How to Find the Right Program

I’ve been coaching clients for over a decade now. I’ve worked with tons of different people, ages, body types, etc. I’ve also worked with tons of different systems, programs, and exercise regimes.

In this time I’ve noticed that most people are in the quest for the right program.

They want to find the program that will work best and will get them the results they want.

Of course! Why wouldn’t we want that?

We have a goal so it would be stupid to do a program that’s not going to get us there.

However, what I’ve learned over time is that there isn’t a ‘right’ program. Often MANY programs will get you to your goal but NONE of them are perfect.

The answer and path for reaching your goals is not in WHAT you’re doing. The only thing that matters is that you’re ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Yes, I’ve written about this concept a few times, but I’m going to keep writing about it because I keep getting the same question from coaching inquiries:

“Will your program work for what I want to achieve?”

I can say YES to that question 99% of the time because my online coaching system is focused around finding a solution that will fit the individuals lifestyle.

It’s focused on making sure you’ll actually do it!

I’m not one to take a pre-structured routine and then force your life to fit that. Think DVD program or 30 day fat loss diet. These are very specific programs that you have to follow to a T, change your life to accommodate and then are left wondering ‘what’s next’ when you’re done, if you make it that far. (article?)

Instead of making your life fit a program, focus on getting a program that fits your life.

Again, the most important factor I’ve always looked at is that my clients are actually doing the work. If they aren’t, it’s a 100% guarantee that they WILL NOT be seeing results.

So my thoughts and focus this week are very simple:

Find a program that fits your life rather than making your life fit a program.

Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll get results… that last.


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