Wind Beneath My Wings

Blog # 13 ~The Jane Experiment

I’m not going to die, I’m not going to die…Breath. What’s the worse thing that could happen? I’m fine, not dying, fine ,I’m great, it’s like flying, I’m fine… Ok now I think I’m going to die. Ahhh.

That ahh isn’t a scream, it’s a sigh, of realse, the release of dropping your plank hold.

My goal for last week was to plank hold everyday, for max time; as long as possible. Question is, what is ‘possible?’ I noticed it’s pretty easy to get into the mind set, that “I can’t hold it any longer!” at about 26 seconds. But when I encouraged myself instead of discouraging myself, it was amazing what I could accomplish.

The same goes with coaching. One of the main reasons I’ve never liked working with a Personal Trainer in the past is because I don’t like being yelled at to push, do it, man up! etc. With AnthroPhysique I feel like Chad is upholding me. Reminding me of my goals and what I want, and guiding me as I help myself get there. Not scaring the living daylights out of me!

This past week when Chad and I connected we talked about why on Thursday I had an epic fail in eating healthy, how I can/can’t fit my workouts in, and what a realistic max plank hold might be for me. As I’ve blogged before, fitting in the workouts has been a major reason they aren’t getting done (well there are some fears too…) Chad has now developed some short, intense, timed workouts so I know how to directly fit them into my schedule. I recommend knowing how long a workout will take, makes it so much easier to get done. Facing the fear is what I can now focus on, with all that extra time I spent mindlessly scheduling! Easy as Pie, ohh pie…

Plank results: in seconds. (sharing this is also push myself and comfort zone!)
Friday: 33
Saturday: fail, 0.
Sunday: 50
Monday: 45
Tuesday: 40
Wednesday: 49
Thursday: 52

And today as I was writing this blog I felt determined to make it to a minute, just to test my limits…
Result: 1 minute and 5 seconds! 

I can see results when I measure! Wow!

Positive energy really was the wind beneath my wings! And as corny as that may sound, it feels awesome to not punish, provoke, or instil fear in me, in order to get what I want.

After 13 weeks of working with someone who has my back, and not just fighting with myself, by myself trying to motivate and inspire what I want, I can so see the purpose of working with a trainer. and sharing this process with all of you, whoever may read this is continuing to challenge me, and I love it!

I’m continuing my max plank holding, everyday this week. Care to join me?



Blog #11 ~ The Jane Experiment

Sometimes I really wonder if I actually want to be thinner. Or fitter, or faster or healthier. I mean, if I really, truly wanted it, wouldn’t I do everything in my power to get it?

Funny, how that is not always so. How in fact, sometimes we push away from what we want. Or hide, or ‘change our minds.’

Not quite sure who or what the culprit could be here, but I have a sneaky suspicion it could be fear.

All my life I’ve been on a roller coaster with my health. Which I assumed I would one day just hop off of. But as time goes by, I have come to see that it actually has just become more of a temperate roller coaster. And slowly, but surely I’m learning to navigate the ups and downs and take some control over my trolly.

In the past two months or so that I have been an Experiment I have not fixed all my problems, or changed all my ways, but I have become increasingly knowledgeable about myself and my patterns. In doing so, I am much more capable of making the healthy choices I want to make.

Whenever I feel like quitting on myself, or eating ice cream, or just fearful, I now really know how to weigh the options for myself; with my own wants and values in mind.

As we move into the season of Fall, I feel myself caring less about a ‘hot bikini body’ and more about a healthy immune system so I don’t get sick. This is also a part of an evolution in me, caring really for menot just about how I look. That was a major goal when I started working with Chad. It’s amazing how I have become truly loving towards myself, more energized and more aware.

This past week, I was on set filming again and Chad was out of town for an Evernote Ambassador conference so we didn’t get a chance to have our regular check-in pow wow. At first I thought nothing of it, oh well, we’re busy, blah blah. But a few days into the week, I realized how encouraging it is to have someone who wants your goals for you too. Who cheers you on, and holds you accountable. It’s invaluable how helpful a little chat can be to spur you on, or remind you what you want. That is what is great about a personal trainer, and also what’s great about this blog!

I encourage anyone who is planning on, or thinking of going through some personal or health related transitions, to really look at where you start, where you want to go and all the little steps and tumbles you take along the way. Journal, blog, or just check in with a friend or measurement notes. Trust me, it really builds a sense of accomplishment in Self.

Have an amazing long weekend!




Sleeping Beauty

Blog #10 ~ The Jane Experiment

I love sleep. I love to nap. I love it all.

Usually when I’m tired, or lethargic, or low energy, I assume I’m sleepy. So I take a little cat nap; 25mins to an hour usually does it.

But lately as I’ve been measuring and documenting my food, I’ve also started measuring my sleep. (both with iPhone apps!) And I’ve noticed that food actually gives me energy! And, maybe, those times when I’m sleepy, it’s because I’ve forgotten to eat, or I ate sugar and then crashed. Totally news to me that all that was related.

This may seem like common knowledge to most, but I’m really starting to see the correlation between what I put in my body, how I treat it, and then how it delivers and behaves.

