5 Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make When Starting a Fitness Program

Most of the people that come to me are just starting a fitness program. They’ve started a routine in the past, but have failed. Many times. Sound familiar? It’s usually due to one of the reasons below. Here are 5 mistake to avoid when starting a fitness program:

1. Wait till next week

Waiting till later perpetuates the problem. Most people who aren’t working out, aren’t because they keep putting it off. Today turns into later, which turns into tomorrow, which turns into next week. Stop NOW. Start exercising NOW. No, seriously, STOP! I want you to literally stop reading this, stand up and do 10 squats. Ready, GO!

BOOM! Isn’t that awesome. Now, keep reading because you still need to be careful of #2.

2. Start too fast

Not in a “doing 10 squats before you finish reading an article” sense, but in a “not taking time to rest” sense. Many people start a program and workout EVERY DAY. Without rest your body is going to burn out and at some point FORCE you to rest. This is demotivating because you feel like you can’t do it or you’re injured and will now be set back. It’s okay to have rest days.

3. Not having a plan

Let’s say you were going somewhere you’ve never been before. Would you just jump in the car and start driving? No, you’d get the address, look it up on a map, find the route from your house to the location and THEN get in the car. Many people just run to the gym because that’s where fitness ‘happens’. Without a plan, this is useless. Create your own, find a program, or for best results hire someone to create a program that’s for you. No matter what, having a plan is going to get you there faster than just randomly exercising or driving about.

4. Have ‘Athletes Brain’

This is for all you folks that used to workout or used to play sports. It’s probably been years, but for some reason your brain believes that you can still do all those things you used to do. However, because it’s been years, your body can’t. Physically you are unable but your brain says otherwise and try’s to tell your body to shut up! I call this athletes brain and it’s the surest path to injury. If this is you, you need to learn to tell your brain to shut up and listen to your body for once.

5. Go solo

You’re excited, you have a goal and you might even have a deadline. You’re ready to rock, so you do just that. However, soon there will be bumps in the road or it will start going steeply uphill. The going gets tough. If you’re on your own at this point, it’s a real struggle and it’s easy to lose motivation. Having someone on your side can be there to support you in those tough times. A friend, family member or coach can all be great resources to help ensure you complete your goals. Get someone on your team from the start and set yourself up for success.

To wrap up, there are 5 key things to avoid when starting a fitness program: Wait till later, Start too fast, No plan, Athletes Brain and Going solo.

I want you to do something RIGHT NOW to help you get goingI For those of you that didn’t stop and do the squats earlier, do them now. Once you’re done, grab your calendar, plan your next workout session and then pick up the phone. Call someone that can help you and let’s do this!

Please comment below on your experience of these 5 items and what you’re doing NOW to avoid them.

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