As a nutritionist and fitness enthusiast I spend most of my time trying new recipes, learning about herbal medicine and increasing my personal records in the gym. My interest in fitness started at a young age where I dabbled in gymnastics and eventually into soccer and lacrosse. As for nutrition, growing up in an Italian family meant continually talking, thinking and cooking food! This natural inclination to cook coupled with my fixation on weight loss years ago resulted in an unhealthy relationship with food. Years of restricting calories, hours of cardio and an obsession of eating only “clean” food took the best of me.

Today, I focus on eating appropriate amounts of food that make me feel good. To me that consists of mainly whole foods with adequate protein and fats plus some wiggle room for those things I find pleasure in daily. Eating for my body’s needs, staying active, going on new adventures and continually learning how to Zen out makes me happy and allows me to always keep progressing.

There were many setbacks and slips ups in my journey but when I shifted my focus on health and happiness rather than my weight I noticed how the quality and quantity of foods I ate impacted my sleep, mood, physique and energy levels. You will have have different goals, needs and preferences but together we can find out what food and lifestyle habits make you thrive.

Let me help you make your journey easier as we find ways that fit YOUR life.

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Stefanie, I think you are wonderful and I enjoyed your coaching so much!  You are the best cheerleader and coach a person could ask for.


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