I still enjoy a great nap and a good nights sleep, but with my spastic schedule it is good to know that there are other ways to energize myself. Lots of people drink coffee or green tea, or do jumping jacks. I want to find/create an optimal state of having just enough sleep, plus eating the best food for me and my body and lifestyle.

The general ‘rule’ of 8-9 hours of sleep sounds so lovely and awesome but feels closer to a fairy tale most of the time. Of course, sometimes after a long day I feel like I could sleep for 100 years…

When there are so many things we want to do in a day, how can we optimize our sleep and eating to best serve us? I’ve noticed for myself that I’m likely to sleep less when there are more ‘fun’ things to do in my day. Being on set, having a hot date, etc.
There must be a way to motivate myself into that energy, even when all I have to do in a day is get up and go to work. That’s something I’d really like to find.

As I’ve been working out more, and monitoring eating in and around the workouts, I’ve noticed there seem to be ways to stay more awake and present while sweating and exerting. Feeling jazzed afterwards, not exhausted. Protein, water, and less sugar seem to be a few I’ve attacked with my measuring stick of curiosity.

I remember once hearing that sleeping burns calories, and that really enforced my love of sleep! Of course it doesn’t burn as many as running, but it is important to keep our bodies going.
When I get just the right amount of sleep and a great breakfast I feel so rested, healthy and full of energy! Doing the research and talking to Chad about how to use this effectively is beyond helpful, slowly I’m making my life more regular.

What are your sleeping patterns like? Is it best for you to keep the length somewhat normal, or the same? Does that even effect you?
It’s so interesting how each of our bodies and systems are so unique!

Hope you all have a fun and restful weekend! Check out some sleep apps, or even noting when you go to bed and wake up in Evernote can be helpful. I put it in with my food diary.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Blog # 9 ~ The Jane Experiment

I’ve always told myself things are right and wrong and good and bad.

Sugar, Coffee, Sleep, Boys etc. Nothing seems to just be with me, there is always something to learn, or to punish for.

Especially with food. I’ve always had the notion that we’re pulled in all these opposite directions about what or how to eat, or do. And that makes my brain go in a tizzy!

This week I thought a lot about all this “good” and “bad” and my fears of how should we eat, or be, or do, so I asked Chad about some of his opinions. Some of his new recommendations for me are; eat more often, (I’ve recently noticed eating food actually gives me energy, shocking I know!), have more protein and don’t eat fruit after noon, as well as cut back on sugar and what seems to be pointless carbs.

The no fruit after noon thing is the biggest change. I’ve always loved fruit but taken no accord to it’s sugar levels in my body, and then been upset when i don’t understand my crashes and cravings.

It’s really nice to be able to run these ideas and questions by people, like friends and a trainer. Then, of course I still have more questions like almond milk or whole milk? Coffee or not? Wine or a cocktail? Yoga or Pilates? Really it’s endless and just like when you’re asking for love or career advice, every single person you talk to says something different!

One thing Chad has always made a major point of, in all of our chats and meetings, is that it’s more than what ‘they say’. And this has got me thinking more about intuitive eating and choosing, like the listening I’ve talked about in previous blogs, I noticed that it’s actually something that’s becoming easier and more a part of my daily choices. Completely exciting! Wow!

In the past week or so, a few people have commented on me ‘looking thin’ or ‘loosing weight’ And I have such an odd reaction. Usually those comments are ones I’m so invested in hearing and love to lap up, but now it feels like such a surprise and joyful Christmas bonus! Whether I’ve lost weight or not, to me the main difference is I’m actually starting to be in my body, feel it’s needs, be thankful for it, and actually love it.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I told myself I was Ugly. And that is so cool. Seriously it was something I used to hear in my own head all the bloody time!
It’s a beautiful change. Whenever i do start to get in that yucky, self pity and loathing mood, I try to remember that I have one life to live and one body to do it in, so I might as well enjoy it. And yes sometimes that body wants nachos instead of salad, but that body can also hold a plank for longer and longer each day!

These baby steps are kicking some ass!

Hope you’re all working away at your fitness goals and not letting the little things matter so much. Because what’s the point in counting celery sticks if you’re not going to enjoy your life? Personally, I don’t want to be so results oriented, waiting to be thin, to be happy. I’m actually starting to love my imperfections!
Ok, honestly my thighs still seem like my mortal enemy on certain days, but I’m working on it!


Brave New World

Blog# 8 ~ The Jane Experiment

Courageous. Healthy. Wild. Free. Sexy. Rich. Compassionate. Joyous. Thin. Loving. Impulsive.

These are all things I want to be. But I’m not entirely embodying them currently.
I’ve always assumed they would eventually come to me; if I earned them, worked hard enough or if I was just lucky. Maybe it’s different, maybe there’s more…
I get scared. I am fearful. Often irrationally, sometimes frequently, and occasionally randomly. I dodge around Fear and pretend ‘I’m totally fine,’ therefore I don’t have to even look at my fears. I tell myself that I don’t want things, or that I need something, or that there isn’t enough time. Resulting in a recurring pattern of no evolution and some lamenting.

