Vacation Dieting – How To Stay On Track

Going on vacation can become a source of stress when following a fitness and nutrition program.

What will you eat?

Where will you eat?

Will you be able to stay on track?

At the end of your vacation you may find that you spent more time worrying about your progress than enjoying your trip.

When it comes to food it’s best to stick to a happy medium rather than becoming overly strict or going the opposite direction and falling into a holiday binge. When you have limited resources it’s often too difficult to stringently follow a meal program when away from home, especially when you have to eat out for most of your meals. If you aren’t able to stick to your plan or want to enjoy some of the local foods wherever you are, do so within reason… but there are resources!


Vacation Dieting


It’s called flexible dieting, do not let a strict diet ruin your holiday – ask around! It’s possible to enjoy great food while staying on your goals, you just have to do your research.

Enjoy local produce, healthy fats and protein, and limit sweets and other simple carbs – it’s easy when you break it down.

As far as exercise is concerned, you may not have access to a full gym or the equipment that you’re accustomed to using.

There are other ways to work in exercise!

One of my favorite ways to exercise on vacation is jumping rope. Jump ropes are small, easy to pack, and can essentially be used anywhere. Even just 20 minutes of jumping rope will work you into a good sweat. You can also exercise while sight-seeing with hikes, swims, and enjoying whatever else the place you’re visiting has to offer.

When you’ve fallen into a good nutrition and exercise routine, holidays can often feel like a hiccup in progress. You may be unsure as to how to handle your eating and exercise abroad. As Anthrophysique coaches, our job is to help you figure it out – we don’t limit our coaching to when you’re in your routine and will help you find balance and stay on track no matter what situation you’re in!


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