What You’ve Never Been Told About Technique

Technique - AnthroPhysique Online Fitness Coaching

Technique, are you confident that you’re doing your movements correctly?

Is doing movements with correct technique paramount to avoiding injury?

The biggest argument I usually hear for technique is it’s importance towards safety and avoiding injury. Your Physio will ask you to keep your scapula in a certain position and your Personal Trainer will prevent you from letting your knees go past your toes so you don’t get hurt. Does it actually work?

Technique - AnthroPhysique Online Fitness Coaching
Good Technique? Safe?

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, says in this video that the fear of doing things incorrectly is overblown to it’s reality. Technique is important, very important, but it’s not a guaranteed prevention of injury. Nor is it guaranteed that if you DON’T have perfect technique you WILL get injured.

Here’s my thoughts:

Our bodies are very versatile. We adapt to different climates, diets, and even physical demands. Our body can withstand a lot of abuse or damage and still continue on. This doesn’t mean that we disregard all safety, it just doesn’t always have to be the primary concern. Life happens.

To me, technique is more about improving the efficiency of a movement or skill, it’s not just a preventer of injury. When learning a new movement or skill, we’re bound to have poor technique at times. As we improve our technique, we improve our efficiency and can get better results.

What we’re NOT told abou technique is that if we spend all our time focused on it, we can actually LIMIT our capacity for improvement. If you try to execute perfect technique all the time, you’ll never be able to perform at your full capacity. As we reach the upper limits of our capacities, technique is likely to decrease slightly. Even top level athletes won’t have perfect technique at their maximum output.

I believe that it is very important to be aware of your technique and how you’re doing things. This will help you get better and more efficient at your movements. However, it will NOT guarantee that you don’t get injured. Pushing yourself to the next level is going to require your technique to break down and fail. The key to safety and injury avoidance is having a progressive training program and a good coach. They’ll know how to keep you safe while pushing you to the next level.

Do you agree with the above? What have you heard about Technique? Please post your thoughts and feedback to comments.

5 Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make When Starting a Fitness Program

April Fitness Program

Most of the people that come to me are just starting a fitness program. They’ve started a routine in the past, but have failed. Many times. Sound familiar? It’s usually due to one of the reasons below. Here are 5 mistake to avoid when starting a fitness program:

1. Wait till next week

Waiting till later perpetuates the problem. Most people who aren’t working out, aren’t because they keep putting it off. Today turns into later, which turns into tomorrow, which turns into next week. Stop NOW. Start exercising NOW. No, seriously, STOP! I want you to literally stop reading this, stand up and do 10 squats. Ready, GO!

BOOM! Isn’t that awesome. Now, keep reading because you still need to be careful of #2.

2. Start too fast

Not in a “doing 10 squats before you finish reading an article” sense, but in a “not taking time to rest” sense. Many people start a program and workout EVERY DAY. Without rest your body is going to burn out and at some point FORCE you to rest. This is demotivating because you feel like you can’t do it or you’re injured and will now be set back. It’s okay to have rest days.

3. Not having a plan

Let’s say you were going somewhere you’ve never been before. Would you just jump in the car and start driving? No, you’d get the address, look it up on a map, find the route from your house to the location and THEN get in the car. Many people just run to the gym because that’s where fitness ‘happens’. Without a plan, this is useless. Create your own, find a program, or for best results hire someone to create a program that’s for you. No matter what, having a plan is going to get you there faster than just randomly exercising or driving about.

4. Have ‘Athletes Brain’

This is for all you folks that used to workout or used to play sports. It’s probably been years, but for some reason your brain believes that you can still do all those things you used to do. However, because it’s been years, your body can’t. Physically you are unable but your brain says otherwise and try’s to tell your body to shut up! I call this athletes brain and it’s the surest path to injury. If this is you, you need to learn to tell your brain to shut up and listen to your body for once.

