Learning From Lebron – “Be Better Tomorrow”

I’ve grown to really admire LeBron James over the years, but what happened this past Friday night after a heartbreaking game 1 loss really cemented him as the leader we should see in ourselves.

JR Smith had just made one of the biggest mental lapses in the history of the NBA Finals, making a crucial rebound and then running out the clock instead of passing it to a wide open LeBron in a tied game with 4 seconds still on the clock. LeBron, after being relentlessly questioned by the media about Smith’s play just stood up and said, “be better tomorrow”. 

LeBron James
LeBron “be better tomorrow”

I love this phrase so much, in the throes of what could possibly a career defining mistake made by a teammate – LeBron didn’t throw said teammate under the bus – instead he took the brunt of the damage and said simply,”be better tomorrow”.

It would have been extremely easy to put the blame on JR especially after a 51 point, 8 assist, 8 rebound performance. You are the star of this team, you have physically dragged this team to the finals and yet you still have the leadership skills to know that a mistake was made but dwelling on that mistake won’t change a thing.

We as runners and as potential role models can learn so much from this moment in time. The past happened, we can’t run away from the consequences. We can, however, learn from the situation – assess how we can do better next time the situation occurs, and move on.

We should always be striving to better ourselves day after day. No one’s life will be perfect but our life is 100% defined by how we learn from past mistakes.

Take your training plan for instance. I always say, “One bad run does not make you a bad runner” but if we don’t learn from that bad run in the process then we can fall into a bad habit or worse a toxic mindset. It’s easy when things aren’t going your way to cast the blame somewhere else… But ultimately we have to be able to criticize our own actions, look inward and own it.

“Be better tomorrow”.

Happy Running,


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