Stay Fit Through The Holidays: Nicole’s Holiday Eating Tips

The Holidays are a time that should be enjoyed as stress free. My holiday eating tips will help keep this true for you!

During the holidays, people are constantly worried about their weight and diet and how one meal will completely ruin everything they are working towards. It does not matter if you have been on a journey to being healthy for a long time or just starting, holiday dinners do not need to halt that journey.

My key holiday eating tips are:

1. I eat super clean surrounding the main holiday meal. I start the day off have with a good filling breakfast, a good protein and veggie lunch (no need for starchy carbs here as I am sure the dinner will have enough) and I try to get in around 30 g of fiber.

2. I get a workout in the A.M. as well. This will start your day out right.

Here are some tips for the actual dinner:

1. Keep things in perspective. The average weight gain for the holidays is 1 lb not 10 so do not stress.

2. You do not need to be super strict with yourself. This is a cheat meal and comes 1x per year so enjoy it.

3. Dress in something that makes you feel good about yourself. I know this is a silly one but it truly helps. Wear something that makes you feel good and reminds you of all your hard work. Show off that body! You deserve it with how far you have come already. This will also be a good reminder that you have worked hard and to indulge but not over indulge to where you are off track on our plan.

Holiday Eating Tips

4. Save your calories for the homemade and stuff you do not get often. What I mean with this is try not to snack on all the little appetizers and non special items like chips and dip, etc. Save it for what you really want.

5. Do not feel like you need to pile your plate up with food – remember portion sizes. Load up on the veggies and protein and try to stay lighter on the carbs.

6.Chew slowly. It takes time (about 20 mins) for your body to register that your full. It has been researched that keeping food in your mouth longer increases the sense of satisfaction in your brain and your stomach. Thoroughly chew each food and pause in-between bites and put down your silverware between bites as well. When you are talking, make sure to keep your silverware down as well.

7. Turn your back on temptation. Keep your back toward the dessert table. Try to stay out of site of the table so you are not tempted.

8. Start your meal with the healthy options first. Your protein and veggies and then finish with your bread and starchy carbs.

9. Have dessert. Have three bites and set it down. If you still need more continue this but chewing thoroughly, putting your silverware down between each bite. Pick one dessert to have and give your self a portion you feel comfortable with.

This is one day and it is not going to throw off your whole plan. Just enjoy it, follow these steps, and get back on track the following day.

– Nicole Miller
Nutrition Coach

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