5. Go solo

You’re excited, you have a goal and you might even have a deadline. You’re ready to rock, so you do just that. However, soon there will be bumps in the road or it will start going steeply uphill. The going gets tough. If you’re on your own at this point, it’s a real struggle and it’s easy to lose motivation. Having someone on your side can be there to support you in those tough times. A friend, family member or coach can all be great resources to help ensure you complete your goals. Get someone on your team from the start and set yourself up for success.

To wrap up, there are 5 key things to avoid when starting a fitness program: Wait till later, Start too fast, No plan, Athletes Brain and Going solo.

I want you to do something RIGHT NOW to help you get goingI For those of you that didn’t stop and do the squats earlier, do them now. Once you’re done, grab your calendar, plan your next workout session and then pick up the phone. Call someone that can help you and let’s do this!

Please comment below on your experience of these 5 items and what you’re doing NOW to avoid them.

Wind beneath my Wings!

Blog #23 ~ The Jane Experiment

It is time to spread my wings and fly!

Not literally, but metaphorically. After working with AnthroPhysique for  the last few months I have really began to see changes in myself. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Part of mine and Chad’s vision in this ‘Experiment’ was to one day set me free to the wild (Eggnog, chocolate and pasta galore) and see how well I fare with the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired while being mentored and coached by him.

This is probably going to be a bit of a challenge during the Holiday season, but it’ll be a really good test to see how I can work on holding myself accountable, even with such temptations! Some of the biggest changes I have made are around food, and listening to my body. Also I will continuing to work on fitting those workouts in, and motivating myself.

I went back and read some of my earlier posts and it is truly inspiring to see how much more positive I’ve become about my body image. I’ve become so much more loving and accepting. All while learning about myself, my goals, what I want, what I need to do to get there, and how to hold myself accountable.

Accountability is the best thing about working with a coach. We chatted every week, about wins or successes, and losses; be that in lbs or failures. It kept me going, reminded to go to the gym and track my food because come Monday, Chad would be reading our shared Evernote notebook and seeing my indulgences or accomplishments!

Online Fitness CoachingI’ve made it to almost a 3 min plank, managed to do that everyday for 3 weeks, and I’ve investigated health options I may have ignored before. This past week I didn’t write down all my food or track my workouts/exercise in our notebook. It felt weird, but I noticed that I still checked in with myself. When making choices at a restaurant, and when fitting in enough sleep. I think I will continue to measure and document, but see if I can do it just for me, keep it all going just for me, not because someone else is watching.

I will be re-capping in a while with my progress or failures, and to see how I did on my own, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading about my journey, and I wish all of you the best Holiday season.

I’m off to buy some Eggnog to bring to a dinner party! Shhh! Just kidding! I’m all about enjoying life, and if anything, this ‘Experiment’ has helped me do just that in more conscious and loving ways! Now I know that I’m actually going to enjoy that glass of eggnog, and know how it can still fit into my goals and healthy lifestyle.

Are you planning for your holidays? How will health and activity fit in for you?




A Spoonful of Sugar…

Blog# 22 ~ The Jane Experiment

Does a spoon full of sugar really help the medicine go down?


Oh Sugar! So yummy and addictive, so fought against these days as ‘the enemy’ to any healthy lifestyle.

Even when I’m on the healthy track, eating well and exercising, every so often get the biggest cravings for sugar. Why? I know it can do with what I’ve eaten, but I also wonder about the emotional attachments I keep to foods which have lots of sugar.(chocolate, candy, gummie bears are all personal favourites!)

Plus theres always the whole “keep your blood sugar up and regular” debate to think of as well. One of the things I noticed when I was trying to cut way back on sugar, was the change in my energy levels. At first I noticed energy kind of went down, and that previously I had used sugar to kick up and pick up my energy, rather than choosing foods that keep things on a more even keel.

