Find Your Thing

Find Your Thing

We all have a thing.

A thing is something that we fall in love with or find great pleasure in that helps us reach our goal.

It’s what gets us fully committed to pursuing our goal.

In fitness, it’s basically what helps you take the steps needed to reach your goals.

Your thing might be:
– running
– spinning
– aquarobics
– kickboxing
– zumba
– home DVDs
– bootcamps
– group fitness classes
– having a gym buddy
– personal trainer
– accountability coach
weekly progress photos
– publicly announce your goals

To name a few. There’s a ton of options out there to get you hooked!

If it’s joining a class you can’t wait to go to or making a commitment, all in, to a coach because you know you can’t do it on your own. In the end it doesn’t matter as long as it’s what gets you to reach your goal.

The point here is that there are nearly limitless options so get out there and try them!

My belief here is that:

“everything works for somebody, but nothing works for everybody”

You gotta find what works for you.

What’s your thing?

Find Your Thing

If you don’t know, make a list of what you’ve done. Then make a list of what you haven’t yet tried. It’s likely that’s your thing on the list of “haven’t done yet”.

~ Chad

The Way We Were

Blog# 14 ~ The Jane Experiment

The plank goes on!
I’ve been noticing a very healthy competition with myself over the last week while doing my daily maximum plank. I constantly want to better my time from the day before.

Instead of planking in the feeling of fear or whining about it, Chad has encouraged me to explore other feelings. Like power, and its awesome, my plank is kicking ass!

I also did a workout yesterday, because I actually fit it into my schedule. Note to self; use iCal, it is helpful, and it reminds you that this is the only time you have to workout, so do it! Another reminder is set for this afternoon!

In the past, I have always been one to make my workouts harder in my mind than they actually are. From the length, to the amount of energy they will take, etc. Now as Chad and I have been working together, and I’m changing my negative patterns, I’m also less concerned with the result. Now when someone happens to compliment me on looking fit or loosing weight I’m excited and proud of the work I have been doing. Therefore I’m happily surprised, not totally dependant on that compliment.

All this measuring, and tracking, and learning about myself has helped me to see how completely different I am now in my approach my heath, wellness, and fitness.

And when I missed a day of planking, I really felt it in my gut. Not because my abs were enjoying the day off, but because I wished I had remembered and kept my word to myself. A word I have broken so many times when it comes to going to the gym or treating myself right. That is now another muscle to work on, so I can believe in myself when I say I want to do something.

I have also become super open mined when it comes to food, and honest about how food makes me feel. Just getting in touch with thinking about my body without the fear or judgement, is slowly helping me find my centre.

Now my centre is asking for a detoxing breather. So I’m going on a cleanse. Starting this Sunday; details to follow in next week’s update, which will probably be full of random food cravings!

I’ve decided to keep pushing with my daily plank, and I would like to put a challenge out there to see other peoples max hold times. Post below and lest keep this healthy competition going!