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My name is Mersina and I am a National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist.

I have always been a sports fanatic. From a Tae Kwon Do black belt to an avid skier and recreational team sports, I have experienced a variety of athletics and through that I have gained diverse skills.

Being short- standing 4 feet and 11.5 inches tall- and having several chronic health problems, I have learned to tackle and even enjoy overcoming obstacles and I would love to help you with whatever you are facing. I am realistic but have a positive “can-do” attitude. If your mind can believe it, the rest of you will achieve it.

I do not give up when my goals are on the line and I will not give up on you either! I will put everything I am into helping you navigate your fitness journey to good health and happiness. Nothing is unattainable with time and hard work.

My related accomplishments:

  • Tae Kwon Do BlackBelt/ Former Assistant Instructor
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and General Education
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness Sports Nutrition Specialist


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What my clients are saying:

I started training with Mersina because I wanted to get stronger and more active. I also have a race I’m training for this year and I needed to get my body moving and my endurance up. I always look forward to my work outs with Mersina because they’re fun, challenging, and I’m actually seeing results. Mersina is the first personal trainer I’ve ever worked with and she’s exceeded my expectations of what a trainer should be. Not only has she become my friend throughout this journey, she has also become my main motivator to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle!

Joanna R.

Mersina Marie is fast, detailed, personable, and sweet! She helps keep me motivated and really cares about each of her clients. Five stars!

Rob A.

Mersina has really helped change my life! After college, I have constantly been battling my weight problem and bad eating habits that have been left over from college. Mersina helped me shape up on what I should be eating and helping me move around a lot more than I have been. Changing from living in a city I walked all over to one I have to drive all over, Mersina really helped adjust to a new way of living to keep me healthy. The dietary plan and workout plans are very doable and will benefit you greatly! I highly recommended Mersina as a personal trainer as she will lead you to a better you!

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