If only I could also get to that place with iron. I’ve long experienced being low on iron, and it runs in my family, also the choice of being a vegetarian contributes to that a bit I’m sure. Over the past few months as I’ve been reassessing my heath and diet choices with Chad, I haven’t been very good at paying attention to what vitamins and supplements I maybe should be taking, because I’ve been experimenting to see what I could get from food or not.

Well, it seems like I’m not getting enough Iron or B12, or D (though I think thats just everyone in rainy Vancouver these days!)

I’m always curious as to what kind, brand or dosage I should take, because as with everything, everyone has a different opinion. What should we or should we not eat with such supplements and so on.

As I’m experiment with holding myself accountable more and more, and working on that instead of relying dependently on a trainer or dietitian who needs to whip me into shape, I think it may be time to suss out some vitamins and supplements and even healthy sugar fix options.

Do you take any vitamins or supplements? If so, which ones and why?

Have a great weekend!




The Changeling

Blog # 21 ~The Jane Experiment

Oh how the wind changes. How we change, how goals change, plans change, expectations and dreams change.

Reality sets in, or we learn new things or something shifts in priority.

I used to always curse myself when I changed my mind about my goals, making myself ‘lazy’ or ‘bad.’ But now I see things just change with time and experience.

Yes, I’m getting all philosophical… This past week I had a chance to touch base with Chad after completing his Goals Questionnaire. It had been over 3 months since the last time I’d touched base with that and it was really cool to see how things had changed for me during this Experiment.

My goals when I started included lose weight, feel confident about food choices, and feel confident in a swim suit. Those things I actually did accomplish, which feels amazing. Other things such as be a certain weight, and buy a new pair of jeans; those didn’t happen. They didn’t happen because things changed. I figured out that I might not be the same weight or have the same body as Kate Moss, but that that’s actually ok. Yes I want to be fit and healthy and thin for sure, but I now know what I’m comfortable with maintaining and how I actually want to treat myself.

It’s a much smoother course, less yo-yo. Of course there are days I eat chocolate and workouts I miss. But after my exercise and challenge of planking everyday I have come to learn that even checking in with how I feel physically everyday is a major step in staying on course.

How do your goals change? Are there different things you focus on, health wise, the more you learn? It feels like that for me, But I suppose only time will tell.

Have a great weekend! Try reviewing some goals, let me know how things change for you!



Good Morning Sunshine

Blog # 20 ~ The Jane Experiment

Earlier this week Chad posted a thought provoking question on his Facebook page; What do you do first thing in the morning?
Various people commented with a wide range of morning rituals, from healthy, to funny to inspirational.

And it got me thinking; I’ve never been on for a consistent morning ritual when it comes to food or workouts. I do take my thyroid medication every morning, but not always the moment I wake up. In fact, the first thing I do the most often is hit the snooze and try and rationalize more sleep. Then to be perfectly honest I usually spend sometime planning my day in my head, which leads me to look at my iPhone.

The thing about my synthetic thyroid meds is that I’m not supposed to take them with food or any other supplement. So when one is rushed in the morning, that can be quite the pickle. And I used to miss out on eating breakfast all the time, in effort to follow that rule.

As I’ve been working on my nutrition and monitoring it and how I feel, I’ve noticed I DO actually have more energy and often a more productive day after I eat a great breakfast.

So for the past two weeks I’ve been focusing on making that at home. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved breakfast, but in a ‘going out for brunch’ kind of way. Now I’m learning and finding fun, great ways to do that at home!

Some of my personal at favourites now include oatmeal with almond butter, scrambled or over-medium eggs, (this week I’ve been putting spinach and cayenne pepper in them), and yesterday I even made a few hash-browns from scratch. Greek yogurt and chia seeds has also been a stable favourite too.

I don’t usually do my workouts first thing in the morning, but I do notice that a higher protein component will keep me full longer, especially if I do any cardio, including running for the bus!

