Accountability – Support when you need it

Accountability defined is: subject to report or explain, answerable.

I like to start with the definition on some words to really connect with how I see this working in my life and in my business. Sometimes I find I use them a lot, but do I really understand them?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because a while ago I wrote a post about Why it’s SO EASY to fall OFF the fitness wagon  My goal as an online fitness coach is to help people stay ON the wagon. To do so, I keep them accountable to their goals and help them build habits.

In that post I discussed a few steps to help build habits. #3 was Accountability, so today I’m expanding on that point. 🙂

Building a habit means that you start to do something on a more regular basis. Typically you ARE NOT doing something and you’d like to do more of it. Exercise and healthy eating are pretty common examples here.

To get going you make a commitment and state “I’m going to start exercising more” or “I’m going to start eating healthy”. You focus on what you want to do more of.

If you’re smart, or you’ve listened to anyone giving out tips for setting goals, you’ll know that it’s a good idea TELL SOMEONE ELSE. You tell another person your goals to make it more real. To make you accountable.

Now that the other person knows, you are now answerable to them. You will now report in on your progress as you go.

A classic example of this is a “gym buddy”.

What’s great about accountability is that most people are pretty good at following through with something when another person knows about it. However, we aren’t so good when we are the only ones that know about it. We tend to let ourselves off the hook.

So, accountability is a great tool to help you build the habits.

Some days you’ll do the thing for you, others you’ll need that accountability to pull through. You’ll have someone to support you when you need it.

However, no matter what the reason for doing it (you or them), YOU are still the one that does it. You step up, you do the work, you push your goals forward.

You build the habit.

My question now is: what habits are you trying to build and do you have someone that can keep you accountable?

If you’d like, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and let me know how I can help. I love keeping people accountable.

Also, I’ve recently started a Twitter Challenge using the hashtag #APLIfestyle. I’ve made it a public challenge to do something healthy and active every day. Personally I think the public social media realm can be a great source of accountability and is why I’m using it for my challenge.

Please let me know you’re thoughts on accountability and if you have any success stories you can share about it.

– Chad

Head Fitness Coach and Founder

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