What is Your Mind Telling You?


What is your mind telling you?

We all have an internal self talk. What’s important is whether that self talk is negative or positive.

Internal self talk is probably the biggest obstacle for most people when pursuing their goals. Any goal that is, not necessarily just health and fitness.

Often, our struggle is because our own mind is getting in our way. If we have a lot of negative self talk, that keeps us where we are and it’s hard to move forward.

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Are You Focused on a Goal or a Lifestyle?

Lifestyle Focused

Lifestyle has been a pretty popular word for a long time already, but it seems to be popping up more and more for me lately. Maybe that’s because it’s my main focus.

I’ve realized that all of my programs, coaching, workouts and focus is around living a healthy lifestyle. I’m not focused on short-term anything and I won’t even give that to my clients when they ask for it.

Something I just learned with a client is that you are either goal focused or lifestyle focused. They are very different and they require very different approaches to training.

You are goal focused if your normal process is:

Something motivates you, you set a goal and you go after.

I think this is most people.

While the motivation is high or you are seeing results, you go hard.

However, at some point the motivation withers away, the results slow or you reach a certain level of results and just stop. (I may write another article about this last one)

Anyway, the only focus here is some end goal. It’s what gets you going but what’s crazy is that it’s also what stops you in the end.

Someone who is lifestyle focused is more concerned about the process than the end goal. In a sense, the end goal is almost unreachable or it’s so long term that it isn’t about actually getting there, it’s just about the process of moving in that direction.

Being lifestyle focused means you are focused mostly on being consistent. There are good times and bad, there are ups and downs, there are successes and setbacks, but overall your key focus is consistency.

Not just consistency in a week or month, but consistency over a long period of time.

To me, you are consistent if you do exercise and eat healthy at least 5-6 days per week, 50-52 weeks per year.

It may seem like a high standard, but it’s the difference between someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and someone who intermittently pursues a goal whenever their motivation is high enough.

So ask yourself, are you focused on a goal or a lifestyle?

There’s a difference.

If you want to build a healthy lifestyle, I can help.

~ Chad


Consistency in my opinion is one of the most important steps for developing a healthy lifestyle. It’s also one of the most overlooked.

It’s been an underlying theme in some of my latest posts and it’s definitely the main focus for all of my clients starting out.

If you think about it, where in your life are you the most successful? Is it those same areas that you are also the most consistent?

If we want to achieve a goal, it takes a certain level of pushing to get ourselves there. We may have setbacks and obstacles, but if we keep getting back up and pushing forward eventually we’ll get there.

This is consistency. It’s regularly performing what’s needed to reach our goals. It’s doing the work even when we don’t want to. It’s steady, it’s on-going and it lasts.

Unfortunately, this is NOT what I normally see in fitness. In fitness it looks a little more like this:

January: “THIS is the year!!”
February: “Why don’t I have results yet? This sucks!”
March: “I don’t have time for this anymore. Besides, I wasn’t getting any results”

May: “I need to get back into my routine. Need that beach body for summer!”
June: “It’s getting nice out, I’m going to start running”
July: “I don’t need my gym membership for the summer, I’ll be so busy outside.”

September: “Time to get back in the routine, I GAINED weight over the summer!”
October: “Why don’t I have results yet? This sucks”
November: “I don’t have time for this anymore. I’ll start again after the holidays”

UP and down… UP and down… UP and down…

I think there are many reasons for this, which I’ve explained in other posts, but here I want to look at how to build consistency.

The key to building consistency is starting small and starting simple. In college I had a teacher that said “K.I.S.S” – Keep It Simple Stupid.

When we have the UP moments, we’re excited and full of motivation. We dive in and go hard. It lasts for a bit, but eventually fades.

To prevent this, start simple. Start with something you know you can succeed at. Something within your reach.

Even if you feel like you can do more, stick with the simplicity.

If you hit the right level, you’ll get success after success. Week after week you’ll reach your goals and achieve what you set out to do.

You’ll be consistent!

When you reach this point, you’ll notice a new thought come into your head. You’ll notice a thought like: “wow, that was way easier than it used to be” This is the point where you’re ready for more.

Now you can increase your complexity and make it a little harder. However, keep this increase simple too and be careful not to go too overboard. If you do it right, you’ll remain consistent and you’ll reach the “ready for more” stage even quicker this time.

In the long run, this method will still get you the results you want. It may take a little longer at first but in the long term your results will last. You’ll have built a habit and a new lifestyle. You’ll be consistent.

What has been your experience with consistency in your workout routine?