Attention All Cardio Bunnies: Lifting Weights Rocks

Let’s talk through my least favorite “I don’t want to lift heavy weights” statements, shall we?

“I hate protein shakes”
“I don’t sweat when I lift weights, I’m def not burning calories”
“Lifting weights is only for big guys”
“I’m too weak!”

and, my ultimate favorite…

“I don’t want to get bulky!”

All of these statements are not only excuses, they are also 100% wrong. And the funny thing is…

I used to say all of them!!

Weight Lifting Jedi Level

That’s right, this pumper of iron, weight rack addict and “do you even lift bro?” devotee used to be a cardio bunny.

How and why did I change my perspective?

I changed my perspective because I wanted to lose weight, up my metabolism and build strength.

If those are goals of yours, then keep reading!

Weight lifting is as important (if not more important!) for fat loss as cardio. Lifting weights means more muscle. More muscle means a higher metabolism. And a higher metabolism means you burn more calories throughout the day. So, in order to speed up that metabolism, you have to pump some iron!

Lifting weights is also a great match with cardio. Cardio is fantastic for burning calories but, if you’re not fueled properly, it could eat away at your muscles. Lack of muscle means a sluggish metabolism and NO ONE wants that! So, if you’re a cardio bunny, try to fit at least one session of weight lifting a week! It will do your body (and your metabolism!) some good!

Now, let’s debunk the statements that started off this post:

“I hate protein shakes”

Have you ever had a high quality protein powder? That stuff tastes great!

In the past five years, the fitness industry has become obsessed with perfecting protein shakes. There are now hundreds of protein shakes in every flavor and texture. Don’t like drinking your protein? Pick up a protein bar! Or hard boil some eggs and roast a chicken! Seriously, you don’t just have to get your protein from a chalky store-bought shake. No matter your taste preference, it is imperative that you get in some kind of protein after your weight-lifting sesh—your muscles are going to be hungry!

“I don’t sweat when I lift weights, I’m def not burning calories”

Sure, if you only do one set of bicep curls with five pound dumbbells, you’re definitely not going to sweat. And, in the moment, lifting weights does not burn calories as fast as running on the treadmill. However, lifting weights burns more calories in the long run by creating muscle! Also, a weight lifting session can be comparable to a cardio session—you just need to change your workout plan!

Try a superset routine (completing two different exercises back to back with no rest), a heart-pumping circuit or, if you’re short on time, some compound (full-body) moves. Then get back to me on that sweat you’re breaking.

“Lifting weights is only for big guys”

Um, NO! Weight lifting is for anyone that is interested in fat loss. Regardless of your age, sex, body type, or weight, your body will improve if you add lifting weights to your workout plan. You will become stronger, leaner and your metabolism will speed up. Would you say that statement to Ronda Rousey? Sheesh.

“I’m too weak!”

Take it from this former cardio bunny who used to get sore from lifting a piece of paper, you are NOT too weak to start weight lifting.

I didn’t even start with dumbbells—I started with air! But I gradually progressed to dumbbells and fell in love with my progress. It is incredibly thrilling to watch your strength develop through weight lifting. In the same way that you feel fantastic by running that extra mile, progressing to the heavier dumbbell or upping your squat weight can make your year. All you have to do is start!

And, the number uno myth of lifting weights:

“I don’t want to get bulky!”

Now, this statement is directed at the ladies. I’ve heard this statement from every female client I’ve worked with. First of all, what does “bulky” even mean? Most women generally use “bulky” to mean that they don’t want to increase mass. They want to “tone” rather than develop big muscles. Well, here’s some news for you:

The only way that you’ll become bulky is if you aim to become bulky.

Seriously! The women and men who fall in the “bulky” category were aiming to be in that category. They followed a workout plan targeting hypertrophy (increasing muscle mass) and had a food plan to match. They actually worked hard for their “bulky” appearance!

Lifting weights - it's not easy to grow muscle

What does that mean for the rest of us? That, unless you’re specifically training for it, it is very unlikely that you’ll “bulk up” from lifting weights. The proper workout mix of cardio and weight lifting will result in the ultimate goal: fat loss. You might develop some definition in your arms or legs but truly that’s it. And that’s what we all want, right?

Awesome. I’m glad we all agree.



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