How many exercise variations do we need?

Have you ever tried a bicep curl? How about a hammer curl?

What about a preacher curl?
Seated curl?
Balanced on a bosu?

I see so many exercise variations sometimes it drives me crazy.

I’m sorry, but I have no friggin clue why anyone would ever do a bicep curl while lunging or squatting on a bosu ball? WTF?!?


exercise variations


I wrote another article about asking clients not to YouTube their exercises. The reason I do this is because there are 50 different ways to do the same thing!


Some variations are valuable.

If you’re a body builder focusing on specific muscle fibres, or someone needing to target a specific area to help rehab and injury, different angles or ranges of motions can be good.

However, the ones that concern me are when people combine two unrelated movements just to do something different.

Either they have no clue they they are doing it or it’s simply for variety.

Even worse is when a trainer spends all their time trying to find a new way to do something that they’ve lost track of the focus of the exercise in the first place.

I believe that focusing on so many exercise variations is distracting us from the actual work that needs to be done.

A couple of options in most exercises can easily target the different muscles or muscle fibres available. Even then, it’s good to know which ones and why.

Instead of trying to find 50 ways of doing the same thing, for the best results focus mostly on your technique, range of motion and knowing why you’re doing each exercise.

You might be surprised at how specifically you can target muscles or how much you can achieve with a select few versions of exercises.

~ Chad

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