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Our main focus at AnthroPhysique Online Coaching is on long-term success for our clients. What this means is we want to create results that will last long past our relationship with you. The way to do this is to make sure you have the habits, knowledge and effort strategies to live a healthy lifestyle on your own terms.

Most people come to us thinking that they just need the right program to get the results they desire. However, in our experience most people haven’t reached their goal results not because they didn’t have the right program, but because they haven’t built the effort strategies to be consistent enough for long enough.

The good news is that we have 3 different services that will match any level of effort and consistency you’ve built.

Our 3 services are: Program Design, Monthly Coaching and Lifestyle Coaching. Full details are below, but first let’s figure out which one is best for you.

It all comes down to whether or not you are consistent.

You are consistent if you do exercise and/or eat healthy 5-6 days per week, 50-52 weeks per year.

That’s it.

It may seem like a high standard, but it’s the difference between someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and someone who intermittently pursues a goal whenever their motivation is high enough.

If you are consistent according to our standard above and still not seeing results then yes, your program is the problem. What you need is our Program Design option. Check out the details below.

If you’re not consistent, and let’s be honest, if you’re reading these words you probably aren’t, the program isn’t the problem, it’s that you’re not consistent. Consistency is what you need to work on. This is the only way you will get results that last.

Consistency is having the ability to continue putting in the efforts to reach your goals long after the motivation you had when you set the goal is gone. 

There’s 2 ways we address this: Monthly or Lifestyle Coaching.

Monthly Coaching is best if you’ve been consistent before, or you’ve been consistent for at least 6-12 month at a time. We can generally start a little more aggressively as you’ve already built some habits.

Lifestyle Coaching is best if you’ve never really been consistent or it’s been at least 2 years since you were last consistent. You’ve tried many things and are typically “off the wagon” more than you’re on it. You’ve had 1-3 month spurts of effort but nothing lasts.

After 6 years of offering online coaching these 3 services have continuously created success for our clients. However, it takes honesty with where you’re currently at, habits and consistency-wise.

Unfortunately, most other plans and even coaching services out there only work for consistent individuals. We haven’t seen anything that matches our ability to help clients create the consistency needed to not just reach their goals but keep them.

Other than that, you’re either ready to make some serious changes or you’re not. Most people want the results, but they’re not truly ready to put in the work. There has to be a switch in your mind that gets you ready to pursue the work. Because that’s what it is, it’s work. It’s hard, challenging, frustrating, painful, work. There’s no easy path. There’s no shortcut. It’s just work.

You’re either all-in or you’re not. If you want real change you can’t half-ass it.

Once you’re ready to go on the journey, we will tell you where to go. Our expertise and experience set you on the path, but you must walk it.

Here is a bit more information about our Coaching services:

Lifestyle Coaching

This is our key service and what makes us different than most other online programs out there. Our entire focus here is on the long term changes to your lifestyle so that your results last forever.

It is a 2-year commitment, specifically so we are thinking about the big picture right from day one. If you buy the bullshit that you can reach your goals in 90 days, this option will be scary for you. If you realize that this only the first 2 years of THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then it’s a small investment into having the best quality of life you can have.

You will get DAILY contact with your coach for questions, support, and accountability. You will have daily tasks and goals that help you progressively make lifestyle and habit changes step by step. The habits you build will last for the rest of your life, not just until you reach your goal.

By focusing on the long term, we are also accepting that there will be struggles and difficulty along the way. In fact, we look forward to this because we learn the skills and develop the tools to overcome the struggle and stop quitting when things get a little hard. The struggle is real and it’s part of the process towards making real, lasting change.

The idea of a 2 year commitment might scare you because you’re still afraid it won’t work or you’re not sure how life might change within 2 years. As I said above, most of the time people fail for the #2 reason of not putting in enough time. I can guarantee you’ve never put in 2 YEARS of consistent and supported effort before. When you work at anything for that long, with help of another person and expert in their field, you WILL see results.

As far as not knowing how life will change, so what? I guarantee it will. I guarantee some parts will be harder than others. So what? Is your goal of a healthy life for the rest of your years going to change? NOPE. There will never be a perfect situation or perfect time and struggle will happen. It’s called life and that’s why this option works. We deal with life as it comes, we don’t wait for an ideal moment.

