Getting started – it’s the only thing that matters

Getting started on something is usually the hardest part. I believe it’s the only thing that matters!

I actually wrote a similar version of this article about a year and a half ago but just realized I never got around to publishing it…

I apologize because I feel I prevented a learning opportunity for you.

I’m writing about it again now because I had a new realization about this concept the other day. I even did a Snapchat rant about it.

Getting Started - it's the only thing that matters
Snapchat rant

This is also the start of a Saturday Series of articles I’m writing. My goal is to have people sit down with a warm cup of lemon water, tea or coffee and read something that helps them look at the bigger picture of their health.

A couple of Saturday’s ago I was getting up early(ish) up for my morning workouts. I had set my alarm for 8am and hit snooze until after 9. Yes, I literally hit snooze for over an hour!! I really didn’t want to get up.

However, once I finally did drag my ass out of bed, quite literally, I stumbled towards  the bathroom with my eyes half open bumping into walls along the way. Common, you know you’ve all had that type of morning.

I was super tired, couldn’t open my eyes and really didn’t want to. But what I noticed, and I’ve noticed many times before, is that after about 2-3 minutes, I was feeling much better and more alive. After about 5 minutes I felt ready to rock and excited for my workouts.

I’m not sure if that happens as quickly for everyone, but I’ve observed over time that in the mornings I’m typically 2-5 minutes to feel ready to go.

Side note: I suggest your own experiment of learning how long it takes for you to feel ready in the mornings. (without coffee)

Jump to an hour and a half later on Saturday, post workout and I felt so happy that I got up and got my day started with a workout. You know you always feel so good after the fact right!

Walking home I thought of Newton’s first law of motion and inertia. To summarize it in my own terms:

An object at rest tends to stay are rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Put simply, it’s harder to get something moving than it is to keep it moving.

Applied to my getting up example: it was really hard to get out of bed, but once I was up and moving things were much easier and I was thankful I got started.

The realization I had was that getting started, overcoming the initial inertia and doing what it takes to move towards your goals, is a forever thing. It’s the hardest part to doing anything in your life, but once you actually start it’s way easier to keep going.

The major key is that it doesn’t only happen once. You actually have to get started over and over and over, time after time after time. Not just once daily in the morning, but constantly throughout your day.

It’s EASIER to stay in motion once you’ve started, but it doesn’t mean you WILL stay in motion once you’ve started.

You’ll slow down or stop at some point and then need to re-start and do it all over again.

This isn’t meant to be a bummer and look at how hard things will be, it’s an insight to stop pretending you only have to get started once and then everything will be easy-peasy. Every single day of your life you will need to get yourself started so why not work on getting good at it!

Do you have strategies in place to help you in getting started each day?

In my experience it’s not something that ever goes away. You do get better at it, but you’ll always need to overcome that initial inertia of non-movement.

Setting goals  and having accountability can be some of the best tools to build that strength.

Now, do me a favour: if you’re struggling at getting started somewhere in your life, comment below. I bet that just the accountability of making it public will help get you moving.


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