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It has never been easier to get information,
diets, recipes, workouts and
“customized” programs online.

Unfortunately, anybody can offer these regardless of their
education, experience or skills.


What this means is that there is a ton of information out there and most of it contradicts itself. There are a million programs telling you how to reach your goals and if you’ve tried a few of them, nothing is working.

Most people come to us tired and frustrated because they’ve TRIED EVERYTHING! At best they’ve seen some short term success, but nothing has stuck. They’re hesitant to try yet another program…

What we’ve learned is that people fail for 2 reasons:

  1. They worked their ass off and the program didn’t work.
  2. They didn’t work their ass off and gave up before there was a chance for the program to work.

Many people feel #1 is the main reason the’ve failed, but in my experience it’s #2.

I say this because I see people working their ass off all the time, in terms of intensity, but not always in duration. We go hard at 100% for 1-3 months at best and then stop. We don’t stick to a program long enough to see real lasting results. In my experience, long enough is often measured in years not months.

Our specialty is coaching support and what we are offering has 3 key differences:

  1. Dropping the bullshit that this can happen over night – we’re not selling another 90 day program, we’re providing a human to support you through the challenging times of pushing for a goal because no, it’s not easy. (#2 reason above)
  2. Providing a truly personalized program – most “personalized programs” on the market are personalized to your goal. You want to lose weight, here. You want to build muscle, here. What’s more important is YOUR starting point initially, and then having a program that adapts WITH YOU during the bumpy road to success. (#1 reason above)
  3. Focusing on realistic and progressive lifestyle habits – If you’ve been consistently inconsistent with your health habits, jumping into a 5-6 day per week intense workout plan is unrealistic. We help you walk before you run so that when you do run, you’ll fly!

At this point though all of this is just words on a website. We can’t stress enough the human element behind this website so feel free to fill out the form below and a real person can help explain this to you in greater detail if you’d like.

We offer 2 formats for Online Coaching:

Lifestyle Coaching – for those looking past the “quick fix” short term options and wanting to make long term lifestyle changes. A more progressive approach to developing lifestyle habits that last, because you already know the more aggressive ones don’t. This is for the person who has tried everything.

Month to Month Coaching – for those who are already have consistent health habits, they just need professional guidance towards a specific goal. You’re already doing something, you just need a program that actually addresses YOUR needs and not just focused on the goal you are trying to achieve.

Lifestyle Coaching

This is our key service and what makes us different than most other online programs out there. Our entire focus here is on the long term changes to your lifestyle so that your results last forever.

The whole focus of Lifestyle Coaching is on the long term. It is a 2-year commitment, specifically so we are thinking about the big picture right from day one. If you buy the bullshit that you can reach your goals in 90 days, this option will be scary for you. If you realize that this only the first 2 years of THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then it’s a small investment into having the best quality of life you can have.

You will get DAILY contact with your coach for questions, support, and accountability. You will have daily tasks and goals that help you progressively make lifestyle and habit changes step by step. The habits you build will last for the rest of your life, not just until you reach your goal.

By focusing on the long term, we are also accepting that there will be struggles and difficulty along the way. In fact, we look forward to this because we learn the skills and develop the tools to overcome the struggle and stop quitting when things get a little hard. The struggle is real and it’s part of the process towards making real, lasting change.

The idea of a 2 year commitment might scare you because you’re still afraid it won’t work or you’re not sure how life might change within 2 years. As I said above, most of the time people fail for the #2 reason of not putting in enough time. I can guarantee you’ve never put in 2 YEARS of consistent and supported effort before. When you work at anything for that long, with help of another person and expert in their field, you WILL see results.

As far as not knowing how life will change, so what? I guarantee it will. I guarantee some parts will be harder than others. So what? Is your goal of a healthy life for the rest of your years going to change? NOPE. There will never be a perfect situation or perfect time and struggle will happen. It’s called life and that’s why this option works. We deal with life as it comes, we don’t wait for an ideal moment.


Month to Month Coaching

This option is for people who already have “pretty good” habits around fitness and nutrition. They exercise “pretty often” and eat “pretty healthy” most of the time. They have seen some results but regressed a little, hit a plateau or are at a loss of what to do next.

This option is focused on specific goals and changes. This is the “kickstart” to get the ball rolling and/or break through the plateau. We will create a very specific plan catered to your CURRENT fitness/health and fits within your life. Your life shouldn’t have to fit the program, the program should fit your life.

This option is for you if you if you are somewhat self motivated but value the guidance of a coach and having someone to hold you accountable to your goals. You likely have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit exercise and healthy eating options into your day. You realize you have developed some poor habits that you want to change and you know that those changes are best made gradually if they’re gonna really stick.

We offer this service for both Fitness and/or Nutrition coaching. Please fill out the form below for a free consultation to see if this service is right for you.

Choose a service that matches your level:

Month to Month

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  • 1-on-1 Coach
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  • Goal orientated
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • For people already consistent
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We also offer :


Personalized Programs

  • Self motivated
  • Individualized to your needs
  • 12 week program specific to your goals AND starting point
  • Home or Gym workouts for fitness
  • Custom Nutrition programs/plans


This is the service that most online coaches offer today. It’s a custom plan to help you reach a specific goal or break through a frustrating plateau. Unfortunately, most coaches programs we’ve seen only focus on the goal. It’s usually not customized to your life and more importantly your starting point.

This is the reason most template programs out there fail!

Our specialty is in getting a good assessment of your current fitness, current lifestyle and current situation so that you have a more specific and progressive program for your needs. It’s easy to create a program solely based on the end goal. However it sets you up for failure because it doesn’t consider where you’re starting from.

We feel we can truly call this a PERSONALIZED program because we take our years of experience, our education and training, and a whole lot of background information about you to develop a 100% individualized program based on you, your life, your schedule, your goals and what you have access too. We make sure that the program fits your life, we don’t make your life fit the program.

We’re confident that once we give you the program, if you follow it through you will see great results!

This option is for people who already have consistent habits of exercise and healthy nutrition choices but feel they are stuck or have hit a plateau.

You have a solid amount of experience with exercises, gyms, grocery shopping, food prep and following recipes. You have a strong self motivation to do what needs to be done, you’re just lost on what that actually is. If the plan was laid out before, you’d be able to follow it.

If you feel the right program is what will get you motivated and consistent, it won’t. I’m sorry if this bursts your bubble but I’ve promised a no BS approach to fitness/health and the services we offer. I’m not going to sell you something that won’t work.

If you struggle with motivation, consistency, sticking to a program and have tried many different programs with no success, then this service is NOT for you. It will just be another failed attempt. What you need is a person who has your back and supports you when you would normally give up on your own. Please scroll back up to the Coaching services listed above.

If after reading all of that you feel you are in the right place to help you get to the next level in your training, please fill out the form below to request a Personalize Program. Personalized programs are $350 for a 12 week plan.

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What our clients are saying:

I never realized how long it really takes to get in shape. Last time I was this fit I was 18 and playing football. I didn’t realize how much it really takes and would never be able to stick to it without a coach!


I’ve realized that “real change” takes time. I feel like, if I do this, I really can get there. Before, fitness used to be something I’ll get to later. The accountability of having a coach really helps me keep on track week after week!


Overall I am really enjoying working with Erika. I like how she can look at the big picture and find little manageable pieces to change. I have lost 4 lbs in just a few weeks since starting and I am eating better and making better choices that fit with my current lifestyle.

I’ve unfortunately not been able to keep up my training to due time constraints. It is definitely more difficult to keep up without the accountability of a coach. That said, I’m impressed to see that there are still some long lasting physical changes!

Josh (past client)

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