Monthly Coaching

This option is for people who already have “pretty good” habits around fitness and nutrition. They exercise “pretty often” and eat “pretty healthy” most of the time. They have seen some results but regressed a little, hit a plateau or are at a loss of what to do next.

This option is focused on specific goals and changes. This is the “kickstart” to get the ball rolling and/or break through the plateau. We will create a very specific plan catered to your CURRENT fitness/health and fits within your life. Your life shouldn’t have to fit the program, the program should fit your life.

This option is for you if you if you are somewhat self motivated but value the guidance of a coach and having someone to hold you accountable to your goals. You likely have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit exercise and healthy eating options into your day. You realize you have developed some poor habits that you want to change and you know that those changes are best made gradually if they’re gonna really stick.

We offer this service for both Fitness and/or Nutrition coaching. Please fill out the form below for a free consultation to see if this service is right for you.

Month to Month

  • 1-on-1 Coach
  • Goal orientated
  • Month to Month Coaching
  • Customized Fitness, Nutrition or Running Plan
  • Combine 2 services for $300/mo
  • 3 Tiers of coaching to offer you the right amount of support when you need it
  • $125 – $175/mo based on your level of self-motivation
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Personalized Programs:


As mentioned above, this option is for people who already have consistent habits of exercise and healthy nutrition choices. You already eat well or exercise consistently, you’ve just hit a plateau or need a fresh take on your program to keep you going.

This is a fully customized 12-week program to help you break through the plateau or guide you to a new goal.

Our specialty is in getting a good assessment of your current fitness, current lifestyle and current situation so that you have a more specific and progressive program for your needs. It’s easy to create a program solely based on the end goal. However that sets you up for failure because it doesn’t consider where you’re starting from.

We feel we can truly call this a personalized program because we take our years of experience, our education and training, and a whole lot of background information about you to develop a 100% individualized program based on you, your life, your schedule, your goals and what you have access too.

We make sure that the program fits your life, we don’t make your life fit the program.

To be successful with this option you need to have a solid amount of experience with exercises, gyms, time management, training plans, etc.

If after reading all of this you still feel you are in the right place then please fill out the form below to request a Personalized Program. Programs are $300 USD for a 12-week fitness or running plan.

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What our clients are saying:

I never realized how long it really takes to get in shape. Last time I was this fit I was 18 and playing football. I didn’t realize how much it really takes and would never be able to stick to it without a coach!


I have decided to drop down to the half marathon. I’m possibly the most ready for a half marathon I’ve ever been. Maybe not the fastest (being 40 pounds heavier is probably to blame) but definitely the best trained I’ve ever been. We both know running can be a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge. I just don’t feel ready for a marathon.

You’ve really opened my eyes to the other areas I need to work on that can make running easier and more enjoyable. Since I started running with you my runs have been easier and I’ve enjoyed the idea of running a lot more than I ever have in the 7 years I’ve been doing it. It’s not just something to do to make myself healthier or to prove something to someone, it’s something to do that’s fun. Be honest you deserve an award for making someone think 2+ hours of physical activity is fun. I guess that makes you worth every penny I pay you. 😉

I’m really hoping that we can work together over the next year and then I will be marathon ready. I don’t want to come out of the other side of this hating the marathon. I want to come out of it loving the marathon and myself. I think that it is possible and I think you are the person to help me get there.


Running Coaching Client

Overall I am really enjoying working with Erika. I like how she can look at the big picture and find little manageable pieces to change. I have lost 4 lbs in just a few weeks since starting and I am eating better and making better choices that fit with my current lifestyle.

Ok, first I want to say thank you! Your words are very encouraging. Having someone I can contact on a daily basis is great. I understand about planning ahead, and I did try to do that some, and I’ll probably do my other squats/sit-ups/push ups on the coldest day. Also, that being said, I’m not going to let the cold stop me from doing my tasks. If you’re willing to work with and for me, then I certainly am. No offense intended, but I’m not going to pay and have you do all this work for me just for me not to do it!!


Lifestyle Coaching Client