10 fat loss exercises better than burpees

A friend of mine sent me this message on Facebook the other day:

Exercises alone don't burn fat

I get messages like this all the time. People asking me about a new machine, a new program, a new study, a new diet, etc. I love it!

I love it because people are curious, want good information and I appreciate that they come to me to validate the info. They aren’t just willing to accept everything that’s on the Internet.

Anyway, my response to my friend’s was this:

1. It’s not that simple.
2. In what sense do they mean for burning fat? Something more intense? If so, then most don’t.
3. In general, some good exercises in the list (unrelated to fat burning)
4. In general, some advanced movements that I wouldn’t recommend for most people.
5. Marketing at it’s finest. People love the idea of burning fat. This will likely get many shares and a few people even try it. I doubt anybody will see long term success from it.

I’ll expand here:

#1 – It’s not that simple.

Burning Fat is a metabolic process in the body. Depending on your diet and frequency of fitness, some people are better at burning fat than others. Aka: their metabolism is better. Metabolism isn’t only dependant on age and genetics, it’s greatly dependent on your lifestyle as well. So, to claim something as: “Better for fat burning” just isn’t that simple.

#2 – In what sense?

Similar to #1, do they mean burning fat while doing that exercise, after that exercise or as a result of that exercise? Fat is an energy source in the body. If you do exercise for a certain amount of time, your body starts to use fat as it’s fuel source. The time depends on the exercise, the intensity and the mount of muscles used. So, if they’re just talking about having a more intense exercise, then most of the ones listed don’t really match up to the burpee. I’ve seen a lot of t-shirts referencing burpee but nothing complaining about farmers walks…
Better fat burning exercises than burpees

#3 Some good exercises.

The list did contain some good exercises in general. Stuff that gets you moving, stuff that’s functional and stuff that anyone would benefit from. That’s at least how I defined them as good…

#4 Some advanced moves.

Something like that skater jumps, is not something I’d recommend for most people. It’s a very dynamic move that can be extremely beneficial for a lot of athletes, especially if their sport mimics that movement pattern. However, for most people working on general fitness, which I think is the target of “Men’s Health Magazine”, it’s unnecessary and wouldn’t really provide a lot of value. If anything, at that fitness level the risk/reward just doesn’t make sense.

#5 Marketing at it’s finest.

At the time of writing this article, about 1 week after the video came out, the video had 670,000 views, 12,600 likes and 10,315 shares. This is near the upper end of their stats for other videos. This add targets 2 people: those familiar with burpees that would prefer a “better” option and those wanting fat loss. 2 pretty big demographics!! Add an appealing title and you get the results you’re looking for! The good news for Men’s Health is that it was a success! A lot of people saw it, some will benefit from doing the exercises and there’s at least one article that has been written about it!

Overall I think it’s a good video, well produced and something I’d love to do at some point for my business! also, I’m happy the the demo model actually moves pretty well too!

The important things is that are literally millions of videos like this out there. And if you watch enough of them you start to realize there is a lot of contradictory information. So don’t just judge the book by the cover, believe everything you see on the internet and jump in expecting amazing results.

If you’re not sure, be like my friend and ask someone you trust!

Feel free to ask me too. I guarantee I’ll answer and I might even write an entire article about it!
~ Chad

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