Last night I was chatting with a friend and we were talking about what I wanted to be, how I wanted to be, and what I wanted in life. I got so uncomfortable! Even thinking of my dreams can sometimes be scary. There are many reasons, I’m sure; possibly because I’m confused and fuzzy on why I really do want those dreams.

My friend was expressing to me that instead of whining about ‘not being who I wanted’ that I should just buck up and be that person.
I was all like, “I’m not this thing. Poor me, ah sigh!” But as we were talking I began to ponder; what if I get to choose who I want to be? Each and everyday, little by little, in each and every moment?

Hold the Phone!!!!
This concept may seem really obvious or completely foreign to you.  

So, I figured out I want to be fearless, courageous, brave, etc. How do I become that? Maybe by choosing the ‘scary thing’ when my body wants to curl up in a ball and hide.
Scary things can be simple; being honest, being responsible, getting out of the warm bed, and they can also be epic. Until I learn how to be brave in the little ways, the epic ways feel way far off.

Today I started with Courage, being courageous, trying courage, facing up against it’s parameters. It began with me working out this morning. I didn’t feel like it. And it may not seem brave to overcome a little fear like that, but doing just that actually made me more fearless for the rest of the day.

I notice this when I make choices regarding my health too. If I make the choice to eat healthy in the morning, I feel how amazing that is for my self esteem and I continue to make those choices for the rest of the day in much better spirits.

Of course there are always little things that toss us off the high wire, but I’m realizing that if I want too, I can create what I desire for myself. It’s a pretty amazing reality! A whole new world of opportunity and realizations just hit me, well they’re trying to hit me while I try to stay comfortable.
I can choose this brave new world, or I can not, but I might as well look and what I’m getting out of my choices, my life.

Random thought, this might be why they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” it is often the first decision you make, so in fact you’re starting the pattern of who you want to be that day.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to be?
Go be it today, just a little bit. Then, be more of it tomorrow! Or don’t, it’s your choice.
Choice. Yes, that is scary, but frankly I think I’d rather feel that fear and face it, than have it any other way!



My Evernote Story

Two weeks ago, Evernote blogged a video of me telling my story of how I use the App. I was excited to see it go live since it had been filmed a few months before. I really enjoy using the program and being an Ambassador for others to get value from it as well. Here is the video:

It’s seen over 3000 views already which is pretty exciting! Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any questions about how I use Evernote.

Time and Time Again

Blog # 7 ~ The Jane Experiment

Waisting time.
Spending time, trading time, making time.
Wishing we could go back in time.

It’s amazing how often we use time as this excuse and a factor in so many of our decisions.

“I don’t have time to workout/eat healthy/sleep enough etc, etc, etc.”

But I have enough time to go on Facebook, or chat on the phone.

I was raised with this belief that we are never waisting time. That we always learn, experience or gain something from how we spend out time. There may other ways to use that time to do something ‘more’ productive, but we do learn something or gain something. We can’t go back in time, and do have limited time. In a sense I think that’s beautiful!
Yet I still feel sometimes like I’m waisting my time, or not spending the way I want.

But wait, I kind of am spending it the way I want. I just tell myself I’m not. I tell myself I “have” to do this instead of that. I “should” be here not there. I chastise myself instead of just enjoying everything in the moment, which is of course the ultimate challenge!

Truth: I haven’t worked out in quite a while, and I was on Set filming all week so my healthy eating kind of went down the way-side too.
But for once in my life, I didn’t hate myself for it. I was just so joyful and excited to be creating, working and enjoying the company of some awesome people. I even managed to fit in a dinner with some Theatre school alumni friends of mine and I fully enjoyed some chocolate pie. And yes, I may be no thinner than I was last week, but shockingly I’m actually really happy with myself.

These little baby steps of practising loving myself more, and taking the time to do so, is making everything so much more enjoyable. Taking time… such and odd concept. What am I taking? Advantage of time, time away from other things? Allowing myself to have choice and control over time?

It’s interesting that we have to make time or take the time to workout or eat healthy, or anything that we say we want to do, but don’t.

Scheduling is a major factor I’m still working on with this program. I don’t know all the facets of how long workouts take, etc, and working with a Trainer is much more set and determined, than anything I’ve done before. I used to just dance, or go to the gym when I felt like it. Figuring it out and it’s level of importance is a new scary thing that needs to be incorporated. Saying I work with a trainer without doing his workouts is like saying you take piano lessons and don’t own a keyboard to practise with.

Luckily Chad has been very supportive and knows that there are other things that come first for me, and are more important than working out. Life happens. It is good to know what those things are, or if it’s a fear that’s keeping me off the treadmill.

Having someone who holds you accountable but it also supportive of what you really want to do and achieve in life, is amazing. Find a coach, a friend, a teacher, a trainer, or a pet like this, I highly recommend it.

I’m now focusing on looking at how I spend my time, and noticing what experiences or things I’m trading it for at the Bank of Life. Because that is how I think I can really open my eyes up to seeing and learning how to use My Time more wisely and spend it in a more joyous way.

