I’ve had a setback

Let’s have story time shall we…

In the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been going hard in the gym. I’ve been testing out some new workouts and ideas I have and pushing my limits. It’s been great!

For 6 weeks I’ve been going hard, feeling good, and seeing progress.

Then last Friday hit. 

I did my normal workout in the morning and crushed myself. Literally. It was a leg day and for the rest of the day I could barely move. I was laid up on the couch, super tired, and sore all over. I realized later that I likely gave myself a mild case of Rhabdomyolysis. Not cool Chad, not cool.

Basically, my body had a rapid rate of muscle breakdown and my liver couldn’t handle it. Obviously that’s not a good thing, but that’s not really the point here.

The point is that this situation created a setback for me.

I ended up taking the weekend off from exercise completely. I felt fine by the next day with nothing more than normal soreness, but I figured it was good to give my body a couple days of rest.

On Monday I went back to the gym, did my workout, and things were pretty good. I stuck to upper body, avoiding the legs and everything felt ok. Yesterday I worked out again and today I’ll be going in the afternoon. I’m tired overall, but nothing major holding me back.

However, it’s not like the past 6 weeks. The workouts and my energy are ok, but they’re not great. I’m not crushing it. I’m not excited for every workout. I’m not feeling like it’s 100%.

In fact, I’ve lost motivation, momentum, and am a little hesitant to hit legs again.

But I am going.

I am showing up.

I am putting in an effort.

And that’s the point of this little story time.

I had a setback, but I’m still moving forward.

Setbacks are part of life. They are part of progress. They are part of pushing out limits. Linear improvement forever is impossible and we should expect it to be.

From a coach perspective, every one of my clients go through this process and we have this talk. They all have a setback at some point. Every single client. Every single time. It’s a 100% guarantee.

My pep-talk to my clients in those times, and currently to myself while writing this, is that this journey is not always going to feel great and it’s not always going to be 100%. It’s ok to have less motivation, less progress, and less than perfect performance sometimes. This is only a phase and it won’t last forever.

Spending a few days or even a few weeks at less than 100%, is not going to destroy all of our progress. It’s a setback sure, but it’s not a finish line. It’s not the end of the road. If we keep putting in the effort, at whatever capacity we can manage for the time being, we will get ourselves back and track and keep the progress going.

So for those of you that think you’re the only one that struggles with a setback, it’s just not true. We all have setbacks. Even me. Even your coach.

Success isn’t achieved by not having setbacks, it’s about how you handle them when they cross your path. Do you let it win, or do you accept is as part of the journey and keep on your path?

You get to decide.


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