Road Racing Is About Patience… Not Every Race Will Be Your Best

Road Racing

Road Racing is addictive – I get it, there is a reason why road races around the country made over $100,000,000 in total revenue last year.

We love racing but sometimes that comes without the proper buildup; maybe your friend talked you into it or you chose to run two marathons back to back… chances are you are not 100% prepared to run your best.

I’ve made that mistake at times – we used to think that the best way to train was to race yourself into shape but now we know that you have a finite number of hard efforts in a training cycle, be it mentally or physically… something has to give.

Success in road racing is about patience.

Sometimes racing too much can be detrimental to your confidence if you aren’t ready to roll – but racing can also be a good benchmark for your current training. Racing is a two way street and as a runner you must have perspective and you must have patience – there is a lot of experience that goes into knowing if it is a good time to race. That is where a good coach can be invaluable – knowing when you need a race to test fitness and knowing when it will kill your confidence or wear you down.

I tackled this very issue in one of my A Day In The Life videos:


– Justin

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Internal motivation

I just finished a half marathon on Sunday!

Whew, I’m tired.

I’ve been training for the past 5 months and it’s not only been a killer workout but it’s also been great for internal motivation.

For years I’ve been working out with trainers and taking classes. They were all great but when it comes down to motivation, it’s the trainers are the ones holding the whip to get me moving, not me. I realized after some time that what I really needed was to count on myself to get my workouts done rather than show up and have someone yell at me until it was done.

Certainly sometimes I’ve needed a little extra help while training by myself (that’s when I called Chad) but I realized that the more I do it myself the more I CAN do it myself. I made myself a plan, I stuck with it and it resulted in me getting in shape for running a half marathon (thank you, thank you!). But most importantly it resulted in me knowing that I can do it on my own. I have internal motivation now to push myself and crack my own whip. It’s pretty incredible to know that I did it on my own, and not because someone else had the motivation and was telling me what to do!

Think it’s time to crack your own whip too? Where does your motivation come from?