One of the most popular comments I noticed was ‘coffee.’ As a casual coffee drinker I didn’t even think about requiring this first thing in the morning. But it did get me thinking about patterns. If we can build a pattern to drink coffee every morning, or take a pill, or whatever it might be, it seems like we have quite a bit of power and influence over other patterns we can create and follow in our life. Ones we chose, like my planking for example, or those dedicate people who love to run everyday rain or shine.

I’m starting to re-asses a lot of my goals and original aspirations with this experiment, and I’ve decided that mindful consistency is near the top of my list of what i want to work on. And for now it’s starting with breakfast.

Does anyone have any great healthy, motivating breakfast recipes they would like to share? Post below!



Oh how all the Mighty fallen…

Blog #19 – The Jane Experiment

There’s this topic that I’ve been interested in lately; the ‘Bandwagon.’ Like the expression “I fell off the Bandwagon!” I’ve been questioning what causes us to fall off, or jump off? Or perhaps in some case let it run us over.

How do we go along so well and then change all of our ways? I mean this in both the positive and negative sense. For example what is it that is a strong enough driving force to either help someone quit smoking or make some cheat on a diet?

How do we stop or start a pattern?

I planked for weeks, totally fine then this week I was hit with a wretched cold/flu and planking made me want to pass out within seconds.

So off that bandwagon I fell, or hopped. But at the same time I’ve had a previous pattern of eating junk food when I’m sick, which this time I strongly broke.

Do you ever let yourself off the hook for being sick? Or punish yourself for forgetting or re-alighning your choices?

So often, there’s a need for comfort that over-powers our will and our drive towards our goals.
What does it for you? Being sick, being scared, being hungry? The weather? I know many of my friends say that the change in weather throws off their workouts and eating habits, and often sends them into some kind of virus catching spiral.

Sometimes it seems we just climb up, or beat our way back onto that bandwagon without actually questioning the fall.

So this weekend I’d like you to ask yourselves, what makes you trade your goals for immediate satisfaction, comfort or some other value you enjoy? How can we look at that and in turn stay working hard on that bandwagon longer? That is something I’m working on internally in me.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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Stubborn Love

Blog # 18 ~The Jane Experiment

Great news! Major win: Plank record of 2:53! Yahoo!!

This week I continued to invent some of my own workouts and push myself with my planking. It feels amazing, like I’m not a victim to the gym to make me feel happy, healthy or fit!

This is totally something which is new for me even in the last few weeks. The consistency of holding out and pushing to my maximum everyday is helping me do that in many areas of my life where I would have been fearful before.

I have also been giving a lot of thought to supplements and all the focus that is put on ‘what we’re missing.’ Do you take supplements? Which kind? Do they really help? And how do we know if we’re getting everything we need? I often wonder if there are things in the health industry which play on what we’re missing, externally and internally, in order to sell us things or ideas. As I’ve been asking around for data and opinions it seems that almost everyone says or thinks something differently which brings me back to theory of figuring out whats best for us individually. For me it comes down to fitting it in, again consistently, and finding the balance of taking care of myself to live a healthy life, but not compromising living my life for it.

As I’ve been working on this ‘Experiment’ I’ve also been learning a lot about taking compliments. It has always been something I find rather odd, and uncomfortable. As I’ve been working with Chad on this experiment and working on my self image, I’ve been getting quite a bit of positive feedback on the changes I’ve made and how I look.
Now when I hear those compliments, I can see it’s something I’ve been building myself, and the recognition of that is amazing. I’m much less stubborn and against my own self love. It’s like now I chose to see the good in me as it helps move me toward my goals because I know how it works, this love and motivation.

Now that it’s time to re-evaluate my goals and objectives, Chad has given me his objectives questionnaire again and I’m excited to fill that out this week and see how things have changed for me.

How often do you re-evaluate your goals, in fitness or in life?

Have a great weekend!



Learning Curve

Blog #17 ~ The Jane Experiment

Win: I can design my own workouts!

