Virtual Workout – Evernote Fitness Challenge

Evernote Fitness Challenge Virtual WorkoutEvernote Fitness Challenge Virtual Workout

Have you ever tried a Virtual Workout?

I know I haven’t, and now I’m going to lead one! It’s part of the Evernote Fitness Challenge that we are currently running through January.

Basically, a virtual workout is a workout that I will be leading online with a webcam. You can join the Google Event and then follow along in your living room.

Evernote Fitness Challenge Virtual WorkoutEvernote Fitness Challenge Virtual Workout


As the image above states, the virtual workout will be on Thursday January 24th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

Join me at that time for the workout and Q & A session as part of the Evernote Fitness Challenge. It’s the perfect time to get focused for the final push to the end of the challenge, get your challenge back on track, or learn how to get active for the first time.

I will walk you through an special workout designed to get you energized and help you stick with your resolutions. I’ll be providing guidance for the movements and how to scale it if needed. I’ll also be answering all of your fitness questions after the workout.

Are you going to come join me in the workout and in the Evernote Fitness Challenge? What would you like to see in the workout?

vBlog #5 – Holiday Fitness Tip #2

My second holiday fitness tip is to help you fully enjoy the treats this holiday season. I don’t know about you, but at my family dinner, people start worrying or complaining about what they “shouldn’t” be eating.  After 3 butter tarts and their second piece of pie, the jokes start coming out about how long it’s going to take to work that off or the fact that it goes directly to their hips.

The holidays are a hard time stick to any diet or goal. This holiday fitness tip is about making your goal to have your treats when you say you will. Plan ahead for when you’ll have treats, but then stick to it. If it’s not planned, stay away!! Check out my video and let me know your favorite holiday treat in the comments.

Check out my last holiday fitness tip here.

Evernote HQ – the pilgrimage

If you live in a desert or on a deserted island, fear the internet or maybe you’ve just never been to my website;  you may not know that I’m the Evernote Finess Ambassador. It’s a pretty sweet position that allows me to share my experiences and love of an application called Evernote. It’s not a paid position, it’s a position of passion for a program that helps organize my life and allows me to track progress with my clients.

This past Friday, me and 13 of the 20 ambassadors got to make the pilgrimage out to Redwood City, California to the Evernote headquarters.

Evernote Ambassadors at HQ

For me, the trip started on Thursday afternoon. I left home and hopped on the nearest skytrain station heading to the airport.

Heading to Evernote HQ

About 5 hours later I was on the “Party Bus” heading to dinner with everyone at a local gastropub called Martins West.

Evernote Ambassadors Evernote Ambassador Dinner Evernote Ambassador Dinner

Friday kicked off with a morning workout in the on-site gym at Evernote. I did up a little circuit for Megan, the Student Ambassador and one of the Evernote staff. Pretty big turn out since it was open to everyone…  🙂

That image may or may not be the usual state of the facilities, but I’m hoping to change that in the new year!

Once we were all there, our day was filled with:

Presentations about exciting new things happening at Evernote,

 metting CEO, Phil Libin, Tour of the office space, Treadmill desks,Ping Pong, Treats, and socializing with Smores. 

All in all it was a pretty incredible 24 hours and I’m excited for the next time I can go back!

Our big event that’s going on now is the Evernote Holiday Pledge. The ambassadors have teamed up and we have some awesome challenges going on for planning Thanksgiving, organizing your holidays and jump starting the new year. Inside scoop: I might haven something to do with the jump start 🙂

I’d love to hear what you think of my trip or if you have any Evernote questions in the comments below.

Video Blog #3 – Missed workouts

So apparently it’s not Monday anymore… Which is when I did this video. But it’s been one of those weeks where suddenly it’s Thursday!

The irony is that it’s fairly fitting with the topic of; What happens when you miss a workout? Please comment and let us know your strategies!

Video Blog #1

Here is my first attempt at a video blog. It was Sunday, so I just went for it. Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to learn in future videos in the comments below.

What you don’t know, can push you.

Blog #16 ~The Jane Experiment

This week Chad and I didn’t get a chance to connect on our usual day about my goals, but we did see each other a few days later at a social gathering with some friends. On that occasion Chad asked me how the planking was going and if I’d reached 2 minutes yet. My reply was along the lines of “Of course not! My max is 1:15 on a good day!” 

