Fitspo Doesn’t Work

I recently read an article that the Fitspiration (Fitspo) trend is backfiring.

This is something I totally agree with and mentioned a bit in my last article “Does motivation lead to action or does action lead to motivation?

I’m not able to speak to the mental health issues brought up in the article or the relation to social media use in general, but I do agree with the state this so-called “fitspiration” puts you in.

Fitspo is short for Fitspiration which is short for Fitness Inspiration. The idea is simple: browse images to inspire you to exercise. With 55+ million posts on instagram you have plenty of options!

The ideal formula is:

Look at images -> get inspired -> exercise -> get fit -> look good naked.

The formula seems simple enough, but it rarely works in reality. It usually ends up looking like this: 

Look at images -> wish you had that -> keep looking at images -> do nothing.

Or worst case scenario:

Look at images ->wish you had that -> feel bad that you don’t have it -> get depressed that you’ll never get it -> do nothing to change -> look at more images.

Bottom line, for most people fitspo doesn’t work. You don’t get inspired, you don’t exercise and you don’t create the body you see in the images.

I do think it CAN work, we just need an extra step. We need action. We need to stop looking and start doing.

Try this equation next time you’re looking for Fitspo:

Look at 1-3 images max -> put phone down -> stand up -> visualize what you need TO DO to create that body -> go do it!

The key difference is step 2: Stop. Stop looking. Stop wishing.

This is the first step of taking action. It’s action that leads to results, not inspiration.

If you’re a victim of the fitspiration backfiring, try my suggested formula and let me know how it goes for you.

~ Chad

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