This week Chad gave me the challenge of coming up with my own mini circuit workout, and it was awesome-sauce! (so much healthier than pasta sauce.)

It really challenged me to look at the areas of my body I wanted to work, vs the ones I like to slack off about.

This is the workout I designed:

100 mini arm circles forward
10 squats
15 sit ups
max plank hold
50 mini arm circles back
10 side squats
4 plank push-ups
15 jumping jacks

3 times through in 15 mins then stretch!
This really helped me build my self esteem in my workouts. And actually motivated me to get more done this week.

I’m still planking away, haven’t quite made it to my 2 min goal, but I’m working on it, maybe today will be the day.

This week I also took a leaf out of Chad’s book, so to say, and did some planning. Planning meals, and workouts into my iCal. It was harder at the start of the week but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Today I even made vegetable soup from scratch to keep in the fridge or freezer for those times I just don’t want to cook or don’t think I have the time.

Post my cleanse I’ve been really attracted to hearty, healthy foods and I think the autumn weather may play a part in that. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I also re-united myself with a love of cooking and I’m pumped to experiment and find and discover healthy choices that same time.

Do your taste buds change in the winter? Which season do you feel more motivated to work out?

I’m going to plan my food so well next week and report back with some recipe discoveries and hopefully a 2 minuite plank time! This whole process has taught me to learn and teach myself in so many new ways, instead of just listening to a trainer and following ‘rules’ it challenges me to find my own learning curve. It’s amazing what we can do when we keep pushing ourselves and stay out of our comfort zone!

Have a great weekend!




What you don’t know, can push you.

Blog #16 ~The Jane Experiment

This week Chad and I didn’t get a chance to connect on our usual day about my goals, but we did see each other a few days later at a social gathering with some friends. On that occasion Chad asked me how the planking was going and if I’d reached 2 minutes yet. My reply was along the lines of “Of course not! My max is 1:15 on a good day!” 

He was convinced I could hold it longer. So down I got into plank position in my little black dress while he timed me. At first it seemed fine, like usual, then extra tough with people watching, but then it felt liberating having someone else hold the clock and encourage me on. And I made it to a personal best of 1 minute and 55 seconds!

All this time, maybe I’ve been limiting myself by looking at the clock to measure my time. How well could I do if I left that aside and really focused on holding it for as long as I physically and possibly could?

As a further experiment, the next night I asked my mom to help out and do the same thing, but this time not tell me or encourage me on. That time I made it to 1:31. It makes me wonder if the pressure of different people or situations could effect my belief in my ability in my strength.

What other people think of us; how we eat, exercise, live, etc. seems to be very present in many, many people’s decisions when it comes to food. I know I used to find it hard to diet or watch my weight whenever there was a social gathering or Holiday. But at the same time I also have friends that when we hang out I feel the pressure to be super healthy. How crazy is it that we link so much of who we want to be, and how we want to treat ourselves with what other people might think of us!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and in the age old tradition of sharing thanks I’d like to express some gratitude in my life: Firstly for my recently found sense of love and care for my body and myself. Secondly for all the delicious foods and recipes and experiments I’ve pushed myself to try in the last few months. And thirdly for this blog experiment and Chad’d coaching. Even though I maybe don’t always go to the gym as much as I could, his encouragement has taught me a lot.

If you are celebrating this holiday of much feasting, how are you planning on fitting into your jeans next week? Thats a small fear of mine! I do believe that in the last few months I have built a sense of what feels right for me, how much food I really need and when it’s a good time to celebrate and enjoy vs just eating for the sake of. It’s like going back to that ‘treat yourself like a kid’ thing I discussed in one of my early blogs; a reminder I give myself often. Enjoyment and moderation are key in my experience. Also I’ll be bringing healthy veggie dishes to my potluck. (along with a cheesecake, shh!)

Does anyone have any great, healthy recipes they’d like to share for Thanksgiving diner ideas? Pintrest is my new addiction for such things, it’s also been a great way to plan other healthy meal choices and read inspirational quotes. We need to get Anthrophysique on there!