He was convinced I could hold it longer. So down I got into plank position in my little black dress while he timed me. At first it seemed fine, like usual, then extra tough with people watching, but then it felt liberating having someone else hold the clock and encourage me on. And I made it to a personal best of 1 minute and 55 seconds!

All this time, maybe I’ve been limiting myself by looking at the clock to measure my time. How well could I do if I left that aside and really focused on holding it for as long as I physically and possibly could?

As a further experiment, the next night I asked my mom to help out and do the same thing, but this time not tell me or encourage me on. That time I made it to 1:31. It makes me wonder if the pressure of different people or situations could effect my belief in my ability in my strength.

What other people think of us; how we eat, exercise, live, etc. seems to be very present in many, many people’s decisions when it comes to food. I know I used to find it hard to diet or watch my weight whenever there was a social gathering or Holiday. But at the same time I also have friends that when we hang out I feel the pressure to be super healthy. How crazy is it that we link so much of who we want to be, and how we want to treat ourselves with what other people might think of us!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and in the age old tradition of sharing thanks I’d like to express some gratitude in my life: Firstly for my recently found sense of love and care for my body and myself. Secondly for all the delicious foods and recipes and experiments I’ve pushed myself to try in the last few months. And thirdly for this blog experiment and Chad’d coaching. Even though I maybe don’t always go to the gym as much as I could, his encouragement has taught me a lot.

If you are celebrating this holiday of much feasting, how are you planning on fitting into your jeans next week? Thats a small fear of mine! I do believe that in the last few months I have built a sense of what feels right for me, how much food I really need and when it’s a good time to celebrate and enjoy vs just eating for the sake of. It’s like going back to that ‘treat yourself like a kid’ thing I discussed in one of my early blogs; a reminder I give myself often. Enjoyment and moderation are key in my experience. Also I’ll be bringing healthy veggie dishes to my potluck. (along with a cheesecake, shh!)

Does anyone have any great, healthy recipes they’d like to share for Thanksgiving diner ideas? Pintrest is my new addiction for such things, it’s also been a great way to plan other healthy meal choices and read inspirational quotes. We need to get Anthrophysique on there!

Hope you all have a great weekend, weather you have a big dinner or not and that you feel gratitude for whatever state you are in with your health goals, and inspire yourself to keep going!



Evernote Workout Journal

One of the main things I do with Evernote is logging mine and my clients workouts. The best part of using Evernote for remembering your workout logs is the search capability.

I used to use paper journals to keep track of workouts. I’d even get specially formatted workout journals from online or local book stores. They were great for logging specifics of workouts each day, as well as having ‘benchmarks’ in the back of the book. However, even with good formatting and organization, the problem was always in searching for workouts.

The reason I log workouts is so I can compare my results. If I was going to do a workout with squats for example, I’d want know what my results were from the last time I did them. This was always a major pain in paper journals. It meant flipping through hundreds of pages or even multiple journals, if I had them near by. This was particularly so if I wanted a results from a few previous workouts.

Using Evernote has simplified this entire process. First, it is very easy to log my workouts. Second, all my workouts now stay in ONE journal that I can access from anywhere. Third, searching for the last time I did a certain workout or exercise couldn’t be easier.

Here is how I set up a Workout Journal in Evernote.

Step 1: Create a new synchronized notebook called “Workout Journal”

Step 2: Create a new note for each workout.

Step 3: Naming the note.

This is a key component, especially for when searching through workouts at a later date. I use 2 elements in my naming scheme. #1 – Details of the main component of the workout. This could be something like “Circuit”, “5K run” or “Back Squat x3”. #2 – The date. My notes are ordered by date created, but I like to have the Month and Day in the title for quick reference when comparing two workouts and the time I took between them.

Step 4: Logging consistent details and results.

Over the years I’ve come up with a very consistent way of writing out my workouts and how I log results. This too can become key when searching and comparing workouts later. For example: writing “situps” in one workout and “sit ups” in another will not allow me to compare those two workouts in a search. Create consistency with your naming scheme.

Step 5: Search and compare; this is where the magic happens! Once you have logged a bunch of workouts, being able to search through them and compare your results lets you track your progress over time. Below are some screen shot examples of comparing running workouts with a search of “Run” and “800m Run” more specifically.


“800m Run”

These types of searches will also work if I want to find a workout I did back in “January” or compare specific strength workouts like “Back Squat x5”

If you want to track progress, you need to compare. Searching specific words and filtering your results is the key. This is why I love Evernote!

