5 New Ways to Fall in Love with Smoothies

Happy Wednesday!  Lets talk smoothies!

The second the weather gets nice, my body starts to crave those perfectly blended drinks in the AM. Smoothies may not be for everyone, and that’s ok, but I found that the second I learned how to create that creamy texture, I was hooked. Here are a few of my favourite smoothie tips and tricks.


  • A quarter of an avocado or extra banana can create a really nice creamy consistency. Try 1/2 of a frozen banana and a quarter of an avocado.
  • If you’re currently putting yoghurt in your smoothies, you can try an organic plain kefir which is similar to yoghurt but a thinner consistency and higher in those healthy bacteria.
  • Fruit overpowers the veggies. So add in that spinach or kale and trick those picky eaters into getting their greens.
  • Easing into those green smoothies? Try sweetening with low glycemic fruits such as green apple, pear, green grapes, or kiwi.
  • Don’t forget the fresh herbs! Mint has always been a favourite for berry smoothies, until I recently saw a recipe using fresh basil. It was a life-changer!

I hope that you find these tips helpful. Feel free to share your favourite smoothie in the comments below. I’d love to know!

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