Does motivation lead to action or does action lead to motivation?

I’ve noticed in my social media feeds there are a ton of posts about Motivation. I’m sure my feed is a little biased towards fitness, but still, everyone is looking for motivation.

Whether it’s a #MotivationMonday tweet, #Fitspiration post on Instagram or a motivation board on Pinterest, the options for motivational content is limitless.

But does that motivation ACTUALLY leads to action?

Do you open your pinterest board to get pumped up for your workout?

After a few minutes of browsing motivation posts on Instagram do you jump out of bed or off the couch to go get those abs in the gym?

Motivation Fitspiration

If we’re honest, I bet the answer is no.

The harsh truth is that all of this inspiration and motivation isn’t doing anything. It isn’t leading anyone to take action.

Ya, it might make you feel good in the moment and you’ll think or say something about getting shit done. But do you really?

Worst case, it actually de-motivates you. You see all of these fit bodies and ripped abs and start to think “I’ll never get there”.

Our search for motivation ends up leading us to being less motivated.

Here’s the thing.

Motivation rarely leads to action.

However, action OFTEN leads to motivation.


Brainfuck right?

Yes, we have it completely backwards.

It’s time to stop looking for motivation to take action and start tacking action to get motivated.

Just think of it. Look at all of those times where you actually did put on your running shoes or you did get yourself to the gym. Once you were outside or in they gym you obviously did something right? Perhaps you even did more than you planned.

Your action of just getting started leads to doing something and feeling better afterwards. You finish motivated.

So next time you’re looking for motivation, don’t browse photos or hashtags. Just stand up, move, take action and you will create the motivation you seek.

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