Hope you all have a great weekend, weather you have a big dinner or not and that you feel gratitude for whatever state you are in with your health goals, and inspire yourself to keep going!




Blog #15 ~ The Jane Experiment
I have a few things to mull over today: Starting with my cleanse I mentioned last week.
Have you ever done a cleanse? Juice Cleanse? Raw Cleanse? Soup Cleanse? The Wild Rose Cleanse? The Master Cleanse?
I’m going the Master Cleanse. I’ve done this one many times in my life and last week I was feeling like I needed a little clean out. (And I also wanted to motivate myself to eat out less, and maybe drop a few extra pounds!)
It’s always an interesting experience as your body tests it’s limits and flexes its hunger muscles and eating patterns. In the past when I’ve done this cleanse, I still crave food. I feel deprived to some degree, and even though I enjoy the simpleness of the fast somewhat, I constantly think of how much I’m missing food. This time however, the thought has only crossed my mind a few times in 5 days. (Once when my friend mentioned the nachos at The Foundation and once when I spelt a hot chocolate.) But other than that I’m really proud of the choices I’m making. Even when a cheese plate was put in front of me the other day, I could pause and ask myself, “Is this what I want to put in my body?” or “Is this just want I want to eat because I’m hungry?”
These are questions I’ve really learned to ask over the last few months. I’m not saying eating and enjoying in the moment isn’t awesome, but I feel like I’ve become less of a slave to my ‘hunger’ (or boredom, or emotion etc.) and much more honest with myself about what makes me feel great and healthy.
I’d like to get to this place more with my workouts.
I really do try to schedule them in, but in the moment somehow other things pop up, and they just seem more important. More important than caring for myself? That is what I believe working out essentially is, especially in the long run. But in the moment it feels like a lot of effort and sweating. I therefore decide something is ‘more important’ without actually evaluating it honestly for myself. It’s a pattern we can start to build, till it becomes to comfortable to break!
The other thing that happened to me this week was that I seemed to have either strained my shoulder muscle, or put it out in some way while serving tables. It was educating to see how easily I wanted to let myself off the hook for such a small pain and possible ‘injury.’ I think mainly it was just that my body used some muscles it wasn’t familiar with, and then it tried to compensate. But it totally lowered my max plank time and made me sleep weird.
So the question remains, how do you continue to workout with an injury? I have two very, very active girlfriends who’ve recently experienced angle and knee injuries, respectively, both missed working out so much that they found low impact things like swimming and stationary biking to keep them going. All I could think of was ‘Wow, an opportunity to hang out and watch movies!’ It just goes to show what we really value when push comes to shove!
I’m continuing with my cleanse for a few more days and I’d love to hear about some other peoples experiences, good or bad. And I’m still totally open for those competition plank times!
And I’ll be aiming to ask myself, in those difficult chocolate chip cookie moments, or sleep in vs gym moments: What is it that I really want? Who is it that I really want to be?
Want to join me?

The Way We Were

Blog# 14 ~ The Jane Experiment

The plank goes on!
I’ve been noticing a very healthy competition with myself over the last week while doing my daily maximum plank. I constantly want to better my time from the day before.

Instead of planking in the feeling of fear or whining about it, Chad has encouraged me to explore other feelings. Like power, and its awesome, my plank is kicking ass!

I also did a workout yesterday, because I actually fit it into my schedule. Note to self; use iCal, it is helpful, and it reminds you that this is the only time you have to workout, so do it! Another reminder is set for this afternoon!

In the past, I have always been one to make my workouts harder in my mind than they actually are. From the length, to the amount of energy they will take, etc. Now as Chad and I have been working together, and I’m changing my negative patterns, I’m also less concerned with the result. Now when someone happens to compliment me on looking fit or loosing weight I’m excited and proud of the work I have been doing. Therefore I’m happily surprised, not totally dependant on that compliment.

