Instant Weight Loss – selling anything with “Skinny”

Once again I’ve stumbled across an ad on Facebook that I just couldn’t help but write about.


“Lose 14lbs in 1 WEEK”!

OMG I have to have this!


Instant Weight Loss

Srsly tho. WTF?

Now I know my readers will be able to laugh at this one with me, but the sad truth is that there are many people out there who believe these ads. They click that little “shop now” button in the corner and they make their order.

If you’ve stubbled across this post and are one of those people, I’ll assume you’re now more educated and have learned from your mistake.

It’s sad because these things work. These ads get thousands of clicks and these people make thousands and thousands of dollars of you’re belief that INSTANT WEIGHT LOSS is possible.

It must be. There’s even a testimonial!

It does make sense though. We all want instant anything. We all want it to be easy. We all want to believe that if one person had these amazing results then why can’t I have those amazing results too?!?

Because those amazing results are “results not typical” if/when you can find the fine print.

The good news: if we all stop clicking these ads and buying these bullshit products, they will go away.

The bad news: I’m not placing any bets.

If you see any ads like these, post them in the comments or tag me with @anthrochad. I love a good laugh!


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