Enjoy the long weekend and your time off if you have or take any! (time off… also interesting.)


Growing Pains

Blog #6 The Jane Experiemnt

Pain: Ow! Learning to grow: Uncomfortable.

I don’t particularly enjoying being sore, stiff or aching. I don’t mind pushing myself a little during a workout or a dance class and ‘feeling the burn’, but the left over limping burn is not my best friend.

And thus, I’ve been avoiding/skimping on my workouts…
I was off to such a great start! Then I over worked myself a bit, got a little sore and got sick, and now, (I feel silly about this;) I’m kind of afraid. I probably just shocked my system, but now it seems like I just want to crawl back into my shell (bed).

When I was checking in with Chad this week he says this is actually a common obstacle. We feel pain; we face the reality of where are bodies are at, and then we want to change but we don’t want to hurt. Apparently I’m not the only one!

It’s also been a challenge to even fit in my workouts. I’m also trying to look at what the fears are behind the limitations.
Scheduling is actually tough. Sounds like a cop out, I know! I don’t believe in the age old “not enough time.” Trust me, I have time, I just chose to spend it elsewhere, or on other projects. Or I don’t quite know how to make this part of my life and routine yet.

Time is much easer to look at than the fears…
I don’t like feeling uncomfortable. I like soft fabrics, being snuggled and my very cozy bed. Right now I am repetitively choosing comfort over health and wellness.
The funny thing is once I get used to that little bit of pain or discomfort I will probably feel much more comfortable in my body: the ultimate dream!  

Looking back at previous attempts at ‘life changing’ or diets, I can see a pattern of when things started to get easy, or started to get hard and how that effected me wanting to slip up or quit.

For example I’ve been doing really well with the food choices that Chad and I have been discussing. Such as cutting out a lot of processed sugar, it has made a tremendous change in my energy, sleep and what I choose to put in my body. I can see the greatness and feel it too, and even the scale and my jeans have noticed! But now that I’ve lost a few pounds I have the strong urge to slip up!

I’ve also seen how even just eating healthy can make a difference, so I don’t feel motivated to work out any extra.
Its quite a conundrum. And a pattern I’m trying to watch very carefully.
This is when it’s great to have a Coach/trainer/friend who I can ask these questions too and we can discuss what the fears are and how to look at them!

I think at the moment, this week, and hopefully in the future, I want to practise more patience with myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’re always growing, and learning, and changing. So, I might as well accept I won’t look like Kate Moss tomorrow. But I can choose to make these ‘growing pains’ a joyful experience or a rotten one.

How do you look at your growth? With admiration or like a drill sergeant? It’s interesting how different people like a different approach.

Have a great weekend! I’m off on a little mini-road trip; hopefully I won’t trash my diet…


Basic Instinct

Blog #5 ~ The Jane Experiment

Why do we do the things that we do?

Whoa, heavy topic for a health and fitness blog!
It’s something that I often wonder. I used to assume we do things; such as eat, sleep, cry, laugh because of instinct. Born that way, no control, or we don’t know any other way. What if our instinct, or mine at least, is just to feel good, ALL THE TIME? Because thats what it occasionally feels like.

I’ve been asking myself; ‘How do I know if I’m hungry or sleepy?’ Really how do we know? It kind of goes back to the listening and translating idea I explored a few weeks ago. I’m just starting to give myself the time to recognize these feelings even. Before, I would just hop into bed and have a nap, or dash down to the store and eat as fast as possible.

If it’s a Basic Instinct to want to feel good and take care of ourselves, why do we self sabotage? Do you ever say you want one thing but do another? Look good in a bikini – eat a whole pie? Want a loving relationship – fall for a guy who’s a jerk? What instinct are we embracing then?

And then there’s all the worrying and complaining and weighing of options. Such a time-consuming practise! I may be projecting, but I think we fear choosing the wrong instinct, or answer or path. I know I do.
But I can’t help but think there has got to be a better way to look at it.

As I was getting ready to work out the other day, I was moping and moaning to myself. All like ‘Ugh I have to work out!’
Then I stopped myself, in my tracks, and asked ‘Do I Have to?’ Like, who says I do? Who cares?
Then it hit me, I GET to. I get to work out. I have a body. I can feel, I can express, I can change, I can grow, and alter, and improve, I can chose.

It’s actually kind of awesome, awesome-sauce! I know we may be told as children, and as adults, that we are all special and to be grateful! But hearing that didn’t necessarily make it sink in for me.

Even when I was writing this blog this week, I was mulling to myself ‘What do I talk about? I HAVE to find something interesting to say!’ But the beauty is; I GET to. I get to talk to you. I get to share with you.
Human connection is one of my highest values, but I’m so comfortable with wallowing and putting things off, and not pushing myself that I limit myself, and put a negative spin on things that could be positive.
I do this with people, at the gym, at my job. I forget that I do actually get to choose what I do, and how I do it. Boy, is that inspiring! We are human and we can do more than just follow instinct.