Do you have a workout journal already? Are you using Evernote? Send us your shared notebook link, pictures or feedback in the comments section.


Blog #11 ~ The Jane Experiment

Sometimes I really wonder if I actually want to be thinner. Or fitter, or faster or healthier. I mean, if I really, truly wanted it, wouldn’t I do everything in my power to get it?

Funny, how that is not always so. How in fact, sometimes we push away from what we want. Or hide, or ‘change our minds.’

Not quite sure who or what the culprit could be here, but I have a sneaky suspicion it could be fear.

All my life I’ve been on a roller coaster with my health. Which I assumed I would one day just hop off of. But as time goes by, I have come to see that it actually has just become more of a temperate roller coaster. And slowly, but surely I’m learning to navigate the ups and downs and take some control over my trolly.

In the past two months or so that I have been an Experiment I have not fixed all my problems, or changed all my ways, but I have become increasingly knowledgeable about myself and my patterns. In doing so, I am much more capable of making the healthy choices I want to make.

Whenever I feel like quitting on myself, or eating ice cream, or just fearful, I now really know how to weigh the options for myself; with my own wants and values in mind.

As we move into the season of Fall, I feel myself caring less about a ‘hot bikini body’ and more about a healthy immune system so I don’t get sick. This is also a part of an evolution in me, caring really for menot just about how I look. That was a major goal when I started working with Chad. It’s amazing how I have become truly loving towards myself, more energized and more aware.

This past week, I was on set filming again and Chad was out of town for an Evernote Ambassador conference so we didn’t get a chance to have our regular check-in pow wow. At first I thought nothing of it, oh well, we’re busy, blah blah. But a few days into the week, I realized how encouraging it is to have someone who wants your goals for you too. Who cheers you on, and holds you accountable. It’s invaluable how helpful a little chat can be to spur you on, or remind you what you want. That is what is great about a personal trainer, and also what’s great about this blog!

I encourage anyone who is planning on, or thinking of going through some personal or health related transitions, to really look at where you start, where you want to go and all the little steps and tumbles you take along the way. Journal, blog, or just check in with a friend or measurement notes. Trust me, it really builds a sense of accomplishment in Self.

Have an amazing long weekend!




My Evernote Story

Two weeks ago, Evernote blogged a video of me telling my story of how I use the App. I was excited to see it go live since it had been filmed a few months before. I really enjoy using the program and being an Ambassador for others to get value from it as well. Here is the video:

It’s seen over 3000 views already which is pretty exciting! Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any questions about how I use Evernote.

Growing Pains

Blog #6 The Jane Experiemnt

Pain: Ow! Learning to grow: Uncomfortable.

I don’t particularly enjoying being sore, stiff or aching. I don’t mind pushing myself a little during a workout or a dance class and ‘feeling the burn’, but the left over limping burn is not my best friend.

And thus, I’ve been avoiding/skimping on my workouts…
I was off to such a great start! Then I over worked myself a bit, got a little sore and got sick, and now, (I feel silly about this;) I’m kind of afraid. I probably just shocked my system, but now it seems like I just want to crawl back into my shell (bed).

When I was checking in with Chad this week he says this is actually a common obstacle. We feel pain; we face the reality of where are bodies are at, and then we want to change but we don’t want to hurt. Apparently I’m not the only one!

It’s also been a challenge to even fit in my workouts. I’m also trying to look at what the fears are behind the limitations.
Scheduling is actually tough. Sounds like a cop out, I know! I don’t believe in the age old “not enough time.” Trust me, I have time, I just chose to spend it elsewhere, or on other projects. Or I don’t quite know how to make this part of my life and routine yet.

Time is much easer to look at than the fears…
I don’t like feeling uncomfortable. I like soft fabrics, being snuggled and my very cozy bed. Right now I am repetitively choosing comfort over health and wellness.
The funny thing is once I get used to that little bit of pain or discomfort I will probably feel much more comfortable in my body: the ultimate dream!  

Looking back at previous attempts at ‘life changing’ or diets, I can see a pattern of when things started to get easy, or started to get hard and how that effected me wanting to slip up or quit.

For example I’ve been doing really well with the food choices that Chad and I have been discussing. Such as cutting out a lot of processed sugar, it has made a tremendous change in my energy, sleep and what I choose to put in my body. I can see the greatness and feel it too, and even the scale and my jeans have noticed! But now that I’ve lost a few pounds I have the strong urge to slip up!

