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AnthroPhysique just celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary!

This means we have been working with clients online around the world for over 5 years now. In that time we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

The biggest thing we’ve seen is that so much of our industry of fitness, nutrition and health is based on 4-12 week plans. There are literally millions of products that focus on jumping into an intense program to maximize your results within 3 months.

The sad reality is that after those 3 months, whether or not results were achieved, the majority of people drift back into the lifestyle they had before they started. The eat the same foods and they exercise (or not) in the same ways they’ve done for years.

In short, their lifestyle never actually changes.

At AnthroPhysique, we are committed to helping people achieve true and long-lasting lifestyle changes. In our 5 years of experience, we’ve learned 1 major truth:

Nothing ever happens over night.

It takes consistent, long-term efforts if someone wants to create change that will actually last.

Because of this, we are now offering a new service: Lifestyle Coaching.

Lifestyle coaching is focused entirely on the long term. We look at your lifetime vision of your health and look at how we can make progressive steps towards your goals.

We have tried to make this services accessible to everyone, but it requires a solid commitment from our clients.

2 years in fact!

It is a 2 year commitment because we want you to think long-term right from the start. This isn’t a 3 month boot camp to prepare you for a vacation or wedding, this is a commitment towards your health for the rest of your life.

To be as accessible as possible, the fee for this service is only $99 per month. We believe that dedicating $99 to your health and longevity is something anyone is willing to invest.

Lastly, there is a $500 cancellation fee if you wish to cancel early. This is put in place for 1 reason: it’s easier (and cheaper) to tough out the rough patches than to quit.

We can guarantee that during this 2 year journey there will be ups and downs. There will be periods of success but there will also be periods of lost motivation or stagnant results. This is actually normal life for everyone and why we plan for it!

The simple details are that you will get guidance in fitness and nutrition, daily access to your coach and calls any time you need. You literally get a coach in your pocket (via your phone) to support you the whole way. Whether it’s a question about your plan or a friends party and you need someone to talk you out of eating that cake, we are there for you!

We’re not just an app with a default reminder, we’re real people ready to help!

I hope this all sounds too good to be true. As I said above, we want this to be accessible to everyone. To be truly honest, I’m sick of the overpriced bullshit that’s out there and I want to provide the market with something that actually works;

Support for implementing consistent effort over a long period of time.

Trust me, it’s the only way it ever works.

Besides, do you plan on being healthy for the next 3 months, or for the rest of your life?

Ya, no brainer right?


Lifestyle Coaching

For more info, details or anything else that will help you feel like committing to your health for 2 years is the right decision, please fill out the form below:


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