One month ago, Chad started an Evernote Fitness Challenge: Get outside and move for 15 minutes a day. Well I didn’t quite do 30 days consistently, but it’s been in the back of my mind, urging me to go outside. And outside my comfort zone, away from my instinct that I need more sleep and to stay in bed.

I almost feel like I’ve been pushed into a war zone; with scary, healthy looking foods, running, listening to my body and treating it with love and care.

As I’ve been trying to treat myself with compassion I sometimes want to indulge in things like chocolate bars, or day dreaming. But when I really think about it, what is it that I want in that moment I think I want candy. Maybe I just want to feel better, feel loved, asap, by eating or fixing.
On some level I want to be super skinny, but also indulge the ‘instinct’ to eat gluten-free cake or potato chips whenever I want, and not have to run them off! Realistic, I know.

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting to a very settled place, where I ask myself if that’s really what Healthy Jane wants, in that moment and in the future. Maybe it is; I had an amazing glass of wine a few nights ago and a great nap yesterday afternoon. I’m not nay-saying doing nice, indulgent things, I’m just proposing the idea that perhaps we can monitor our ‘instincts’ a little more and discern the difference between needing something and enjoying something.

As a bonus I lost 5lbs! And I’ve been on as little artificial, processed sugar as possible over the last week! Listening pays off.
How’s the listening going for you? Do you feel like we have instincts we can’t ignore? What runs us, the body or the mind?

If you’ve been doing the Evernote Fitness Challenge, don’t forget the Twitter Party on Tuesday. Details will be on the Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!


Fast Food Nation

Blog #4 The Jane Experiment…

It’s not that I like McDonalds or KFC, I’m not talking about that kind of fast food. I just don’t seem to allot much time in my schedule for preparing meals, so I chose what’s easy, quick and immediately satisfying. Not what will necessarily nurture me the best.

My assignment this week from Chad, while I’ve been healing, was to look at protein options.

As a vegetarian it seems that I don’t’ get enough protein, therefore I am not staying full or sustained for long enough and then when I’m ‘starving’ or in ‘dire need’, I reach for easy, accessible foods; usually packed with sugar. They may give me a blood sugar high but with no fiber or protein they later send me into an inevitable Crash! Bang! Boom! I want to change these ways.

I’ve always been a picky eater, but as my taste buds have matured and I’ve learned to enjoy more vegetables and ethnic foods I have also made certain choices in my diet. Four years ago I was diagnosed Celiac, which means I can’t eat any Gluten or wheat. I’ve been pretty good at following this for the last few years. It has made a huge difference to my health. I know it sounds crazy but I suggest everyone try giving up gluten and wheat for a month or two, trust me, your sytem will thank you.

It was one year ago I made the choice to be vegetarian. It started as a one-month challenge with myself to see if I could do it. I wondered how it might change my fears around food and my lack of imagination with choices. It totally did. I became brave and learned to expand my options and try new things. Like tofu, turns out I like it. Plus eating vegetarian is really in line with many of my values. But still, a year later, I’m not getting enough protein.

One thing I desperately want to work on is kicking my sugar addiction; I believe it’s literally as bad as smoking, just more acceptable. And I’m hoping more protein is the answer.

So I went grocery shopping…

In the past my experiences with grocery shopping confused me and I mostly bought yummy things. It was like a kid in a candy store, if the candy store had fancy cheese and coconut ice cream. I would make the effort to go to Whole Foods and buy some healthy things but once I was in there, I would have no idea what I wanted or how to cook half of it. I’d be hungry and easily distracted and feel overwhelmed with ‘shoulds’ and options. It became easy to eat a lot of crackers and cheese and veggies or ‘healthy’ snacks like GF granola etc.
Yesterday when I went shopping I had things in mind. I had a list, I had a plan.

Personally, I like food to be simple, yummy, portable, and flavorful. I prefer smaller snacks throughout the day rather than massive meals.

The first thing I looked at in my diet was breakfast. It’s something I usually skip or I choose to just have orange or carrot juice. I love to make smoothies, but I don’t like to clean my blender; slight conflict of interests. So I was on the hunt for healthy ways to start my day.

I had been chatting on Monday with a good friend and she recommended some great high protein low sugar/low carb snacks. So I picked up a few of her favorites to try.

New beloved snack or meal, an invention of Leah’s: plain Greek Yogurt, hemp protein powder, chia seeds, a few sliced strawberries, some blue berries and a little almond butter. Oh my goodness, actually so good! Adding a little honey is also an option, or I assume agave or maple syrup, but I liked mine plain. 

Also putting almond butter on celery is awesome. (reminds me of being a kid, which totally ties into my blog from last week!)
Other fixings I picked up included: ingredients to make fancy and flavorful salads, tofu, carrot juice, almond milk for smoothies and drinks, nuts, yogurt, veggies, berries, chickpeas, beans and eggs.

My main goal that I’m aiming for, is to avoid ALL processed sugar. And actually eat the food in my fridge! Starting this week! I’m holding myself accountable and I will report back next week with any other fun recipes I’ve tried or created, or my level of failure or success!