All this measuring, and tracking, and learning about myself has helped me to see how completely different I am now in my approach my heath, wellness, and fitness.

And when I missed a day of planking, I really felt it in my gut. Not because my abs were enjoying the day off, but because I wished I had remembered and kept my word to myself. A word I have broken so many times when it comes to going to the gym or treating myself right. That is now another muscle to work on, so I can believe in myself when I say I want to do something.

I have also become super open mined when it comes to food, and honest about how food makes me feel. Just getting in touch with thinking about my body without the fear or judgement, is slowly helping me find my centre.

Now my centre is asking for a detoxing breather. So I’m going on a cleanse. Starting this Sunday; details to follow in next week’s update, which will probably be full of random food cravings!

I’ve decided to keep pushing with my daily plank, and I would like to put a challenge out there to see other peoples max hold times. Post below and lest keep this healthy competition going!




Wind Beneath My Wings

Blog # 13 ~The Jane Experiment

I’m not going to die, I’m not going to die…Breath. What’s the worse thing that could happen? I’m fine, not dying, fine ,I’m great, it’s like flying, I’m fine… Ok now I think I’m going to die. Ahhh.

That ahh isn’t a scream, it’s a sigh, of realse, the release of dropping your plank hold.

My goal for last week was to plank hold everyday, for max time; as long as possible. Question is, what is ‘possible?’ I noticed it’s pretty easy to get into the mind set, that “I can’t hold it any longer!” at about 26 seconds. But when I encouraged myself instead of discouraging myself, it was amazing what I could accomplish.

The same goes with coaching. One of the main reasons I’ve never liked working with a Personal Trainer in the past is because I don’t like being yelled at to push, do it, man up! etc. With AnthroPhysique I feel like Chad is upholding me. Reminding me of my goals and what I want, and guiding me as I help myself get there. Not scaring the living daylights out of me!

This past week when Chad and I connected we talked about why on Thursday I had an epic fail in eating healthy, how I can/can’t fit my workouts in, and what a realistic max plank hold might be for me. As I’ve blogged before, fitting in the workouts has been a major reason they aren’t getting done (well there are some fears too…) Chad has now developed some short, intense, timed workouts so I know how to directly fit them into my schedule. I recommend knowing how long a workout will take, makes it so much easier to get done. Facing the fear is what I can now focus on, with all that extra time I spent mindlessly scheduling! Easy as Pie, ohh pie…

Plank results: in seconds. (sharing this is also push myself and comfort zone!)
Friday: 33
Saturday: fail, 0.
Sunday: 50
Monday: 45
Tuesday: 40
Wednesday: 49
Thursday: 52

And today as I was writing this blog I felt determined to make it to a minute, just to test my limits…
Result: 1 minute and 5 seconds! 

I can see results when I measure! Wow!

Positive energy really was the wind beneath my wings! And as corny as that may sound, it feels awesome to not punish, provoke, or instil fear in me, in order to get what I want.

After 13 weeks of working with someone who has my back, and not just fighting with myself, by myself trying to motivate and inspire what I want, I can so see the purpose of working with a trainer. and sharing this process with all of you, whoever may read this is continuing to challenge me, and I love it!

I’m continuing my max plank holding, everyday this week. Care to join me?



Blog #11 ~ The Jane Experiment

Sometimes I really wonder if I actually want to be thinner. Or fitter, or faster or healthier. I mean, if I really, truly wanted it, wouldn’t I do everything in my power to get it?

Funny, how that is not always so. How in fact, sometimes we push away from what we want. Or hide, or ‘change our minds.’

Not quite sure who or what the culprit could be here, but I have a sneaky suspicion it could be fear.

All my life I’ve been on a roller coaster with my health. Which I assumed I would one day just hop off of. But as time goes by, I have come to see that it actually has just become more of a temperate roller coaster. And slowly, but surely I’m learning to navigate the ups and downs and take some control over my trolly.

