Weight Loss: Subtraction By Addition

If I was a mathematician (which I’m not, but play along), I would view today’s approach to dieting and weight loss as one big subtraction problem.

Everyone is looking to LOSE pounds, CUT calories, BURN fat and GO DOWN a size.

While a calorie deficit is essential for losing those unwanted pounds, all that “negative” behavior is, well, negative.

Weight Loss calculations

Negativity is never a good thing, even in a weight loss journey. Yes, losing fat is the primary goal of weight loss, but if you only focus on the “losing” part of it your mind will spin. Just focusing on shedding pounds off your body is not enough, we need to stop focusing on subtracting and start focusing on adding.

Now, lets define what I mean by adding, since I can already hear dieters screaming,

“ADDING? As in adding pounds onto our bodies??”

No, that’s not what I mean at all! I’m asking you to add healthy behaviors into your weight loss plan. Adding healthy habits into a weight loss plan can make all the difference AND will shift your focus and energy into a more positive light.

Here are some examples of positive behavior to add to your weight loss approach:

1. ADD four servings of fruits and vegetables a day to your meal plan

2. ADD at least two hours of exercise to your week

3. ADD eight glasses of water to your daily plan

4. ADD meditation to your morning routine

5. ADD a food journal into your weight loss plan

6. ADD positive affirmations into your daily routine

All of these examples will result in weight loss and health. AND they’re spinning healthy habits in a positive light, which will improve your outlook and your mentality. A positive weight loss journey is a happy one and that’s what a quest for health is all about.

What can YOU add to your lifestyle that will change your health for the better?

– Allie

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