This is the first time in awhile that I’m actually excited about eating. And happy to be treating myself well.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about airplanes. (I have a bit of a Travel bug) And how in a crisis they ask you to help yourself first before helping those around you, I think this is a lesson we could all take a little hint from. It’s much easier for me to accomplish my goals, do what I want to do, AND be in a good mood, if I’ve been well fed. Observation.

Do you have any high protein options you care to share? I would love some ideas!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Lost in Translation…

Blog Number 3 ~The Jane Experiment

When I first started this project, I was so gung ho! So ready to give-er and make waves and changes in my life. I’d recently recognized that I was the perfect example of the definition of insanity and I needed to switch things up if I actually wanted to change.

One of the main reasons I was so keen, was because I’d just been sick with a bad infection, and had a root canal and I was tired of healing and resting. I really wanted to get going with my health and weight loss goals!!

Guess what happened this week? I got sick again.

And though it was an inconvenience and I didn’t accomplish my mini goals or plans for all my workouts, I did have a few interesting discoveries about myself.

Mostly when I’ve been sick in the past I usually take 1 of 2 routes:
A: Push through, pretend I’m ok, take some meds and try to ignore being sick, or
B: Wallow in my sickness untill it goes away. Also ignoring how I really feel.
Both are equally not so effective. And in neither one do I really take care of myself and listen to my body.

I find when I’m sick, I really just don’t want to be, I feel week, puffy, sore, tired, angry and not ‘perfect’ (a major complex of mine.) I just want to feel healthy and energized so I can have fun and keep functioning.

But all that energizer bunny-ing persistence, which is great for making things happen and working hard, can also be detrimental.

So much of my time and energy goes to ‘being ok’ ALL THE TIME. Not showing weakness, pretending a lot, and not caring for myself in a loving way. I often opperate in a ‘do more, be better’ way.  I’ve become pretty good at ignoring my body or my feelings, when that serves me. Which is helpful when my feet hurt but I need to push through the last two hours of a serving shift, or when I have a headache or cramps but I have an audition. I drive though the discomfort, but without listening, without reading the road signs saying; ‘Remember to feed me nutrients’, or ‘Please give me 8 hours of sleep tonight!’

Listening. An exercise I could use more practice in.
(Granted I’m pretty good at listening to my body when it’s telling me it wants chocolate…)

I’ve discovered it’s more about translating rather than listening. If I took constant care for my body and listened to it, how it felt, what it needed and wanted, how certain foods feel or how much sleep is required to function, then I might not get sick so often!

This week I was reminded of what I’ve always believed, but forget in the moment; we don’t get sick for no reason.  Either we learn something, have time slow down or take a new approach to our health.

How do you function when you’re sick? Do you listen to your own body’s feelings, wants and needs? The balance is doing that, while still being operational and successful.
I think it takes baby steps, check ins with one’s self, and perhaps treating ourselves a little bit like we are kids again.

A few months ago, I read a Women’s Health Magazine article about Heather Morris and she said ate like a kid. She aimed to diet like she would feed her six or ten year old self.

Food for thought:
Would you constantly give a six year old food filled with chemicals? Would you starve them or eat at random, unpredictable times? Would you deny them the enjoyment of a few treats here and there? Would you give them all the sleep and vitamins they needed?

This sounds like a lovely way to live, with love, and care for ourselves and enjoyment for life. It’s going to be my new approach to how I eat, and treat myself; with love and joy! Of course I like a lot more foods and flavours now than I did when I was six, so I’ll be adding a little spice to that mix but still translating how that feels for me.

I would love to hear your thoughts about how you care for yourself with love, good food and fun exercise. It can be applied to exercise too; I jumped skip rope with my nieces yesterday and it was so much fun!

Also, if you have any topics you would like me to cover and rant about, suggestions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated!

Hug your six year old self for me, and have a great weekend in the sun!


What’s the best…

As a professional fitness mentor, one of the most popular questions I ever hear is: “What’s the best… (fill in the blank)”. The top of this list includes things like:  What’s the best exercise for abs, legs, cardio, toning, or what’s the best thing to eat for breakfast, snack, lunch, etc. Everyone seems to want to know what’s the best thing they can do for their health.

Although I think it can be a great question, I feel like I’m usually asked from a short-cut mentality. As in, if it’s the best, then I’ll just do that one thing and get all the results I want right?!? Ummmmmm, not so much. Sorry.

In the pursuit of health, I personally don’t think anything can be titled “the best”. There’s definitely a scale of better and worse, but even that will depend on multiple factors. Things like: your goals, your timeframe, where you’re starting from, your age, gender, etc. The thought of claiming anything as the best in a one-size-fits-all approach scares me.

The funny part however, is that so much of the fitness industry is based on this concept. There’s a million Ab-Rollers (see video), ellipticals, suspension systems, DVD workouts, iPhone Apps and specialty fitness classes out there that claim to be the best. I’d easily argue that most, if not all, will be able to get you some pretty sweet results too. However, in the long run it’s not going to remain effective. It’s not going to continue being the best.

One of my usual responses to “the best” question is to give a food example. Let’s say for a moment that brocoli is THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. Even if it were true, do you think you’d do well if that was the only food you ever ate? Not a chance. Your body is more complex than that.