In the past two months or so that I have been an Experiment I have not fixed all my problems, or changed all my ways, but I have become increasingly knowledgeable about myself and my patterns. In doing so, I am much more capable of making the healthy choices I want to make.

Whenever I feel like quitting on myself, or eating ice cream, or just fearful, I now really know how to weigh the options for myself; with my own wants and values in mind.

As we move into the season of Fall, I feel myself caring less about a ‘hot bikini body’ and more about a healthy immune system so I don’t get sick. This is also a part of an evolution in me, caring really for menot just about how I look. That was a major goal when I started working with Chad. It’s amazing how I have become truly loving towards myself, more energized and more aware.

This past week, I was on set filming again and Chad was out of town for an Evernote Ambassador conference so we didn’t get a chance to have our regular check-in pow wow. At first I thought nothing of it, oh well, we’re busy, blah blah. But a few days into the week, I realized how encouraging it is to have someone who wants your goals for you too. Who cheers you on, and holds you accountable. It’s invaluable how helpful a little chat can be to spur you on, or remind you what you want. That is what is great about a personal trainer, and also what’s great about this blog!

I encourage anyone who is planning on, or thinking of going through some personal or health related transitions, to really look at where you start, where you want to go and all the little steps and tumbles you take along the way. Journal, blog, or just check in with a friend or measurement notes. Trust me, it really builds a sense of accomplishment in Self.

Have an amazing long weekend!




Sleeping Beauty

Blog #10 ~ The Jane Experiment

I love sleep. I love to nap. I love it all.

Usually when I’m tired, or lethargic, or low energy, I assume I’m sleepy. So I take a little cat nap; 25mins to an hour usually does it.

But lately as I’ve been measuring and documenting my food, I’ve also started measuring my sleep. (both with iPhone apps!) And I’ve noticed that food actually gives me energy! And, maybe, those times when I’m sleepy, it’s because I’ve forgotten to eat, or I ate sugar and then crashed. Totally news to me that all that was related.

This may seem like common knowledge to most, but I’m really starting to see the correlation between what I put in my body, how I treat it, and then how it delivers and behaves.

I still enjoy a great nap and a good nights sleep, but with my spastic schedule it is good to know that there are other ways to energize myself. Lots of people drink coffee or green tea, or do jumping jacks. I want to find/create an optimal state of having just enough sleep, plus eating the best food for me and my body and lifestyle.

The general ‘rule’ of 8-9 hours of sleep sounds so lovely and awesome but feels closer to a fairy tale most of the time. Of course, sometimes after a long day I feel like I could sleep for 100 years…

When there are so many things we want to do in a day, how can we optimize our sleep and eating to best serve us? I’ve noticed for myself that I’m likely to sleep less when there are more ‘fun’ things to do in my day. Being on set, having a hot date, etc.
There must be a way to motivate myself into that energy, even when all I have to do in a day is get up and go to work. That’s something I’d really like to find.

As I’ve been working out more, and monitoring eating in and around the workouts, I’ve noticed there seem to be ways to stay more awake and present while sweating and exerting. Feeling jazzed afterwards, not exhausted. Protein, water, and less sugar seem to be a few I’ve attacked with my measuring stick of curiosity.

I remember once hearing that sleeping burns calories, and that really enforced my love of sleep! Of course it doesn’t burn as many as running, but it is important to keep our bodies going.
When I get just the right amount of sleep and a great breakfast I feel so rested, healthy and full of energy! Doing the research and talking to Chad about how to use this effectively is beyond helpful, slowly I’m making my life more regular.

What are your sleeping patterns like? Is it best for you to keep the length somewhat normal, or the same? Does that even effect you?
It’s so interesting how each of our bodies and systems are so unique!

Hope you all have a fun and restful weekend! Check out some sleep apps, or even noting when you go to bed and wake up in Evernote can be helpful. I put it in with my food diary.