Accountability – how Gary Vaynerchuk got serious about his health

One of my mentors: Gary Vaynerchuk recently figured out how to get serious about his health. It was all about accountability.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve talked about and written about this topic so much that I’m beating a dead horse. However, I just read another article that inspired me to hit the topic again.

I strongly believe that it’s the key to success so I’m going to continue to beat that horse till the message gets across!

The article I just read was by Gary Vaynerchuck and he posted it on Medium. I’ve been following Gary, his YouTube show, his books and all of his advice for years. He’s a very smart guy. So when he decided yesterday to write an article called “How I Finally Got Serious About My Health” I jumped on it!


It’s a raw, authentic article about him getting honest with himself and why he wasn’t taking care of his health. He was successful at taking care of all the other areas of his life, why wasn’t he serious about this health?

He realized that is was about accountability.

He knows through running a 550 person company how important it is to accountable to every one of employees. He realized he needed to be held accountable to his health.

He saw that the information that’s out there around fitness and health,

“leaves us with tactics and hacks and ideas… and that’s it. And you’ve probably read a bunch of articles on the best stretches, the best fifteen minute workouts, the best smoothies… It’s not about P90X, or CrossFit, or a juice cleanse. It’s about an enormous mental shift. It’s about believing in what you do.”

I personally believe that when most people set their health and fitness goals they do believe in it. They believe in the value and making the investment into their health. And as Gary said:

“For some, money still may be the bottleneck. To that I say this: Nothing is more important than your health.”

But where do you invest? Is it in the membership? Is it in the DVD program? Is it in the $14 smoothie at the new healthy juice and smoothie bar around the corner?

Those are the easy ways to get started, but as Gary discovered, it’s the accountability that’s needed to keep you going.

He invested in a full time personal trainer.

Someone that would hold him accountable.


Someone that wouldn’t let him miss a workout or let the new priority of health slide back down the list.

Our main focus at AnthroPhysique accountability. Technology allows us to be with our clients at all times.


You’ll be amazed at how a simple text on Wendesday morning can re-inspire you to keep on track for the week and stay true to your goals.

Do you struggle keeping accountable to your health? What will it take for you to get serious?

– Chad

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