Even though there may not a best exercise or best food, I do still encourage you to aim for one “best” in particular. I encourage you to strive for being in the best shape of your life. As far as we know, we only get one life, and your body is the one thing that will be with you throughout the entire thing. Why not make it awesome?

What are some of the top things you’ve found to help you get success? What’s near “the best” on your lists?

Run, Jane, Run

The Jane Experiment continues…

Oh my Atlanta!


This week I received my first week of workouts to do from Chad and boy, oh boy did I learn a lot!

When I first read my workouts I immediately emailed Chad: “I don’t run.”

And its actually quite true, I don’t think I’ve gone for a run since track in High School! I’ve been choosing to do other cardio like dance, skipping, walking up hill, or jumping on a trampoline. Anything to avoid running.

For several reasons; I believe it’s hard on my old dance injuries, it’s boring, and I think its really frickin’ hard!

Well Chad, being the encouraging trainer he is, was like “Can you just try it, once?”

Oh fine.

So Wednesday evening I hit the treadmill, because I haven’t figured out a better way to track distance yet. Timing myself and measuring along the way!

The set I had to do might not be that hard for some people, you know for people who climb the Grouse Grind everyday for 30 days or run half marathons and beat their time by 9 minutes.  THOSE people would probably scoff at what little running put me into a tizzy!

I start, timing myself to run 1K. Well, while running my inner monologue goes rampant.

This was kind of along the lines of what my thought process was while running:
Ok, I can do this.
Envision the swimsuit.
Ow. Why Chad Why!
I wish I was doing Shavasana right now…
Breath, breath.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
Ok, doing to die, must slow down.
Why is the time going so slowly, its going to take forever to finish this 1K, ok speed up again.
It’s just a body feeling, its just a feeling.
Run, Jane, run! See Jane run!
Why is this taking so long?

Ahhh, rest…
And then repeat, continue and do it again, and again.

In the rest time I took notes on how my body was feeling. Paying attention and being in tune with my body is something I wish I made more time everyday.

As much as the running was hard, painful, sweaty and made my face turn as red as my hair, there was a strange sense of accomplishment to finishing it as well. As I walked the 4 minutes home from the gym, very slowly, I actually felt kind of jazzed and proud of myself. I almost felt that exhilarating high people try to tell me that they get from running. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to think of marathons, but I would like to run more. Learn about it. Shocking I know. And now that I’ve said that, I suppose I actually have to do it…

It’s inspiring to push through the pain and get to the good feeling part.

The one thing Chad hasn’t implemented yet is an eating plan so for the moment I’m documenting everything I eat, with pictures in Evernote food. I feel like a tourist. But knowing that I have to share these pictures and details with someone does make a slight impression on what I eat…

Thursday I did another workout from Chad. Squats and push-ups and crunches galore!

Lessons learned:
-Take a day off between workouts.
-My hip flexor and my massage ball are now best friends.
-Doing yoga moves in the shower is genius and I need to patent ‘Shower Yoga’ and share it with the world.
-I really like to be comfortable. And not feeling ‘comfortable’ can highly affect my energy, mood, and speed at which I operate. Interesting to notice.

I only managed to do 2/3 of the workouts thus far for this week, scheduling in time to sweat is even part of the obstacle.

But I’m taking each day as it comes, trying to challenge myself but also care for myself. Feel compassion for my body and what it can do. Because scolding it for not being in better shape is like yelling at a 2 year old for not knowing how to drive. And I just realized I’ve been doing that for the better part of my 24 years of life. Not so nice.

I hope it gets to be a little less painful, but just difficult enough to keep me on my toes! In the meantime I will be having lots of hot baths. Bath Yoga… humm the possibilities…

Be inspired!



The Challenge: a coach’s view

If you haven’t already seen it, last week Jane posted her first article on this blog. It will be a weekly chronicle of her experience of working with me and persuing her fitness goals. We originally got together to discuss an exchange of her helping me with my social media and me helping her with her fitness goals. During the meeting, I challenged her to an idea, if she was willing, to have her share her experience with the world!

From my standpoint of being an ‘Online Fitness Mentor’ it’s really tough at times to explain how my process works to prospective clients. It’s a pretty new concept to most people and one that many haven’t yet experienced. I figure this experiment will give some people the opportunity to experience online coaching vicariously through Jane.

Full disclosure: Yes, Jane is working for me and helping me with social media and reaching out to the world. I found that I just didn’t have time to be consistent with it, and needed to hire someone for help. However, for this challenge, she has been given full freedom to write whatever she wants in her posts. It will not be edited in any way because I want people to see the entire process through her eyes.

Is it going to be tough for her? Definitely. Is she going to want to quit? Most likely. Will she have good days and bad days? Days with huge progress and days with minor set backs? I can guarantee it. Will she also get support through the whole thing? 100%

My job as her coach is to see when she’s struggling and help her through that. Being online, I will help her find her own strength, and not just pull her along for the ride. I’ll try and expand my view of ‘dragging services’ in a later post.

