Meet Our Team

Accountability experts to help you reach your goals.

Chad Williams

Founder, Executive Fitness Coach – As a Kinesiologist coaching fitness for over 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people get results. I’ve learned that 100% of people will struggle and fail with their goals. Instead of pretending that won’t happen, I’ve developed the skills to overcome those hurdles and truly succeed long term.

Stefanie Di Giovanni

Nutrition Coach – Stefanie’s goal is to help you find balance at any fitness level with your daily nutritional needs. Whether it is a normal day or a hectic transitional period, her focus is to guide you to nourishment while finding a plan that fits your lifestyle!

Justin Horneker

Running Coach – The goal of Justin’s system is to help you build confidence in your training by learning your tendencies and keeping a constant line of communication. As his athlete you will be on the Anthrophysique team, a community of like minded individuals that establishes accountability and camaraderie… you will never run alone!

Mersina Marie

Fitness Coach – Having had several chronic health problems, I have learned to tackle and even enjoy overcoming obstacles and I would love to help you with whatever you are facing! I do not give up when my goals are on the line and I will not give up on you either!

Timely Support

Our online coaching system is all about providing support to our clients. Accountability is the key to your success and by being online we’re always there for you!

Creative Ideas/Plans

In order to reach your goals, you need to be consistent with your routine. In order to be consistent, it means being a master of your schedule and planning around the speed bumps of life. Our team are creative geniuses when it comes to creating success plans!

Online Coaching

Being online, we never have to worry about location, travel or even moving. Gone are the days of matching a personal trainer or class schedule! Welcome to the days of only worrying about your schedule and having constant contact to your coach for all the support you need.

Communication FTW!

We take advantage of technology to ensure we can easily communicate with our clients at any time. Everything from old-school email to text, voip calls or live video conferences. Bottom line, your questions will never go unanswered again!

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