10 fat loss exercises better than burpees

Exercises alone don't burn fat

A friend of mine sent me this message on Facebook the other day:

Exercises alone don't burn fat

I get messages like this all the time. People asking me about a new machine, a new program, a new study, a new diet, etc. I love it!

I love it because people are curious, want good information and I appreciate that they come to me to validate the info. They aren’t just willing to accept everything that’s on the Internet.

Anyway, my response to my friend’s was this:

1. It’s not that simple.
2. In what sense do they mean for burning fat? Something more intense? If so, then most don’t.
3. In general, some good exercises in the list (unrelated to fat burning)
4. In general, some advanced movements that I wouldn’t recommend for most people.
5. Marketing at it’s finest. People love the idea of burning fat. This will likely get many shares and a few people even try it. I doubt anybody will see long term success from it.

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4 Options for When You Hit a Plateau

Jan - Feb it's possible to hit a plateau

So you looked yourself in the mirror in December and said “enough is enough, I am going to [insert health related goal].”

January has passed, and you have only completed a few workouts, all of which had little rhyme or reason and primarily consisted of the elliptical. On top of that, you now hate salads more than anything else in the world.

You’ve hit a plateau!

You are finding yourself at a fork in the road – on the left the “keep doing what you are doing” road, and on the right is the “give up” road.

So what do you do?

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Why Stress Is Preventing Your Fat Loss

Could Stress be Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals?

Stress is an everyday thing, it’s hard to avoid… whether it’s your daily commute in the morning or your boss at work – living in the 21st century is stressful but what does that have to do with your fat loss goals? It has everything to do with a hormone called Cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, commonly known as the “stress hormone”.

It’s released in response to different circumstances such as waking, exercising, and stress. Cortisol can have serious impacts on sleep and weight gain, thus inhibiting fat loss. This is one reason why people experiencing a lot of stress struggle with reaching their fitness goals. The key with cortisol is not necessarily to reduce it absolutely, but to control it. Continue reading “Why Stress Is Preventing Your Fat Loss”

How to Target Fat Loss

fat loss

Have you ever wanted to target fat loss from one specefic area of your body?

For women it’s often around the hips and thighs and for men it’s around the belly or love handles. If you’ve experienced a bunch of weight loss, those might be the last areas to go.

Google search “Fat Loss” and you’ll find picture of models in big pants or with a tape measure around their waist. I had to use this image because it had BOTH!!

fat loss

It’s an extremely common question I get: “How do I lose weight here?” and then they point to a certain area of their body. Or, I’ll get “What exercises can I do to help get rid of this fat” and again point to an area of their body. The unfortunate reality is that it’s not really possible to just lose fat from one area of the body. We can’t target fat loss to one location only.

Caveat: I coach with a natural, drug-free approach to health. If there is a drug or pill claiming to target fat loss, I’m not interested.

The struggle is usually because it’s the last area to lose fat. You may have had success already, but this last place just won’t go. If it’s in the abdomen, no amount of sit ups is going to make the fat go away. Yes, you’ll develop the muscle underneath, but that’s not going to results in losing fat from that area. However, once you do lose the fat, your 6 pack will be ready!

Fat loss comes from a result of many factors: diet, exercise, age, stress, sleep, gender, etc. Often what got you your initial fat loss won’t get you that last 10 pounds. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, then it’s time to do something differently.

Targeting fat loss in one area isn’t going to happen. I’d suggest looking at what changes you can make to re-ignite your metabolic fire. Take a close look at your fitness routine and diet and see what changes you can make. If you’re not sure, or you’ve been at a plateau for a while, it’s probably time for a coach. Getting an experienced and outside perspective could be the key to finding the change you need and tipping the scale in the right direction.

Have you been successful with fat loss? How did you achieve your results?