I’m very excited for this process. I’m confident that jane will be able to express an honesty that not everyone can. I know that I’m looking forward to her post each week and really hope you are too!

The ‘Fitness Challenge’ and the challenging of getting to know myself.

I done it. I’ve started, it’s happening. I’m actually about to work on a health/fitness challenge with a Coach? Seriously?

It all started with a Questionnaire….

Well, actually it started with a conversation about Twitter, and it turned into my good friend Chad, of Anthrophysique, explaining to me about his company and his training process. And then we started to chat about me, my issues, and my goals. And it was clear from there: I’m a fascinating mess!

I’m a person who has tried many ways, methods or styles of working out, several fad diets and who loves a good juice cleanse. So it’s quite natural that my relationship with my body and food is rather convoluted.

I began explaining to Chad that I wanted to feel healthy, be loving towards my body, and be kind in the way I treated it. I would also like to be less concerned about what I ‘perceive’ people think of me. And to know, understand, and embrace my body.

So much of ‘me’ seems wrapped up in “If I lost 10lbs I’d be happy!” “If only I was that thin!” or “if that skirt just fit, everything would work out!”

Logically I know this isn’t true, but I still FEEL it sometimes.

Chad suggested I work with him, as client and a bit of ‘test subject’ I would measure, track results, be open to feedback and share my vulnerability to the world via guest blogging.

First thought: Sounds fun! 2nd thoughts: How much vulnerability? When you say measure you mean like just looking in the mirror every now and then, right? 

Wrong! Hard core, detailed measurement. Apparently this is how you can see growth and change or something… blah. 

So in order to see where I am, and therefore build where I want to go, I had to take pictures… in a swim suit! Something I pretty much avoid unless I’ve been on a 10 day liquid diet and then, only in flattering light. So my brain went: AHHHHHH! 

Then came the measurements; just some things I totally prefer not to look at, and to ignore, most of the time. Way safer and more comfortable right? Gulp. 

Even more ‘stuff’ came up with the Questionnaire…..

I’m mentioning it because honestly it was bloody scary to ask myself some of these questions. (I‘m an expert at ignoring uncomfortable feelings, and pretending to be happy about it, and then eating.) 

Questions such as “Describe the ‘current you’? Umm, kinda freaking out! Umm me? I’m fine! Like not thin as I’d like to be, but ya, fine. I mean I guess it would be nice to be fitter, or something right? …. 

OK Honestly? Slow, groggy, frumpy, nervous about my body and the way I look, flab where I want ab, rolls where I don’t want them, kinda weak-ish, stiff joints. Oh, and I have weird, hateful, and confusing relationships with food.

Now when it gets to questions like “Describe the ‘perfect you” and “How will your life be different?” I’m all over that! Imagining myself in cute bikinis, slinky dresses and maybe even a boudoir photo shoot! I visualize the body I used to have when I was a dancer and didn’t have a love/hate relationship with Ruffles Potato Chips.

I also really want to inspire people to be healthy, and to not feel like they have to hate it. I mean I’d like to learn that, wouldn’t you? But in my head I’m going… is this possible? What if I want to eat Nachos at The Foundation, or Frozen Yogurt? 

I really just want to feel excited about my health, not treat it like it’s a chore.

Motivation also comes up. If you’re like me and you grew up reading Vogue, that is some golden material, or the fact that it’s the middle of June and it is rumoured that we may have a bikini season in Vancouver, eventually.

Or possibly, its warm (ish) out and wearing black to ‘look thin’ is becoming not so fun.

For me it is all of the above; the value of beauty and clothing, enjoying one’s self etc. But also health and my relationship with ME. I’m the one person I’m going to spend my life with, and I want work on loving, and getting to know me.

Which, for those of you know me, know that I already work on a lot, either in Acting class or with books, workshops etc. But at the moment, when I look in the mirror; I still butt heads with myself. I become this judgemental, non-loving person who I don’t want to be.

Compassion for others, I believe, must come from compassion for ones’ self.

I want to learn how to take care of myself with compassion and have a body that I’m proud of: consistently.

I’m sick of Yo-yo ing and as I said to Chad, there has to be a better way!

Then came the goal setting, like baby steps and plans for the next year, 6, 3, and 1 months. It gives you a nice road map to dream of! And also a presence in the back of your mind when you want to veg out with nothing along the lines of a vegetable in sight.

Those little goals are a check in point, a point of accountability. A little hand holding, a little pushing. And that’s exactly what I need, to take the right steps forward.

So, to challenge myself to do what I say I want, I’m going to be sharing my journey with all of you. Asking for your feedback, and bringing in results each week will be my way of being accountable to you and myself. I will also be sharing what is really going on with me as I try to make change; what’s holding me back, or guiding me forward. Because as much as I know I want to lose 20-25lbs, I also want to become friends with myself and my body and there is an emotional journey that I’m embarking on too.

It may be fitness challenge, but it’s a love building challenge too.

I hope you’ll join me, set your own fitness challenges, join the one by Chad on  Evernote, or just laugh while I try to do push ups.

Looking forward to the blood, sweat and tears as I face all my fears!

More to come, every Friday!