I’ve also seen how even just eating healthy can make a difference, so I don’t feel motivated to work out any extra.
Its quite a conundrum. And a pattern I’m trying to watch very carefully.
This is when it’s great to have a Coach/trainer/friend who I can ask these questions too and we can discuss what the fears are and how to look at them!

I think at the moment, this week, and hopefully in the future, I want to practise more patience with myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’re always growing, and learning, and changing. So, I might as well accept I won’t look like Kate Moss tomorrow. But I can choose to make these ‘growing pains’ a joyful experience or a rotten one.

How do you look at your growth? With admiration or like a drill sergeant? It’s interesting how different people like a different approach.

Have a great weekend! I’m off on a little mini-road trip; hopefully I won’t trash my diet…


I can’t help the extremes

I was having a great meeting with a company the other day and a question came up about how I help certain individuals. They recognized that there was a limitation to online coaching and that it doesn’t provide enough motivation that some people need. Some people need a trainer with them while they work out to really push them to work hard. This is very true, but it leads to what I call a dependancy relationship.

Beyond the relationship that personal training creates with most of it’s clients, there are certain people in this world that I just can’t help. They are the extremes, and they’ll be in any industry. The key is to recognize them, and not waste your efforts on thinking you can help them. Also, the good news is that they usually know for themselves if they are an extreme case. This can actually be a great quality to have, because then you know who you are and who you’re not.

On one end of the fitness spectrum is the fully dedicated. This is the person that gets up at 5 or 6am every day and does something active. They’ll go to a gym, yoga, personal training, crossfit, the pool or a run. It doesn’t really matter what they do, but they’re gonna do something. Even if their workout partner or trainer doesn’t show up, they’ll just do some push ups on a park bench or go for a run. Rain or shine, nothing stops this extremem case!

The other end of the spectrum is the fully content. This is the person that is totally cool with their body, their health, their activity level and the fact that they aren’t interested in doing much about it. They love life, eat what they wan’t, and just don’t like any type of exercise. It just doesn’t make a difference to them one way or another. They may try a class here or there or even hire a trainer, but in the long run, it’s just not something they’re interested in.

The reality is, these people are what they are and they will continue to be that way no matter what. As mentioned above, they may hire a trainer here and there, and in those cases I can help them short-term, but I’m not going to put efforts into chasing them down and showing them ‘the way’. When it comes to the extremes, I just can’t help.

Do you know where you are an extreme? What areas of your life are you 100% rain or shine and what areas are you just not interested?


ac·count·a·bil·i·ty -noun:
1. a willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions
2. the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.

Over that last few weeks, I’ve been working with my clients to help redefine what we do together. I’ve realized that as a coach I don’t want to just give people workouts and nutrition advice that they follow blindly. I want my clients to have a good understanding of why they want to make positive changes in their lives so that they’ll stick with it.

For my clients the goal is never just to workout. That’s just the means to the end. The goal is some physical state that we desire to be at. We want something, and we’ve potentially tried many times to get it, but for some reason we still don’t have it. That’s why I work with my clients.

What we have come up with is that they are hiring me to help hold them accountable to their goals. The reason we don’t achieve the goals on our own is because when times get tough, sometimes it’s easier to just back down. We may even justify why we didn’t really want it in the first place or that what we’ve done so far is ‘good enough’. By hiring me, I help hold my clients accountable to their goals. You’re not just doing it because I said so, you’re doing it because YOU said so and I’m here to remind you.

My goal is to first be the accountability you need when times are the toughest and you face the most resistance. My second goal to help you develop your own strength and your own accountability so that eventually you won’t need me to support you. Eventually you’ll get to the point where if you say you’re going to do something, you’ll do it. By that time I just hope you still see the value in my expertise and you’ll want me around for my great programs 😉

It’s tough be accountable to yourself and your goals sometimes. I encourage you to find someone who will help you push yourself to the finish line even when it feels so far away. Find someone to help keep you accountable to your goals.

This may seem like an out-of-place picture at first, but this is a father and son crossing the finish line together. The son pulled his hamstring during the race and collapsed to the ground. His father pushed past security guards to go on the track and help his son. He supported him the rest of the race and help him reach his goal of crossing the finish line. You can watch the video here.