Ever feel hunched over at work and get kinks in your back and neck? Ever feel like you constantly need to go get an $100 massage to work out all that stress? We all get lazy at times and neglect the posture that keeps us together.

Good posture is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It can greatly improve every day comfort and fitness by keeping your bones and joints in correct alignment for reduced stress and proper muscle use. Here are a few exercises you can do to amend your posture and your lifestyle.

Number 1. Planks
You need a strong core to be able to have good posture. The plank is arguably the best overall full-body exercise. Focus on keeping your core tight and spine straight.


Number 2. Supermans
Make sure to keep your neck neutral as to not strain it. Your back is going to be arched and your arms and legs extended straight out.


Number 3. Side planks
Keep your body in line for these- your elbow/ hand under your shoulder and your neck/ head in line with your spine.


Number 4. Glute bridges
Push your hips and glutes up toward the ceiling. Keep your back aligned with your hips and do not arch it.


Number 5. Rows
Any kind of row machine, row exercises is bringing your shoulders back which is in turn improving your posture.


Number 6. Shoulder shrugs
This exercise helps to stabilize your shoulder blades. It’s preferable to perform these with a barbell, but it is not a necessity.


These exercises are great to add to your daily workout/ routine. However, the first step is noticing that your posture is failing. Once you can acknowledge this- you’re on your way to success!

Steps to correcting your posture when you’re out and about are to roll your shoulders back and down, relax your neck, straighten your spine and core . You can do this while standing or sitting.

Whenever I’m feeling especially like I’ve channeled the hunchback of Notre Dame, I like to take a moment to lay on a hardwood floor and practice these steps. Good posture is another habit that will improve your life and your fitness goals.

Have any more questions about posture or want to inquire about training? Please reach out to me through Facebook, Instagram, or my AnthroPhysique page.

Be well, friends! Until next time.

~ Mersina