“Intuitive Eating” – WTF?!?

So I’m flicking though my Instagram feed the other day and came across this post:

intuitive eating


My immediate thought was WHAT THE Fµ©K?!

I have 4 issues that make me think WTF: 

Issue #1:

The idea of creating a title of “Intuitive Eating” and defining it as:

“not tracking your food and eating when you’re hungry and HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO”


We need a title for eating normally? For eating how you are supposed to eat?!?!?

In a world where nobody knows how they are supposed to eat, it sounds so simple!!!

Issue #2:

The ludicrous nature of IIFYM eating. (If It Fits Your Macros)

“Trainers” everywhere are prescribing IIFYM to their clients having them eat based on a specific macronutrient count:

  • eating based on the clock
  • indulging in crap that “fits my macros” – even if it causes bloating
  • consuming tons of artificial sweeteners (read sugar) because you’re low on macros
  • eating how I “have to”, not how I “know I should”
Issue #3:

After the author explains the benefits they are feeling since moving away from IIFYM, they mention that they still use IIFYM with their clients.


Even this person highlights that they would go back to IIFYM for a photoshoot or vacation. Aka: I’ll sacrifice my long term health to look good in the short term.

Issue #4:

The author mentions that they would never have been able to eat like this if they hadn’t tracked and measured their food/macro intakes for so many years.

That’s total bullshit and setting people up for failure.

It IS POSSIBLE to eat like you’re supposed to without ever tracking and measuring your food by calories or macronutrients.

Now, I know I can’t just rant and complain if I’m not going to offer suggestions or a solution, so here are my thoughts on “intuitive eating”.

My Thoughts:

If you could just learn to eat like “you are supposed to eat” from day one, why would you ever need to track macros, count calories or weigh your food?

If you can get more “intuitive” with your body, how it feels, what foods leave you feeling good, and eating a portion that your body is good with and not just what’s put on your plate, then you’ll be able to maintain your weight, reach your goals and look the way you want all without counting a calorie.

The thing is that it will take honesty and effort.

It’s easy to indulge and enjoy the ice cream in the moment. It might even feel good!

But if you aren’t honest with yourself about how bloated you feel afterwards, how it affects your sleep or how shitty you feel the next day, you’re not really being “intuitive”.

You can actually teach your body that bloating feels normal. Until you remove the causing item from your diet for a while, you may never know the real effects certain foods are having on you.

As you can probably tell, this post drives me crazy! It highlights so many of the problems I see with trainers these days. We are all focused on the results, and image we have of our body, that we’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that result. At seemingly any cost.

I’m just so sick of shitty diets and the trainers that use them that I needed to say something.

Getting someone to following some specific but oversimplified diet is way easier than helping them build the will power and true intuition to eat like you are supposed to.

Personally, I’d rather take the time to figure it out from the start and just develop a lifestyle, not follow a diet.

Those are my 2 cents. Feel free to add yours below.

If I’ve left you with more questions than answers, good! Feel free to reach out. I’d love to help!

~ Chad

2 Replies to ““Intuitive Eating” – WTF?!?”

  1. Well done Chad!

    There are so many mixed messages on eating and diet’s that is is virtually impossible to know what “eating like you are supposed to” actually means.

    “Eating like you are supposed to” – – – by who’s definition?

    Thank you for pointing out the inconsistent, on the fence, attitude of this author. In today’s world there is a proliferation of articles that confuse, more than help, the reader on this subject!

    In my humble opinion, if a person really cares about a healthy lifestyle, they should invest in a trainer/mentor that actually wants to understand them as an individual. Someone that digs deep to understand your history, habits, past successes and failures. Someone that is not afraid of your “uncomfortableness” when it comes to committing. Committing, to do what it takes, to achieve your personal health and nutrition goals.

    Bottom line, someone that can help you define, what – – – “eating like YOU are supposed to” actually means.


    1. Ya, I’m slightly biased of course, but it at least defines my focus as a coach and what I WON’T accept. I’m not going to give someone a BS plan that anyone can follow and in general get results.

      That said, the eating how YOU are supposed to is the key. In my experience over the years, yes there are many general concepts that help MOST people. However, every individual has smaller details that are very specific to them to help them get the best results. One size does not fit all!

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