Please don’t YouTube your exercises

Please don't YouTube your exercises

One of my least favourite texts from a client is: “don’t worry, I found it on YouTube”.

This usually comes shortly after the text of: “how do I do _____ exercise”.

I hate this text because there are a million exercise and how-to videos on YouTube. If you watch enough of them, you’re going to see dozens of variations or version of the same exercise.

So how do you know which one is right?

When I create a program for a client, I have a database of videos that I can send them. Most of them are of me doing the exercise as a demo, other times I’ve found one on YouTube myself. The key point is that I have a specific video for the specific exercise with a specific way I want it performed.

Please don't YouTube your exercises

What I mean by specific is that it’s done in a way that creates the desired effect I’m going after. An exercise isn’t just an exercise. The variations are there because they can create different results. Changing something simple like range of motion, angle of movement or tempo can make a huge difference in what the exercise will do for your body.

Every program I make, every workout I design, and every exercise I chose comes with a plan. My plan is based on education and experience to get you from your current fitness level to your goal fitness level in the most effective way possible. Because of this, how the exercise is performed is a key part of that plan.

This means doing a search on YouTube is unlikely going to get you the intended technique. It’s going to give you a random variation and if you do this for each exercise it changes the workout entirely.

Most importantly, it severely deviates you from the plan.

Throwing a bunch of exercises together randomly isn’t a plan. It’s also unlikely to get you the results you desire.

Next time you’re looking for a workout or exercise, please don’t just YouTube it. First you need to know what your goal is and how each exercise will get you there. If you’re not sure how the exercise will get you there then I suggest getting help. Find a knowledgeable friend, hit us up on Twitter or find yourself an incredible coach

But whatever you do, please don’t just YouTube it!