent a lot of time helping people figure out what’s best for them to see results and find what works so we hope it will help you too.

~ Chad


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